Who Is The Mother Of Science???​

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How Science & Technology Are Related

As shown by the flowchart above, scientific knowledge (like the discovery of X-rays) and applied sciences (like the invention of PCR) are deeply interwoven and feed off one another. In this case, tracing the influence of a single know-how, the cathode ray tube, over the course of a century has taken us on a journey spanning ancient fossils, supernovas, the invention of television, the atomic nucleus, and DNA fingerprinting. Understanding DNA’s construction, for example, led to many extra advances in addition to just the event of PCR. And equally, the invention of the CT scanner relied on much more scientific knowledge than just an understanding of how X-ray machines work.

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The absence or the financial decline of fundamental industries can, therefore, elevate questions about the ability of the state to support unbiased army production (Buzan and Sen 1990). For instance, the desire of a number of Middle Eastern states to maintain or purchase manufacturing functionality in key militarily related industries has inserted a nationwide security requirement into the management of the national economy. On the other hand, the pursuit of military research and growth has prevented some Middle Eastern states from … Read More

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