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Technology Out Of Science

In the story of the Tower of Babel, the individuals suppose that they will build a tower that may reach from earth to heaven. By the facility of engineering they suppose they’ll bridge the gap between the human and the divine. And this precisely would be attributing to expertise, to our college for engineering, something that lies beyond expertise and beyond engineering. Once you might be shifting from the realm of factual actuality to the realm of heaven, then you are moving into a different realm where we now not rely simply on our own powers of enquiry and our own capability to use science.

Unlock Your Education

Since the English language is widespread in engineering, POSTECH has constructed a bilingual campus where official documentation and major events are provided in each Korean and English. While fluency and even familiarity with the Korean language just isn’t a requirement for acceptance, it could profit students who wish to engage with local tradition. Out of its more than 23,000 students, Osaka University hosts almost 2,500 worldwide college students, most of whom come from different components of Asia. The school does host some applications in English, which incorporates a … Read More