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What Are Science And Technology?

Technology is a broad term dealing with the use and information of humanity’s tools and crafts. Ask Dr. Universe is a science-education project based out of Washington State University Marketing and Communications.

The science and know-how of earlier empires in the area, including the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Persian, Hellenistic and Roman empires, had been inherited by the Muslim world, where Arabic changed Syriac, Persian and Greek because the lingua franca of the area. Significant advances had been made within the region during the Islamic Golden Age (8th-16th centuries). Human ancestors have been utilizing stone and different instruments since lengthy earlier than the emergence of Homo sapiens approximately 200,000 years in the past. The earliest methods of stone device making, known as the Oldowan “trade”, date back to at least 2.three million years ago, with the earliest direct evidence of tool utilization present in Ethiopia within the Great Rift Valley, relationship again to 2.5 million years in the past.

Light-primarily based applied sciences and photonics immediately respond to the wants of humankind by providing entry to data, selling sustainable development, and growing nicely-being and way of life. Water Science and Technology is pleased to announce the launch … Read More