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Advancements such as teleportation or area colonization will doubtless require large leaps in scientific information and effort earlier than they will turn out to be a actuality, but the widespread adoption of other “futuristic” developments is potentially a lot nearer at hand. With the recent introduction of Google Glass and different wearable computing gadgets, for example, it might be solely a matter of time before most people stroll round being directly fed a constant stream of digital information about their surroundings. And the widespread use of non-public and commercial drones might depend as closely on regulatory decisions as on advances in engineering. Overall, most Americans anticipate that the technological developments of the coming half-century will have a web positive impact on society. Some 59% are optimistic that coming technological and scientific changes will make life in the future higher, whereas 30% suppose these changes will lead to a future during which individuals are worse off than they’re at present.

National Security Since World War II, the United States has sought navy advantage through technological somewhat than numerical superiority. For example, technological superiority within the palms of a nicely-trained army contributed greatly to the success of the … Read More