Chapter 2 Science And Technology In Modern Society

technology and science

What Are Science And Technology?

And they are continually utilizing totally different types of know-how, whether or not making a Skype video call, getting money out of an ATM or taking part in the latest video game. Although this leads many educators to consider their students are already “digital natives,” true technological and digital literacy encompasses far more. With US colleges closed by the pandemic, distance studying has reportedly proved largely unsuccessful, with one problem being that current academic software program does not adequately interact pupil curiosity. Yet when many colleges reopen, they could again have to work distance learning into the combo.

I have grave reservations, for example, about experiments on animals by dissection. Many of the things that are carried out in this subject fail to indicate a proper respect for the animals as God’s creation. So, it isn’t perhaps just the appliance of know-how that may be wrong but the actual know-how itself, if it involves a incorrect use of residing creatures, people or animals. Again, a know-how that entails widespread destruction of pure resources, that pollutes the world round us, that too, I would say in itself is wrong, regardless of what this know-how is getting … Read More