What’s Your EVESpace like?

Myxee asked, I answer:

This is a bit out of date (old enough that I was flying a Slasher instead of a Vigil, and a transport instead of an Orca), but the idea is the same now as then. The black thing I built myself to get the cheap monoprice monitor wall mounts out at the proper distance from the wall.

The pistol in holster is my daily companion. The claw hammer happens to be there only because I forgot to put it away.

In the spring we’re moving the home office to another room, and I think I’m going to do 26″ monitors three across with a big-screen on the wall where both I and the spousal unit can view it.

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  1. Cool! I’m amazed and envious.

  2. You’ll notice the Glock and the Hammer on the desk;

    I have it on good authority that Paul actually conned a home invader into trading the crook’s gun for a much more reliable hammer. At which time, the invader thanked him for his help, brandished the hammer daringly and Paul shot him in the face. He then took the hammer back and salvaged some gold out of the crooks mouth and an ID card from his wallet. Paul then walked into the street with gun, hammer, gold and ID, and told everyone in local…i mean his neighborhood how redonkulously stupid the crook was, and how much he would enjoy the Glock and the gold.

  3. Pretty cool! I like the vertically oriented monitors. How do you config the display to orient that way?

    • Paul Clavet Says:


      There’s several ways to do it depending on your graphics card. This howto covers the ways I’m familiar with offhand. If none of them work let me know and I’ll see if I can’t help you get it done.

      I actually gave the 22″ monitor on the right away to a gamer in need, and have two monitors of the same model as the 19″ square one on the left oriented normally on either side now. The vertically oriented monitors were cool but I had slightly lower framerates (must be something about the translation) as well as problems with viewing angle. Most monitors are made to have a wide visible angle side to side and relatively narrow up and down. When you flip the thing on the side the screen can wash out if you’ve leaned over in any direction for some reason. The tech is getting better, but LCDs aren’t viewable from any angle like a CRT monitor.

  4. I know this was pointed out when you originally posted this on the SN forums a while back, but I feel a compulsion to point out the *totally* bad-ass ninja-cat in the lower left hand corner of the pic.

    Bet you didn’t see that folks did you? Wait for it….wait for it….WOAH!!


    p.s. still totally envious of your set-up

  5. Darth Skorpius Says:

    wow, that is awesome

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  7. Wicked set-up! After looking at a bunch of these EVESpaces, I was leaning towards getting a new monitor. But looking at your, seems I’m going to need a hell of a lot more than 1!!! 🙂

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