Dominion skill changes…

Or: Old farts shaking fists at the those darned kids and how they have it better

So there I was grinding away at work (not really I was reading eve blogs and ducking my boss) and Mynxee went and made me hijack Paul’s blog and write a post(not really I just thought a 5-6 paragraph comment reply would be a bit much)…Mynxee’s Post.

So, CCP decided that some career fields might be a bit too long a wait for new players and have reduced the skill requirement in Dominion. This is both a good and a bad thing from my personal perspective, which I’ll go into now.


It’s great for what I like to call the “Fridge Effect”, and by that I mean finding a way to keep your new, fresh meat (new players)…well fresh. CCP introduced exploration and salvaging as new “mini-professions” to keep us (the players) from going stagnant on mining/missioning/pvp. As we all know, stagnant meat tastes bad, and stagnant players stop playing. So, in an attempt to increase the retention rate of newer players, CCP has downsized some of the skill requirements for these skill sets. Which again, I’m ok with. I fully endorse bringing in more meat to eve. Ninjas need missionbears, Pirates need targets, and Super-Alliances need pets.


A long long time ago (not really) I decided to fly bombers. This was back when you could fit a few cruise launchers to a manticore and harass a gate from 200k+ away. That sounded like about the most dick-move thing in the game at the time, so I went all in. So well over 5M SP down the line I had near perfect bomber skills and then, two weeks later the bomber changes came through and I was stuck with about 2M SP of worthless, unrecoverable missionbear missile skills (read: no, I don’t wanna fly a sniper BS, it’s not the same thing).

This is the part where all the new guys are saying “wow that sucks”, and all the old farts are stuck nodding as they, like myself just resigned ourselves to that loss and just try to act like it’s not there. So, being the selfish person that I am, I feel everyone should have to endure disgustingly long skill timers to accomplish something just like I did, only to be slapped in the face a few months down the line by the trout of impartial game designers.

Common Ground:

So, here’s my proposal; CCP can drop skill requirements on anything they want and in return, to the people who would be adversely affected by this change, or at least a little put out at wasted SP, CCP gives everyone a skill respec timer that would work like our current attribute respec timer. This pretty much makes everyone happy. The new players get easier skills, veteran players receive the same allowance and if you have some skills which you currently find useless (Mining 4 owners, you know who you are) it solves that too.

If this went through, and to use Mynxee’s example (newbs in carriers), I completely endorse newbs flying carriers at racial BS3, Adv Ship 3 and Science 3. Why you ask? One, failfit carrier + newb pilot = win. Two, as long as I’m not stuck w/ something they no longer have to train, I can use those points for other things, gaining the tactical advantage that my time invested deserves, which I’m pretty sure we can all agree with.


6 Responses to “Dominion skill changes…”

  1. Tl;dr,

    CCP took a piss in your cereal, so you want piss in noobs’ cereal?

    • See that’s why you don’t glance and comment kids, it makes you look like you have ADHD and that lack of focus caused you to take a glance and then say the first thing that came to mind.

      PROTIP: tldr alone makes a good comment. Adding anything past that makes it fail. Since, ya know…it was too long….and you didn’t read it…

    • Khalia Nestune Says:

      Wow, sad. He didn’t even actually *suggest* screwing new players, but giving a boon to old players with now out-used skills.

      Fail troll is faaaiiilll.

  2. Hey I’m eating cereal *covers it and turns away*

  3. I read the whole post, because I enjoy this blog. I was giving a tidy summary for everyone else.

    Honestly, though, you suffered by wasting however long on skill points that were then made worthless-

    Oh, you just want those skill points moved to worthy skills?

    That sounds fair.

  4. I agree one hundred and eleventy billion percent with your proposal.
    We must spread the word!


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