Akemi Mifune’s CNR Meets Paul Clavet’s JerkRaven

Killmail here.

The video is still fuzzy, I know. I run Eve at 1080p and when it gets squished down for distribution a ton of detail is lost. I may well end up running it in windowed mode a bit smaller to boost my system’s performance and make video bearable. I also need to remember to zoom in on the action for the sake of the video.

Akemi claimed that I was using an exploit to extend the timer. All I’ll say about that is that not knowing how a mechanic works does not make your loss petitionable. Better luck next time!

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  2. Funtime …
    And good music btw!

  3. Doctor Horrible Says:

    Love it.
    I hope this is the first of many vids like this, I have much to learn ^_^

  4. LOL@Paul, but I thought you were going to hold your load for a 1 billion fit?

  5. ShadowMaiden Says:

    “A recent change has limited this to happening once per aggro timer….”

    That’s if you shoot the wreck or can. If you acitvate an offensive module that does no damage (scram f.ex), and leave the module running. The timer will stay at just under 15 minutes for as long as the item is on the grid.

    However, if the wreck is too far away and you have to shoot it, you can do it again, provided the target reappears on your overview and becomes flashy again. When that happens, rinse, repeat and harvest more tears!

    • Watered Down Says:

      I am always back and forth on what i feel about not honoring ransoms but that is not how you make your isk so not a huge deal for you. In any case bad ass movie. We want MORE!!! ;o)

  6. Lucky on the overheats.

    Once burned out my point on a golem. In half armour. Rage ensued.

  7. Paul, ive got a lot of respect for you and what you do, but this is just plain lame, no wonder people never pays ransom when they dont expect people to honour them -.-”

    at least think of other players, instead of thinking of making your killboard fat.

  8. “at least think of other players, ”

    I think this is where you went wrong in your appeal…

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