Finding stations with multiple locator agents

So uh, been a while, eh? I’m back and stirring up trouble, but the details on that are for another post.

While engaging in wardec shenanigans with Skunkworks (whose Fearless Leader, Psychotic Monk, should totally get your CSM vote, despite him being Canadian and terrible), I had need of locator agents. Not having used them before, I was pointed to Zedrik Cayne’s excellent locator finder. This was very handy, but not¬†quite what I needed for just posting an alt on a station to run locates. What I wanted was a pointer toward a station that had multiple agents, so I could take a look at those agents and direct any standings-grinding or character-buying most efficiently. The advice I was given was to go to the locator tool, enter 6.0 for all factions, and scroll. This is doable, but since there are 500+ L3 and L4 locators in New Eden, my attention was going to be strained to find just ONE such locator-rich station, much less ALL of them.

(Skip to the next paragraph if you aren’t interested in the technical details.) So I brushed off my Python not-skills and wrote a quick script which you can find on Pastebin. It’s designed to be used with this CSV list of all L3 and L4 agents, shamelessly lifted from Zedrik’s site. It spits out a list of every station containing more than one locator.

There’s 46 stations in New Eden with two locators inside. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find any stations that have more than two locators. This list doesn’t tell you the names of agents or their faction, but it should get you started, and maybe someone else will do a little more work. For me, this is just enough to be useful with only a small amount of effort.

I make no claims to competence or correctness. If I somehow didn’t start with the right data, it’s possible that this may be incorrect. If that’s the case, I hope that someone else will correct my shoddy work and post their results. There’s definitely room for improving the file by adding factions or levels in each station.¬†Maybe there’s systems with more than two locators, but no more than one locator per station?

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