Convince Me To Start Playing Again

Ok EVE players, my internet woes from a while ago *may* be solved.

But I’ve stopping caring about the game, except for the sad yet interesting story of Sean Smith.

Can anyone give me a compelling reason to play again? All ideas welcomed!

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  1. How about the fact that most of the ships in the game are being entirely redesigned?

    And, miners are out in force, happily running AFK, thanks to the buffs to exhumers and mining barges. This is a situation which is just begging for a new and brilliant gank.

  2. Random Idiot Says:

    just login 😉

  3. I’m not much for convincing anyone to play. But tbh Eve is better than ever and the Winter Expansion promises to continue that trend. The ship ladder is being shaken and stirred and people are flying more ships than ever. According to some, ISK is easier to make now. Yadda yadda.

  4. Most T1 frigates, and even rookie ships, are a blast to fly now. Cruisers, and the rest of the frigates, are next.

    Also, the forthcoming ORE frigate has the potential to make mining a lot more exciting, between its bonus to gas mining and its paper tank.

  5. I’m just going to leave you with this link. Judge how EVE has taken such anb interesting turn by yourself

  6. Bah, all your comments are pathetic.. I know how to get you back into the game.

    “can I haz ur stuffs?”

  7. If you’re out, stay out. Smartest thing I ever did was walk away from the game. Miss some of the people, but not enough to justify all the time I lost to it. Sell the toons, buy yourself something nice, and move-on.


  8. Honestly, i am just waiting for my goddamn G510 keyboard i won at AT X, months ago. I get a mail every 20 days and nothing no matter how much i try.

    On the upcoming missile changes, with 20% dps nerf, 20% range nerf + drake and tengu nerfs, only caldari ship worth flying is the Falcon. They dont even care the rest of the caldari ships will get shafted with their stupid panic rebalance system.
    Stopped using caldari ships long ago, but this behavior from CCP (we are doing it so screw you messages) and those nazi ISDs locking threads left and right that are giving constructive facts are pissing me off.

    Yeah, PVP may get better for some, worse for others, but the whole direction eve is taking with clueless devs and management makes me more frustrated every time they give a statement.

    • you want some cheese with … you know what I mean 😉

      “only caldari ship worth flying is the falcon” -> DEADwrong, even when HMLs get nerfed there are plenty caldari ships which are fun to fly

      “rest of the caldari ships will get shafted” -> I would say you couldnt be more wrong but…you already have been more wrong (wronger? sry, english isnt my native language), I myself am looking forward to flying the Ferox

      “stopped using caldari ships long ago” -> WTF? 1. Why do you complain about them being changed if you dont like the way they are?

      “those nazi ISDs” -> somehow I doubt the nazis had any buisness closing forumthreads when they were in power…no…actually I am pretty sure about that

      dont like the game? stop whining and GTFO!

      @ topic: why bother posting this if you stopped caring? 😉

      just activate hours for plex and buy a plex with your fw-isk, there are plenty reasons to play, If you cant think of any yourself its probably for the best you stopped

  9. Im with Wee. There was life before EVE and life after EVE. I still have one carebear account. Being a carebear is so much easier, less hassle and you can play alone. Being a criminal is hard especially since CCP has systematically nerfed our game style. ‘Pimpin ain’t easy.’

    Life is short make it count, but not looking at a monitor for hours.

    Peace my my fellow ninjas.

  10. You can get that dream GS position with the CIA just by joining Goons. I hear the benefits are quite nice.

  11. You could continue to do the world a public service to kill the FW-Carebears.

    Best i saw the past week: PANGU coalition.

    They actually join FW with an alt corp and sit with their main on the same site.
    If a site is taken by Minmatar Militia – they warp in their PANGU-Main and kill the FW-Char just to farm the plexes alone. Dirty little chinese ppl!

  12. Meh…Just, meh.

    Ref.: The upcoming CrimeWatch II. RIP, ninja-salvaging, thank you for teaching me how to probe and D-Scan 🙁

  13. If you resume playing Eve, I’ll show you my boobs !

  14. Because people still look up to you as a symbol. Even if we ourselves are not particularly active.

  15. dunno if it motivates you…but i fucking love your blog and your vids! have been following your shit for years and still enjoying it.

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