Bigotry and Hate Speech in Eve Online

Julius Maagnus > anyone named Paul Clavet must fail at every game he plays.
Shamus O’Reilly > and your character portrays a gay guy. so are you by chance gay paul?
Paul Clavet > uh huh
Julius Maagnus > ^^ that would be a yes
Paul Clavet > Would you judge me if I was?
Julius Maagnus > yes
Lord Maagnus > yes
Paul Clavet > Then that makes you a bigot then, doesn’t it?
DonCorleone7854 > si senor
Julius Maagnus > yes
Lord Maagnus > If you were, i’d categorize you with pedophiles. both are equaly disgusting.
Shamus O’Reilly > hahaha i just stirred a hornets nest
Julius Maagnus > you use the word bigot like its a bad thing
Keven Morin > well if you are can you please push in Lethian Dream’s shit in for us?
Julius Maagnus > I like lethian dream
Lord Maagnus > Is a person who hates child molesters a bigot?
Julius Maagnus > I like the salty attitude. Leave lethian dream alone
Julius Maagnus > however, Paul Clavet just popped up on my shit list
Paul Clavet > oh noes
Julius Maagnus > ya think
Lethian Dream > finallu some courtesy for a pretty girl.
Lord Maagnus > Because, being gay is as productive to the human species as banging 8 year old girls.
Lord Maagnus > The behaviour is disgusting.
Julius Maagnus > ^^
Shamus O’Reilly > kinky
Lord Maagnus > And should be punishable by a slow death.
Lord Maagnus > I think suffocation.
Lord Maagnus > the revival
Lord Maagnus > then suffocation.
Lord Maagnus > then revival.
Lord Maagnus > until the body completely gives out

What say you, Eve community? Where is the line between smacktalk and… whatever this is?

17 Responses to “Bigotry and Hate Speech in Eve Online”

  1. See: John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory

    Pretty much sums it up…

  2. It’s inevitable that you get someone yelling “fag” in one of your chat boxes, but there’s a discernible line between your standard juvenile taunting and actually being a bigoted prick. The Eve player base is just too big to avoid those types completely, unfortunately. If something really vile comes up though, I usually inquire in a private convo about why they’d take it to someplace like that. One on one, more often than not they apologize, and I’d like to think that maybe after being called out they’d put some more thought into what they put out there in local.

  3. Well they certainly nailed obnoxious and pathetic. They seem almost desperate to offend. The only thing that gives people like that power is if you take offence.

    The irony is, their desperation to get a reaction out of you was almost certainly as a result of their powerlessness to retaliate against something I bet you’d already done to them. I’m certainly not condoning their ignorance or their bigotry, but would I be wrong in thinking this torrent of tripe was provoked? I quite enjoy your tales of spacelane harrassment. Man cannot live on tears alone.

    Nonetheless, it seems pretty inexcusable. I’d not lose any sleep if they were banned.

    Of course, maybe they were just “roleplaying”. I’m sure they’re gentle souls in RL.


    • Stan: In this case I was rolling through lowsec looking for FW victims and saw the standard “undock, you pussy!” smacktalk from one of the participants (who didn’t comment in the log presented here). I pointed out that anyone with numbers in his name is sure to be a moron. That was the extent of the provocation. 🙂

  4. Marcus McTavish Says:

    Bigots contribute nothing to the human race besides further polarization in thinking.

    This brand of thinking is not good. You may not agree with them, but threats and hate are not solutions to your outdated somewhat conservative opinions.

  5. If gaming forums are to be believed, this is Standard Gamer Behavior (and the posts are often flavored to taste with the equivalent of ‘HTFU’ or ‘WoW —> that way’).

    What was BB37 about again?

  6. I would petition that guy in a heartbeat. Hate speech all the way.

  7. I’d petition it too. They may have been faking bigotry to get a rise out of you, or maybe they really are bigots. Petition either way: let the GMs decide where the line is to be drawn. Also, fuck them up in game.

  8. delicious.crab Says:

    Meh. I find their comments and behavior digusting, but wouldn’t petition. But then, I generally function under the assumption that hate speech is a good thing, in that it lets you know who the assholes are.
    (Reasonable people can disagree about that, ofc.)

  9. CCP Loophole Lawyer Says:

    A clear violation of the EULA.

    Bigotry and hate speeches are never funny and should be actively discouraged.

    For those of you who think “roleplaying” is an excuse, think again. CCP has made it very clear that roleplaying is not to be used as justification for breaking the rules of conduct. And, rightfully so.

    As Mittens proved at Fanfest, it doesn’t take much for roleplaying to spill over into RL, with potentially severe consequences. Mittens was lucky that the “victim” in quiestion was not actually RL suicidal.

  10. EVE Player Says:

    This in a game where people use all sorts of pejorative slurs, e.g. “faggot” “jew” (pejoratively) and “nigger” and from a player who steals other people’s stuff for a living and post their “tears” online for reader enjoyment.

    My advise is HTFU. There are assholes like Lord Magnus everywhere in life. And there are of plenty of people who are not assholes who won’t be terribly accepting of homosexuals and/or what they do.

  11. HumansRHypocrites Says:

    In Eve its really difficult to distinguish between hard core trolling and actual hate. It’s possilble in my opinion for that to have been a complete troll to get a reaction out of you, but even if it was they went waaay over the line. Even people in this game not marked as bigots frequently use Jew as an adjective in ways that I personally think are quite ignorant. I honestly pawn it off to being an ignorant white boy raised in a homogeneous area.. far from any actual engagement with other cultures, or simply without the maturity to be empathetic them. However, you seem to enjoy getting a reaction out of people in game. Perhaps its best that they spew hate at you afterwards as then you can point out what horrible people they are that you grief? Are you now the greifing homosexual martyr? Does it bother you that Eve is full of childish individuals that frequently are competely insensitve towards other races, colors and cultures? Or does it only disturb you when its against your sexuality?

  12. Jonathan Ferguson Says:

    Are you actually gay? It depresses me that the only group in the last 40 years who’ve achieved new rights are gay people. That being said, I love gay people and I wish all guys were gay so that I could have a harem of dozens or hundreds of hotties.

    I think people should keep their bedroom/schoolyard/perverted talk out of internet spaceships. If you bring it up to be provocative, don’t be a bitch and call the cops when you succeed in provoking someone.

  13. JayyneCobb Says:

    You guys are a bunch of crybabies. This is a game BASED on hate, yet you’re surprised by this?

    I bet they’re fapping to your replies. Grow a fucking backbone, and Welcome to the Internet.

    Trying to control things like this only leads to the worst kind of censorship: Government defining what ‘hate’ is. It also makes the problem WORSE.

    Are you people THAT fucking liberal and stupid?

  14. I hate crybabys Says:

    I have a very close relative with down syndrome and I have been listening to the MMO community use the word retard like it is in their everyday vernacular for years. Get over it. He’s not in your corp, your gaming community, and he doesn’t know you so he owes you nothing.

    It’s a game. Online. Worldwide. All ages. Don’t engage in shit talk. I don’t even engage in local chat. The only reason I post here is that I think you need to get a life instead of blogging what people taunt you with in eve. Get over yourslef. There are other poeple with a lot bigger problems out there than being gay and taking offense whenever someone uses the word fag.

    In the words of Sgt. Hulk, “Liten up Frances!” OR, int he words of CCP… HTFU!!!

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