I Wanna Be Where the Victims Are

Soooo, Minmatar FW is still a thing. The Goons may have pushed the balance of power to the breaking point, but the Minmatar were the dominant force before the exploit, and remain dominant after. I cashed out last night at reward level T5, which still happens once a week or so. I do most of my LP farming with alts late at night.

During the day there’s too many people competing for sites.

Which means that I log on my main to kill them.

I’ve been killing mostly Incursus frigates, most of them wearing the no-gun, no fun fit from Khalia’s post. There’s not really any money in killing cheap frigates with inattentive pilots, but I’m frustrating my competition and lowering the number of LP Store items entering the economy, so I feel that I’m doing a public service.

Today, I spotted a new pilot, BCEX K CTEHKE, running sites in a Dramiel. Hmmm.

I warped to the site he was running in my speed/DPS cheapfit Firetail. As I burned toward him, he warped away. When I didn’t go anywhere, he went to the next system over and started running a minor site there. When I followed, he warped to a safe again. I’ve got to get a probing alt into system, since by the nature of the FW mechanics, pilots attempting to capture sites won’t be able to dock anywhere in-system. I get the feeling that “warp to a safe and go make a sandwich” is a common escape tactic.

My problem with this BCEX fellow seemed to be that he was actually paying attention to his D-scan. Someone who pays perfect attention can always escape in this situation, but nobody pays perfect attention. I warped into his site, burned to the button, and logged off. My intention was to wait a few minutes, then log-on trap him.

I passed about seven minutes browsing the Steam Summer Sale. Like I have time for lots of new games.

When saw space again, I discovered something I should have known by now: If you log off in deadspace, you’re going to log on in warp back to the gate. Cursing my ignorance, I hit the gate and warped into the site. BCEX was a good 70km off, orbiting the button at high speed. I approached and engaged my MWD, tearing across space at over 3,000 meters a second. BCEX’s orbit actually turned him straight into my teeth. I expected him to warp out at any moment, but he didn’t, and I pointed him.

He had two Warp Core Stabilizers fitted. That’s great, but I had two scrams fitted, for a total of 4 points against his -2. With scrams holding him down and a web giving the rats and my guns a nice slow target, he dropped like a rock.  Faction loot. No guns. He dropped about 70M of faction modules, but got his pod away before I could lock it.

Among any population in Eve that makes too much money, there will always be a sizeable portion who uses that money to fly an expensive ship to do what a cheap ship would do equally well. I’ve seen it among mission-runners, wormholers, and incursioners. I’m now starting to notice it among Minmatar FW pilots.

I had the startling realization the other day that my main has become a dirty stinky lowsec pirate. I’ve always sneered at lowsec folks for calling themselves pirates, because it seemed that all they ever did was fight other pirates and engage in e-honour 1v1s. That’s not piracy. Piracy is victimization. If your primary goal is not to victimize unwilling combatants, I stand by the  statement that the designation “pirate” is a little silly.

But I’ll wear it, for now. I once said on Fly Reckless that I was like the Little Mermaid: I wanna be where the people are. Specifically, victims. Until CCP fixes FW, the bears will follow the money, and the money right now is in flying unarmed frigates around beacons until a timer runs out. I doubt I’ll have lots more expensive kills like this one, but at least I’m hunting again.

3 Responses to “I Wanna Be Where the Victims Are”

  1. Random Idiot Says:

    I must be getting old, how does a ship with no guns & no drones make money?

    Does he just sit in a site and tank, and if so who pays him?

  2. Random Idiot: It’s the way of FW at the moment. You can take a cheap ship, speed tank around a button for 10 mins and earn LP.

    I don’t understand the logic of using an unarmed Dramiel for this. You could do the same job in a T1 frigate. If you’re going to use a Dramiel use a proper fit. Fit properly this fight would have gone the other way.

  3. Random Idiot Says:


    thank you for the answer, now I truly believe CCP has gone mad, roll on GW2


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