Faction Warfare and Bad Ideas

Over on his blog, Poetic Stanziel has called for a reset of the Minmatar/Amarr warzone.

I think this is a terrible idea, and I’m reposting here the comment I left on his blog, for wider discussion.

Here’s the problem with calling a ‘reset’. Let’s say that a reset happens and then the Amarr do really well, holding versus the Minmatar and even sometimes doing better. Then another factional warfare change rolls out, a big one. With good reason, suddenly the Minmatar pilots are calling for a reset…

You can’t just press a button and change everything because of a change to game mechanics; it invalidates the work of players. It also gives sides a good reason to call for a reset on whatever grounds they want. If CCP changes tech moons, you’re sure not as hell going to see them reset sov all over null to give all the alliances a ‘fair chance’.

If Amarr is doing badly, it’s their own damn problem. Their militia can aggressively recruit new players. They can make a deal with the Caldari to run supporting operations to seize and hold systems. They can try all sorts of other things. What they can’t do is complain they have fewer pilots and the mechanics are against them, so they should get a magic return to the beginning.

I think the imbalance is from players that don’t want to be Amarr or fight for the Amarr. The Amarr are the slave-keeping religious zealots of EVE, and who likes that? Minmatar are the rebels, the underdogs, the oppressed, and people like to feel they’re being a hero against the villain. The Minmatar also arguably have cooler-looking ships. When was the last time you heard someone talk about how good an Amarr ship looked? On the other hand, the Rifter is the iconic ship of EVE.

The Amarr militia haven’t lost the war due to bad mechanics. They’ve lost it due to bad public relations.

5 Responses to “Faction Warfare and Bad Ideas”

  1. Why are you talking to Poetic and not shooting him some more? 😛

    Also, the Amarr are the awesome tea-drinking British Empire of EVE, so you shut your rebellious mouth

  2. Jonathan Ferguson Says:

    Having trouble deciding which is sillier: faction warfare, or arguing with clueless twits like PS.

  3. Halle Kryptos Says:

    Paul has his own farm alt in minmatar militia, of course he doesn’t want a reset. The alt’s name is Bork Bork Bork

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