Thukk You, Frill Me: The Vagabond Protest

In an update to my previous report of the Vagabond’s now-missing “frill”, and a call to CCP to return it, an offical protest event has been organized:

Thukk You, Frill Me

This July 15th, 1900 EVE time in-game event will bring together those who demand the return of the distinguishing feature of the Vagabond. Rally starts in Jita, and then heads to the nullsec Thukker Mix Factory headquarters station (makers of the Vagabond). Expect explosions. Fly a Vagabond.

IN ADDITION, I am supporting this with my own event to raise awareness. One hour before the offical protest – that’s 1800 EVE time on July 15th – I will be holding a raffle by suicide gank. >:-D

I will be flying a Vagabond in Jatate (three jumps from Jita), at a moon to be specified. At the appointed time, anyone who gets on the killmail for this Vagabond will be entered into a raffle to win:

1 x Vagabond
2 x Stabber Fleet Issue
1 x Stabber BPO

Only pilots flying a Stabber-hull will be considered! Getting on the killmail with a Stabber Fleet Issue will get you 5 entries in the raffle, and getting on the killmail with a Vagabond will mean 10 entries in the raffle.

Come explode your ship, protest the Vagabond change, and get a chance to win some stuff! A later update will give more details, and I’ll certainly be covering the winner in a later blog post.

5 Responses to “Thukk You, Frill Me: The Vagabond Protest”

  1. Brilliant, I was hoping there would be some pre-march shenanigans. I’ve added your event to the Thukk You, Frill Me! itinerary. It’s shaping up to be a thukking excellent day. 🙂

  2. Hey there, just going a bit offtopic here! I was wondering if your guide from 2011 is still a bit “up-to-date”? I’ve been reading some of your website now and had some great laughs. Not being an eve player myself, but one that is interested in maybe taking a shot at think its still worth taking a shot at this game?

    • Which guide are we talking about? The scanning one? It should be correct, except that more than 4 probes now give results.

  3. […] my part of this event, I will be holding a suicide gank raffle at 1800 EVE time (that’s 2pm EST / 1pm Central / noon MST / 11am […]

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