I’m not a Goon, I just play one on TV

So Goonswarm has decided to corner the Oxygen Isotope market by killing every blue ice miner in high-security space. I find the idea both clever and interesting – I want to see if they can actually keep it up to make a long-term impact on the market.

Meanwhile lots of hilarity is to be found by people still trying to ice mine. Miners are using super-tanked Hulks and Mackinaw, remote repair, and even Orca-swapping. Good laughs are to be found when you can kill one of these guys. I suggest an alpha-strike fit Tempest or Malestrom.

Here’s a sample from last night:


[08:21:18] Commander Reymond > wow
[08:21:24] Commander Reymond > wtf
[08:21:32] Fishbone > never saw him lock – they getting sneaky
[08:21:39] Zarazor Haargrim > yeah, suspected that, which is why I warped down originally
[08:21:44] Khalia Nestune > Your friendly insurance company has transferred 72,927,368.00 ISK into your account for the recent loss of your ship.
[08:21:44] Zarazor Haargrim > keep an eye on local
[08:22:03] Zarazor Haargrim > as soon as a goon goes GCC you know they are about to attack, draw concorde off first
[08:22:13] Zarazor Haargrim > or some random npc corp
[08:22:24] Commander Reymond > bastards
[08:22:41] Fishbone > yep – i was just saying that earlier – they draw them off
[08:22:47] Zarazor Haargrim > yep
[08:22:57] Zarazor Haargrim > exploit
[08:23:06] Fishbone > yep
[08:23:12] Isabella Tatsushiro > mmmm alloyed trit bars
[08:23:50] Zarazor Haargrim > i’ll do a trial petiton and see what the response is
[08:24:09] Commander Reymond > >_< damit fish i was looking at him too wasnt for sure if he was a spai
[08:24:23] Witch Mountain > was a non Goon that attacked as well
[08:24:41] Isabella Tatsushiro > maybe an alt?
[08:24:49] Commander Reymond > yes alt
[08:24:53] Commander Reymond > Sudden ninja
[08:25:00] Commander Reymond > ex

Exploits? Goon alts? Oh the LOLs.

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  1. S1r DigbyChickenCaesar Says:

    Really the goons are trying to take over the Exhumer markets…

  2. Leeroy McJenkins Says:

    Zee Goons Zey Arh Zeveryvhere.

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