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Black Prophecy Tears: Ironfrost and his E-Honor

Posted in Delicious Tears, Not Really EVE on January 8, 2012 by khalia

Black Prophecy continues to give me lots of enjoyment. I’d discovered that the character search would not only tell you who was online – on the opposing team – but where they happened to be at that very moment. This made it easy to follow the same player all over the game and shoot him over and over.

Then he brought his slightly higher level friend, and I shot that guy over and over. Since he couldn’t kill me before I killed him, I let him get in a few shots. When he eventually left the sector, I opened a conversation with him. What resulted was classic “games are like real life!” e-honor hilarity.

Black Prophecy lacks any ability to save chats, which is extremely annoying, so I had to screen shot everything.

Next Eve Novel: Jerks of EVE

Posted in Behind the Scenes on January 5, 2012 by khalia

(1:11:02 AM) Paul Clavet: the new eve novel is out
(1:11:42 AM) Khalia Nestune: I’ve heard
(1:11:49 AM) Khalia Nestune: I read the two others – one is great, one is shit
(1:12:01 AM) Paul Clavet: Yeah, I read reviews and just read the good one
(1:12:14 AM) Paul Clavet: So I’ll probably buy this one in the next couple of days
(1:12:26 AM) Khalia Nestune: Good reviews?
(1:12:39 AM) Paul Clavet: I dunno, came out yesterday
(1:13:10 AM) Khalia Nestune: We need to write our own novel
(1:13:45 AM) Khalia Nestune: We can put in 400 pages, ending with “and then someone in their corporation stole everything, kicked them out, and killed their pod”