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Even Eve, Episode 2: Is This A Fat Joke?

Posted in Podcast on November 23, 2011 by paul

Hole effectiveness. Gregorian Chant Club drama. Sabretooth Moose. Paul’s Rolls. alt.doritos. Prank calls to fleet commanders. Billy Mays. Sex cults. Prank calling CCP. Craigslist trolling. Bad Bobbi (female). Human Pig Sluts Needed. Glass jars available, inquire within. Pretty wide. LOL ROTFL BBIAB. Last week’s Puzzler. Incindiary bats. Selected passages from the book of Libertarians.

Khalia is still absent for the most part as he soaks up the fatty juices of Fallout 3, so I make use of Q, a new friend. She’s got several friends pulled in at various places in the show, and I’m not really sure if they want to be identified or not.

I’m still getting the recording settings just right for my Skype recording software, but I think that quality is improving. I welcome comments.

Once again, we do this for fun and don’t work very hard on it. New episodes are ready when they’re ready, not on any particular schedule.

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AkaVindogkilla Cries Over Spilled CovOps

Posted in Delicious Tears on November 8, 2011 by paul

I’m not dead! I’m of course very, very busy, but in the mean time have been working on a ganking alt. She’s been popping pods in Jita while training up to larger ganking boats. I’ve been using the chance to learn all about how to manage flashy pilots in 1.0 security space.

Anyway, tonight I was scanning idle ships with my main when I found an Anathema sitting in space with a Sister’s Expanded launcher. It also had half armor damage and no tanking mods. This will do!

So I got Probably A Trap inbound with a Thrasher. She took out the shields, armor, and half the structure. Curse your low skills!

I quickly swap Paul’s scanning ship for another Thrasher and finish the job. Hooray, the loot dropped! Unfortunately, this puts Paul’s security status at -.31. I call it a night with my alt and clone jump out to null for some sec grinding.

I didn’t think anything much of the event, and certainly didn’t expect the convo:

AkaVindogkilla > yd u do that u goof
Paul Clavet > 🙂
AkaVindogkilla > fag
Paul Clavet > nice
Paul Clavet > hate gay people, do you?
AkaVindogkilla > eat shit
Paul Clavet > Why would I do that?
Paul Clavet > What’s your problem, anyway?
AkaVindogkilla > u fuckin blow up my ship for no reason
Paul Clavet > I had a reason
Paul Clavet > you had expensive mods that I wanted… and got!
AkaVindogkilla > good i come find u
Paul Clavet > orly
Paul Clavet > What are you going to do, AFK me to death?
(Time passes)
Paul Clavet > I see that you’re practicing now for the battle
AkaVindogkilla > your a bum lmfao
Paul Clavet > Says the kid who died by sitting there and doing nothing.
(More time passes)
AkaVindogkilla > <url=showinfo:1377//1544194471>Paul Clavet</url>
Paul Clavet > yes?
AkaVindogkilla > your luck i cant put bounty i would put a billion
AkaVindogkilla > goof fuck
AkaVindogkilla > i pay mercs
Paul Clavet > Mercs, huh?
Paul Clavet > You could also try, maybe, not sitting AFK with faction probe launchers on your ship?
AkaVindogkilla > hideing in null sec?
Paul Clavet > Grinding security status back up so I can kill again 🙂
Paul Clavet > besides, I thought a hardcore individual like you would be happy that I was out in null where you might be able to kill me
Paul Clavet > I’m out here in a lonely bomber… I invite you to send your mercs after me in my vulnerable state
AkaVindogkilla > dony worry they find u i aint a bum like you broke ass lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahha
AkaVindogkilla > K212-A system, 51ZT-6 constellation
Paul Clavet > a little less broke after I stole your launcher 🙂
Paul Clavet > by the way, your typing is atrocious… are you drunk?
AkaVindogkilla > squid
Paul Clavet > squid?
AkaVindogkilla > your a squid goof rat come fight me one on one u pussy

Just posting proof that I’m not dead yet. 🙂