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Reader Mail: Xanral

Posted in Uncategorized on April 8, 2011 by captain

We at MyLootYourTears love content. We, by far, are not the only people who play as we do in EVE. There are many blogs, pilots, corps, even alliances who have some, if not many, of the ideas that we have.

Sometimes, posts of our own come slightly slower than we’d like. Of course, we have real life, and other hobbies we all enjoy, and thus, sometimes we just don’t have the time, or the effort to do something postworthy of our blogs. However, personally, I think all good content deserves a read – the blog pack is a testament to this. In that light, since I’m going into exams this month, my own eve time is limited, and because of that, I’d like to share some mail we (Paul, Khalia, and myself) got today from a reader.

I’ll fly with virtually anyone when ninja salvaging, or playing with war targets, but some people I fly with a fair bit more. One person, and fellow ninja that I’ve flown and ganked with many times is Clantyn, member of Ajo Heavy Industries. This mail comes from a corpmate of his named Xanral, who was introduced to MyLootYourTears by Clantyn. Now Ajo Heavy Industries is, as I understand it, much like Jerks. Deccing carebeary targets for fun and hilarity, and of course, enjoying a good fight, if they care to put one up.

The mail I got from them was about a particular incident, where, apparently, a carebear named Roshwi runs into the guys from Ajo, and dislikes them so much, he actually created an entire BLOG (according to the mail about 4 blogs total) to bash Ajo. Apparently Roshwi has some fun threatening Ajo with the destruction of their corp, etc. You know, the usual carebearish pufferfish reaction.

Ajo responds by finding their wormhole corp POS, blowing a whole bunch of stuff up, and calling it a day, losing one bomber to the entire fight. Not a bad tally.

After this, Roshwi gets a bit paranoid thinking the Ajo boys are still in his wormhole, and tries to blackmail them with the ninja tears he believes he’s harvested. Ajo then proceeds to go blow up that wormhole pos  POS, which completely pisses off our friend Roshwi, who begins to think Ajo are specifically after him, or perhaps are hired mercs, and apparently, he even starts thinking the guys in Ajo wish to hunt him down IRL.

Yeah, that’s some paranoia.

For the full story, here’s the link to Xanral’s post about the whole thing, and here’s Roshwi’s.

It’s always fun to see a carebear virtually crap his pants over our or fellow ninja antics, but fearing us in real life? Why? All we do is annoy people in a game we all love. Real life is majorly different from EVE. After all, EVE is just_a_game.

If I’ve misunderstood anything here, anyone in Ajo is free to correct me, just either comment it or mail me in game.

Reader Mail: MultiVersal

Posted in Capers, e-Fame on April 4, 2011 by captain

It’s a great feeling when someone mails us at MLYT telling us that we helped them succeed at endeavors we’ve attempted and done ourselves.

When I wrote my guide on corporate infiltration, I didn’t expect to see physical evidence of it actually encouraging people to try it. I expected a simple thumbs up from a few people, and not much more. But then, people started mailing myself and Jerks about how reading it made them want to try, and they succeeded. I was sorta floored by it.

So now I have what I think is the best story of corp infil as an offshoot of that guide. Yet another person used it to help them do a job, and they did it very, very well. The poster’s name is Planetary Genocide, publisher of this blog. The post I’m speaking of is this one, where he yoinks a total of about 1.6b isk from a corp, which isn’t bad at all.

Personally, I love large corp wallets. They’re just so enticing! :

What’s better, he then gets handed CEOship of the corp once the jig is up, and promptly passes it on, effectively shutting down the corp.

So, keep things like this coming, reader mails that stand out are definitely worthy of being noted here, and props to other blogs are great for spreading the love 🙂

Keep the mails coming, we love them. Fly safe 😀