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Roofman’s Tengu: Not as Winsauce as Khalia’s Worm

Posted in Combat, Ninja Salvaging on March 24, 2011 by khalia

Short entry, because I’m lazy.

Doing the usual work in Ruvas, and come across Roofman in his Tengu. I don’t even steal and he locks me up; so I give it a few and then grab from him. He gives it a few and opens fire on my Worm.

Usually I hold my prey down with the Worm – which has a decent passive tank for a frigate – until the RR shows up, and the Orca for ship-swapping. My only weapons are two rocket launchers and a flight of Warrior IIs – to remove pesky drones as I fly under the target’s guns.

He has no drones so I turn the rocket launcher and drones on him, set my orbit, and work quickly to get the RR and Orca on scene. I look back a few seconds later and realize he’s actually losing shields quickly. I’m hovering at about 40% shield. It can’t be this easy, can it?

He drops into armor and I recall the drones, open a convo window for a ransom. However I forget to turn off the rocket launchers, and he dips into hull and explodes before I can make the ransom attempt. Oops!

Drops: A faction BCS and some T2 toys.
Bonus: 40m worth of T2 salvage from the wreck.
Hilarity: Roofman immediately ragequits.

Chase08888 Hands Paul Clavet 600M ISK

Posted in Capers, Duffers, E-honor on March 24, 2011 by paul

Remember back in October of 2009 when Michella infiltrated Transfixion?

A young man named Chase08888/Chase88888 was one of the primary victims of that infiltration and the subsequent extortion. It appears that shortly after that caper, he dropped corp and left on bad terms with the leadership. Even though he KNEW that it was my habit to take victims’ money and walk away, and had contacted me several times in the months following, asking what it would take to hire me to infiltrate them again. Of course I had no intention of doing so, but I offered to hit them for an Orca, which at that time was valued at approximately 600M ISK. He said that he didn’t have the money, and I forgot all about him.

This evening, about a year and a half after I robbed Chase, lied to him, and robbed him again, he opened a convo out of the blue.

Paul Clavet > yes?
Chase08888 > u still in the inflitraing corps biz?
Paul Clavet > Perhaps.
chase88888 > =p
Paul Clavet > If you’ve got a point, please present it
chase88888 > sorry
chase88888 > uhh kindof of hard to get to the point if i dont know if you capable or doign it
Paul Clavet > I am capable of anything. What did you need?
chase88888 > are you still able to inflitrate corps or not
Paul Clavet > Yes, I have three alts ready
chase88888 > ok
chase88888 > what are the prices?
Paul Clavet > Looking to hire me finally?
Paul Clavet > Tell me what you’re wanting done
chase88888 > transfixion hit again
chase88888 > kill them or rob them idc
Paul Clavet > let’s see… they have 63 members now
Paul Clavet > still live in a wormhole?
chase88888 > idk
chase88888 > i have been out of thier corp for over a year
chase88888 > prolly
Paul Clavet > Are you wanting them stolen from, or ganked, or what?
chase88888 > stolen
Paul Clavet > How much have you got?
Paul Clavet > I will need at least enough to plex one of my ready alts for two months
chase88888 > liquid about 700m. ๐Ÿ™ just bought an archon
Paul Clavet > Basically the way it works is that you pay for my account for two months. When I steal, you get 50% of whatever I steal, and I pay you back the two plex
chase88888 > ok
chase88888 > what do plexs go for these days? (been in 0.0)
Paul Clavet > When I stole from them before I got 8 billion ISK
chase88888 > nice
chase88888 > they run an allaince now… so idk if that makes a differance
Paul Clavet > Plex are about 350 mil each in this area… I would accept a little less because I can get them cheaper
Paul Clavet > so 600 mil up front
Paul Clavet > of course you get the 600 mil back plus half what I steal
chase88888 > rgr
Paul Clavet > I could start when my vacation starts actually, in 4 days
chase88888 > kk
Paul Clavet > So if you’ll pay me today I’ll activate the alt and start getting him in
chase88888 > will do
Paul Clavet > just send it to this character
chase88888 > i have to sell something on an alt they will
Paul Clavet > ok
Paul Clavet > just convo me when you send it
Paul Clavet > kinda excited about getting them again
Paul Clavet > Troy was a dick
chase88888 > lol
chase88888 > if u can
Paul Clavet > oh I will ๐Ÿ™‚
chase88888 > get my sparky110 corpse
Paul Clavet > I still have insider information on them, will make it really easy to get in
chase88888 > ill give u 50m for it
Paul Clavet > OK, if I get it it’s yours
chase88888 > ๐Ÿ™‚
chase88888 > main reason i want towhack them.. guy was a faggot
chase88888 > i ahve 500m right now if u want me to send it.. then i will send u the rest?
Paul Clavet > yeah, be sure to remind me when you send the final 100M
chase88888 > kk

He sends the money.

chase88888 > sent
chase88888 > get it?
Paul Clavet > OK, make sure you convo me when you send the final 100M
Paul Clavet > yeah, I got the 500M
chase88888 > kk
Paul Clavet > OK, I gotta go. I’ll start the preliminary information gathering
Paul Clavet > now here’s another option
Paul Clavet > if you can pay me an additional plex, I can get a second character in
Paul Clavet > that way when I hit them and get kicked out, I can hit them again shortly after
Paul Clavet > I’ve done it a couple times now, it’s completely devastating
chase88888 > i would but once i send the other 100m i will only have 18m left
Paul Clavet > it won’t pay much on the second hit because I will have taken most of their stuff
chase88888 > fucking HUNS keeping me from jewing
Paul Clavet > ok well, we’ll work with what we have
chase88888 > sorry ๐Ÿ™
chase88888 > iw ould love to do it
chase88888 > i would love to kill that allaince also
Paul Clavet > Maybe you have some assets you could contract instead? Maybe an orca or something?
Paul Clavet > You’re about to be fucking rich when I rip them off, so it won’t matter ๐Ÿ™‚
chase88888 > nah got nothign
Paul Clavet > You could always buy a GTC
chase88888 > i could lol
chase88888 > tbh all i have it is my archon and harby
Paul Clavet > well hmmm
Paul Clavet > This would take about two weeks
Paul Clavet > so you send me the archon as security deposit
Paul Clavet > I get the second character in
chase88888 > nah
Paul Clavet > I can send you back the 200M, so you’ll have 300M walking around money
chase88888 > i need the archon
Paul Clavet > you’d get it back as soon as I stole
chase88888 > nah i need it for ops and moving shit
chase88888 > the arhcon is staying with mee.. sorry
Paul Clavet > fair enough, you might change your mind when you think about the entire alliance imploding ๐Ÿ™‚
Paul Clavet > but of course I understand
chase88888 > ya but i need this for allaince and corp ops and shit… and moving stuff around
Paul Clavet > OK…. well for now we’ll do just the one character. If you decide you want a one-two punch you can always GTC.
Paul Clavet > Of course, if you wanted to REALLY splatter them I could hire mercs to work with me
Paul Clavet > start an attack on their POS as soon as I hit them the first time
chase88888 > lol
Paul Clavet > then the second character betrays them right as the POS attack starts
Paul Clavet > instant failure ๐Ÿ™‚
chase88888 > ๐Ÿ™‚
Paul Clavet > but I understand if you don’t want to do that… it’d be worth it but it’s an awful lot of money
chase88888 > ya it would be
chase88888 > ill get the other 100m withen the next hour
Paul Clavet > OK, make sure you get in touch with me when you do so I don’t miss it
chase88888 > kk
Paul Clavet > as a summary, to hit them twice would be another 300M, and to hire mercs to completely wipe their POS from space is an additional 750M.
Paul Clavet > Just in case you decide to GTC
Paul Clavet > last alliance we did that to disbanded
chase88888 > may i ask what mercs?
Paul Clavet > It’s a group that doesn’t do public contracts
chase88888 > like who?
chase88888 > ninjas
chase88888 > ?
Paul Clavet > a lot of them were involved in Underworld Excavators
chase88888 > ahh ok
Paul Clavet > there are a few Noir. pilots that work with them
Paul Clavet > but they have dreads and supercarriers
chase88888 > oh ok cool
chase88888 > ill ltink about it
Paul Clavet > it’s pretty fucking terrifying
chase88888 > meh we lost a titan saturday
chase88888 > (my corp)
Paul Clavet > They do need a couple weeks notice though, so if you decide you want this to coincide with my second hit you’d need to pay today or tomorrow
chase88888 > ok
chase88888 > i dont think that second hit will happen ttbh
Paul Clavet > like I said, you could give the archon, that would get you the whole package (if fitted) and you could replace the archon in two weeks
Paul Clavet > but it’s your call, that’s a lot to trust me with
chase88888 > nah keeping the archon
Paul Clavet > but as you know, I’m very good at this
chase88888 > ya but im keeping th archon.
Paul Clavet > then I guess it would have to be GTC ๐Ÿ™‚
chase88888 > ya lol
chase88888 > idk il think about it
Paul Clavet > OK, you know where to find me bud
Paul Clavet > let me know when you finalize the transaction, and I’ll start the ball rolling
Paul Clavet > you only have about a day to decide if you wanna go for the full implosion option
Paul Clavet > o/
chase88888 > rgr

A little while later, he sent the additional 100M and stated that this was all he wanted to commit to the endeavor.

At that point I revealed it was a scam and attempted to extort an additional 600M from him. He must have FINALLY learned his lesson, because he allowed himself to be talked out of it by his corpmates. At the time of the original heist he was 15 years old, which means that he would be approaching adulthood now. Chase, I hope that you take this lesson to heart before you leave the safety of home and step into the real world!

Tearful Taste: Adambad

Posted in Delicious Tears on March 23, 2011 by khalia

So I’m salvaging a Drake and he doesn’t like me, so he flies off, returns while I’m gone. Then this happens….

[06:44:43] Adambad > Dont hide now its a fair fight
[06:47:11] Adambad > runing like a bitch
[06:48:10] Khalia Nestune > what?
[06:48:17] Khalia Nestune > I dunno where you are, I’ve been here
[06:52:45] Khalia Nestune > lawl
[06:54:14] Adambad > Lawl. dude, stop tryn to act tuff, I went re shiped came back you kept jumping all around tryn to run from me. Im not guna play chickenshit games with a doush, wile you wait for your agression timer to reset.
[06:56:22] Khalia Nestune > lawl x2
[06:58:17] Adambad > like thos Meta 1’s your geting? how it feel when all you get it my garbage?
[06:58:52] Adambad > to think Im makeing millions every hour, wile you make hundreds an hour
[06:59:51] Khalia Nestune > I’d show you my wallet balance, but you’d probably claim I’m haxing a screenshot
[07:00:20] Adambad > yeah sure, Tell your Mom that, she is the only one that would beleave that shit
[07:00:41] Khalia Nestune > Your tears, I <3 them
[07:00:43] Adambad > but hay, atleast you have a fan
[07:00:43] Khalia Nestune > tell me more
[07:01:14] Adambad > you know how you make me feel Khalia? let me tell you.
[07:01:19] Khalia Nestune > PLEASE
[07:01:56] Adambad > ever seen one of the TV things wre thay ask you to help some poor person in a forgen country? well i feel like im watching that when i see you.
[07:02:14] Khalia Nestune > that’s pretty harsh man
[07:02:34] Adambad > or one of the aspca one were thay ask you to help the animals. i feel so sad for the puppys
[07:02:50] Khalia Nestune > no! you’re hurting my feelings!
[07:03:15] Adambad > the truth hurts i gess, but to be as pethetic as your are is quite sad
[07:03:58] Khalia Nestune > you’ve got a few typos there
[07:04:09] Adambad > OMG tell a teacher
[07:04:27] Khalia Nestune > I am a teacher
[07:04:30] Khalia Nestune > this is class
[07:04:34] Khalia Nestune > pay attention
[07:04:40] Adambad > you must have got the grammer bugg up your ass from your MOM. she get mad when you have typos?
[07:04:48] Khalia Nestune > now now
[07:05:00] Khalia Nestune > now need to get nasty
[07:05:04] Khalia Nestune > let’s keep this polite
[07:05:29] Adambad > you cant be that Dumb, I mean Im being prety straght forward
[07:06:32] Khalia Nestune > I believe you mean “straight”
[07:06:56] Adambad > no thats what gay men say to strate men
[07:07:27] Khalia Nestune > I’mma buy you a dictionary for Christmas. Free of charge.
[07:08:37] Adambad > No No, its no prob. save your Cents and buy some food, Lord knowes you need it.
[07:08:51] Khalia Nestune > Those ninja children are hard to feed

CSM Polls Are Open!

Posted in When RL Invades on March 18, 2011 by paul

Go vote now!

My five votes went to Arden Elenduil, who states that his goal is “to return the game to its original state of being an unforgiving place.”

There are other good candidates, and I don’t agree with Arden on everything, but he the closest candidate to me on the list.

Eve is amazing because your choices matter and there is nobody to protect you from complete ruin if you fail. Keep Eve hard! Vote for Arden!

Cosmoray Holdings Was a Ponzi Scheme

Posted in Capers on March 4, 2011 by paul

I’ve been following the Market Discussion forum for about as long as I’ve been playing Eve. The idea that the economy in Eve was complicated enough to support a secondary market was something that set it apart from most other MMOs and absolutely fascinated me.

What have I learned from three years of reading the market forums? Of the folks offering investments in public, there’s two types: Individuals who are going to steal your money, and individuals who are going to steal your money, but don’t know it yet.

If you’d asked me to list the top five most prominent and “trustworthy” market gurus in the Market Discussion forums, Cosmoray would have made the list.

But it turns out it was all a Ponzi scheme, where interest and dividends are paid out of new donations instead of profits from the activity being invested in.

There’s a delicious forum thread. Cosmo put out a hastily-written account of the entire process in a gDocs document.

There are some amusing accounts of scams that can only really work when you’ve got an excellent ongoing reputation:

In the fall of 2009, I began to run insurance on new playerโ€™s bond launches. If a player was having trouble raising capital I would insure all investorโ€™s funds in case of default/scam.

Some of these schemes were actually run by me. I made a bond (poorly written) which I would insure, and people would invest. After 1 month when the CEO (my alt) disappeared I would back all investors out of my pocket. This would further improve the rep โ€œCosmoโ€™s word is his bondโ€. I lost zero cash on these as all the money I had raised would be returned.

If you’re looking for capers to pull when you have an internet connection but infrequent access to Eve (at work?), I recommend having a look at the Market Discusion Forums. The cycle tends to go something like this:

10 Investors put their trust in someone who they don’t think would ever scam.
20 Scam.
30 Investors swear that from now on things will be different and they will reserve their trust for people they can physically strangle.
40 Time passes.
50 GOTO 10

Tearful Taste: Ninja Tears

Posted in Behind the Scenes, Delicious Tears on March 2, 2011 by khalia

Sadly, sometimes a ninja gives up good tears.