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Uh Oh, I Got Someone Upset!

Posted in Delicious Tears, Duffers on December 28, 2010 by khalia

Apparently I’m now getting tears on my Youtube videos:

Rattlesnake Kill Video

Where To Salvage Video

In the amount of time this tard took to scan down a mission he could’ve gotten a level 4 done.

GG on failing on life, son.

Best part: There was no scaning in that video.

Christmas Gift: Death of a Rattlesnake

Posted in Combat, Video on December 24, 2010 by khalia

Merry Christmas to all ninjas, looters, wreck thieves, suicide gankers, griefers and jerks.

Here’s our gift to you: A video of a Rattlesnake that went boom after shooting at yours truly.

The Longest Route – Winners and Results

Posted in The More You Know on December 22, 2010 by khalia

Last week I asked for the longest hisec and lowsec/nullsec routes, with a 25M cash prize for the winners of each.

The results:

HisecJorus to Bashyam, 51 jumps, by Archentar Symonia. It is to be noted that two other equal length routes are Jorus to Chamemi and Jorus to Balanaz.


Edit: Due to misreading the posts, I incorrectly put Robotis’ route of
BU-IU4 to 373Z-7 as the longest.

Archentar Symonia posted this route prior to Robotis; the correct length is actually 99 jumps (100 systems covered). Congrats to the double winner!

Thanks to all for playing!

How To Choose A System For Ninja Salvage

Posted in The More You Know, Uncategorized, Video on December 18, 2010 by khalia

This question has been asked frequently, so I made this tutorial.

Tearful Taste: Sandman 1000

Posted in Delicious Tears on December 17, 2010 by khalia

[ 2010.12.17 05:04:20 ] Sandman 1000 > dude your such a homo
[ 2010.12.17 05:04:29 ] Khalia Nestune > yes, what of it?
[ 2010.12.17 05:04:45 ] Sandman 1000 > did your daddy rape you as a kid and thats how ya ended up like this

Behind the Scenes: COUNTER-RETORT

Posted in Behind the Scenes on December 17, 2010 by paul

Khalia Nestune: I’m sending these in order, but they’re labeled from 00 to 03 either way
Paul Clavet: lemme know when they’re away
Khalia Nestune: gmail sometimes chokes on big files, so I’ll let you know when they’re all done
Khalia Nestune: RETORT, CLAVET
Khalia Nestune: OFFER OF LAWSUIT

psyphirus likes to throw away ISK – fine by me

Posted in Combat, Duffers on December 14, 2010 by khalia

I finally got back into the Ninja lifestyle. After taking out a CNR and a Tengu on my first day, I moved location for variety.

I just purchased that truly evil of faction battleships, the Bhaalgorn, and was eager to give it a try. Running a mission in his Apocalypse, psyphirus gave me that chance. He had the sense to hold fire on my Vigil until one of his corp mates arrived (in another Apoc). Then they prompltly fled to the next system, also another favorite tactic.

My stealth alt observed them docking up… and then undocking and warping off in system. Another mission? Excellent. I extended agro and put probes out. There were a lot of Apocs in system so it took a few minutes, but in the end I found him and warped in with my new toy. Not surprisingly psyphirus quickly explodes. Then comes the usual “oh, it didn’t matter to me” from the sore loser.

[01:09:46] psyphirus > lmao
[01:09:54] Khalia Nestune > indeed
[01:09:57] Khalia Nestune > I am amused
[01:10:45] psyphirus > good for you
[01:11:15] Khalia Nestune > roflmao
[01:11:18] Khalia Nestune > you were hulltanked?
[01:11:20] Khalia Nestune > LAWL
[01:12:18] psyphirus > nope
[01:12:25] psyphirus > look at the kill log
[01:12:30] psyphirus > actually read it
[01:13:00] Khalia Nestune > you carry around hull reps in cargo? that’s still pretty funny
[01:13:20] psyphirus > you mean smart to repair damage if you get it
[01:13:22] Khalia Nestune > and you had hull damage when I shot you
[01:13:24] Khalia Nestune > hah
[01:13:29] psyphirus > and?
[01:13:37] psyphirus > your not really making a point
[01:13:41] Khalia Nestune > Yeah, see, most of us with brain repair BEFORE we undock
[01:13:52] Khalia Nestune > or before going to a mission
[01:14:08] psyphirus > a few points an’t a problem, most can handle that
[01:14:17] psyphirus > just run along now
[01:14:35] Khalia Nestune > have fun buying a new apoc
[01:14:46] psyphirus > its easy money
[01:14:50] psyphirus > didn’t hurt anything
[01:14:57] Khalia Nestune > good, shoot at me more =)
[01:15:17] psyphirus > oh i will 🙂 but you’ll prob run again
[01:15:33] Khalia Nestune > yes, I always defeat Apocs in Vigils

(Despite his claim, he actually had about 30% hull damage when I started on him. Noobs: They’re so tasty.)

Remember kids, shooting at ninjas gets you killed. We have patience, skills, and evil intentions. And if you’ve got the ISK to throw away, we’re happy to take it from you.

Make Some ISK, Expand Our Knoweldge

Posted in The More You Know on December 14, 2010 by khalia

Based on some conversation in The Ninja Alliance, I’m offering two rewards, of 25M ISK each, for the following:

1) The longest hisec to hisec route, by number of hops. This does not include hisec ‘islands’ which require 0.0 or losec to access. It also must be the best-path route – the same type the autopilot would use.

TL;DR – What’s the longest path you can plot in the autopilot from hisec to hisec without crossing 0.0 or lowsec?

2) What is the longest possible autopilot route in the entire game? All areas/regions allowed (0.0, lowsec). Best path-route.

Just to be clear, this does not mean “put every system into the autopilot”. It’s the route the AP will generate itself when given system A start and system B end.

Post your answers here – starting system, ending system, number of jumps. At the end of 1 week – Tuesday 21 Dec – I’ll email the winner to get their in-game character for the prize. Make sure you include a valid email address when you post.

Carebear Psychology: Parental Abuse

Posted in Uncategorized on December 1, 2010 by paul

A quick post. I’ve been noticing a recurring theme as I’ve continued in my griefing career: Smacktalk that includes implications that the griefer is the victim of parental abuse. Tonight I was salvaging from a carebear named Stardigit when he posted the following:

Stardigit > little motherfucker
Stardigit > i wondering wher the fuckers like born
Stardigit > u dont
Paul Clavet > You’re not too great at complete sentences
Stardigit > w8 here ill come back to u
Stardigit > like u and ur famile sucker
Paul Clavet > Whatever that means.
Paul Clavet > I’m still the guy who is going to take your mission item
Stardigit > i wish u luck
Stardigit > u know if i have a power to be in ur place ur mother dont recognise u after meeting with
Paul Clavet > What do you mean?
Stardigit > rest of ur life prbably ull spent in hospital tahts what i mean
Paul Clavet > Are you threatening me?
Stardigit > realy i dont like ppl like u in eve and in real life
Stardigit > nope
Stardigit > or maybe just cancel the mission …. this is good idea
Paul Clavet > Sure, that’d be fine by me 😀
Stardigit > little poor boy whos father beat him allways when he see him

Last week when I convinced Graaatch to give me his Orca before I killed his Golem, he shared a similar sentiment:

Graaatch > yea…get bent pizza face…try not to get raped by daddy tonight

Someone with more education in psychology and behavioral science, please chime in and help me understand. What’s the end-game for these carebears? Are they banking on the griefer having been the victim of abuse in the past, such that he curls up into a ball at the evoking of the traumatic memories? Is this the manifestation of childhood trauma involving abuse from the carebear’s childhood?

Sure, it’s funny, at least as funny as child abuse can be, but it’s also very interesting. I like to think that in my work in Eve I tend to see people at their most base state, and I’ve got to wonder if we’re dealing with an in ira veritas (in anger [there is] truth) situation. What are your thoughts on this recurring tear-theme?