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Lazy play = rewarding play.

Posted in Uncategorized on November 20, 2010 by captain

So I’m in Dodixie, and it’s about midnight, I’m about to wrap it up, but decide to sit outside M20 in my UBAR buffer cyclone I had laying around. I undock, move to the side, stop ship, pop a can with a hunk of ammo in it, and wait for a bite.

Literally 20 seconds later, a Brutix steals it, goes red to me, and sits there about 300m infront of me with his hardeners on and drones out. I convo him, and start assessing him as a target. He seems alright, kinda dumb about PvP perhaps, but still, not too shabby.

Eventually, I come to the conclusion that this T2 cyclone I threw together for frig pounding off the undock probably doesn’t have the stones to take on a Brutix.

I warp over to Balle, while talking to him (none the wiser I had left). I grab the pew cane, and jump back to dodixie. This lovely man is getting impatient, and tells me if I wanna fight, meet him at the sun. Alright… I think about it jumping into dodixie. He’s probably blaster fit, antimatter ammo, which can friggin hurt close up. Now my T2 425 AC’s have a lovely falloff, so I’ll use that to my advantage (i cans learn to PvP 2 rite?).

I warp in at 50, just in case. Sure enough, he warped in at 50 as well to get things on me before I got into range. Targeting, clicky clicky… Pointed, neuted to shit, and Republic Fleet EMP raining into his armor.

I spanked the AB and told my ship to orbit at 10km, as my shield buffer was taking a large amount of damage. At about 10km, the damage lessened by somewhat, and I was still scoring almost the same as before… I finally remember to launch drones, and sick them on him, as he goes into structure and I go into armor.

My buffer vaporized, as well as his, it’s just a small amount of time before one is dead. Being minmatar, I overheat bloody everything, and pray. My damage goes up, and he goes pop just before I hit structure. See? I can fight a fight someone is actually expecting too. 🙂

I get some help from a friendly ninja in TNA (who I believe was Haldr Geitz), who unfortunately had a computer glitch before he got to me during the fight, but he did end up coming to the sun to rep my badly beaten armor, as I scooped the T2 loot and drones of the Brutix.

I went back to sitting on the undock in my cane after repping the heat damage on my modules. My aggro ran out on the Brutix pilot, and he came out in a Rifter to toy with me. He warped in and out a few times, and I got slightly amused. I bought a T1 web off the market, docked, fitted it, and popped back out. He warped in a moment later 10km off the undock, and went boom.

At this point, a person named Captain Rivel started taunting me in local and talking to the Brutix pilot, eventually coming up to my can in a merlin and stealing my ammo. I was already targeting him when he did, and he went pop too.

At this point, I shoulda called it a night. But nooooo. It was my first kill / 3 kills in a month or two, and I decided to fish some more. Rivel had warped to a station, and had then come back to M20 in something a little meatier. I saw him light up red on my overview 10km from me, and got what I like to call “piggy eyes”. This means you see something you want, and move to get it regardless of the circumstances. It’s also in-line with “biting off more than you can chew”

Unfortunately, I had activated my modules, and failed to realize my mistake. He had brought a brick drake. Yep, the same thing I woulda done. I wasn’t watching, assumed too much, and died to the aggression timer on the station dock. Boo hoo. The Cane that killed LUDI’s CEO’s Scorpion was no more.

With that, I promptly bought a new one, and went afk to go get ready to go to bed. Never fly what you can’t afford to field 2 minutes later, kids. In the end, I was happy. I lost a Cane to a good move, but got 3 kills in the process.

Graaatch: Working an Hour for Paul Clavet

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears, Duffers, E-honor, Ninja Salvaging on November 18, 2010 by paul

So I had a couple of hours, and felt like ganking a carebear. I logged onto Eve and launched probes, finding a Rokh and two Golems within a minute. Knowing that a marauder would be clearing as it went, I held the Rokh until the end. The first Golem was finishing up and warped away soon after I arrived. The second Golem, flown by Graaatch, shot at me after I looted a couple of small wrecks. I evacuated my Vigil (actually it was Khalia’s Vigil, but that’s a long story) and retrieved the Sacrilege.

As I arrived, he warped out.

Oh well, I guess I’ll go on to… wait a minute! Did he just warp to a planet?

I warped to Ruvas I at 0km. There he was.

I was actually a little worried at first. He was tanking me really well, and it was taking both my armor repairers to barely keep up with his damage.

As his tank started to break, I opened a convo with him. I will include the highlights, and give you a pastebin to the entire log at the end of the post.

Paul Clavet > How much is your ship worth to you?
Graaatch > for a rat…nothin…i has more
Paul Clavet > OK then
Paul Clavet > now that you’re out of cap
Graaatch > are you planning on lettin me go for less than 50 mill
Paul Clavet > lessee… how much is a golem worth?
Paul Clavet > I’ll take 450 mil
Graaatch > is not about how much its worth its about how much i have
Paul Clavet > I guess you don’t have rich friends then?
Graaatch > i have no friends thats why im in a free corp
Paul Clavet > If you have an unfitted golem, contract it to me and I’ll let this one go
Paul Clavet > or make me an offer
Graaatch > like i said…if you want 50mill or less i can do that but i dont have that kind of money and i dont have another golem…i have more ships like a rohk or orca but nothin like a golem
Paul Clavet > I’d take an orca
Graaatch > well…is fitted and carrying my hulk atm so im not going to give those up
Paul Clavet > your time is about to run out
Paul Clavet > you’d better make me an offer soon

I’ve gotten ransoms before, but I’d never had someone take me up on my suggestion to contract over assets in lieu of cash.

Paul Clavet > Contract the Orca with Hulk
Paul Clavet > it’s worth less than your Golem
Paul Clavet > or you lose your Golem and fittings
Paul Clavet > one minute left
Graaatch > im lookin for it….
Paul Clavet > Found it?
Graaatch > yea but the hulks not in it
Paul Clavet > the orca and 50M then
Paul Clavet > quickly
Graaatch > ok h/o
Graaatch > is up

My contract icon blinks.


Now then, to crack open this pinata and see what falls out…

Paul Clavet > SUDDENLY
Paul Clavet > BETRAYAL

Killmail. That’s a solid billion-ISK ship. Shame the Pith B-Type XL Booster didn’t drop.

Paul Clavet > Now then
Paul Clavet > what have we learned?
Graaatch > that some people are just douche bags and cant be trusted….that those people play big billy badass in the internet because irl they get picked on by everyone cause they cant do anything worthy of anyone
Paul Clavet > You are right, I do nothing cool IRL
Paul Clavet > Truly thou hast struck a mortal blow
Graaatch > figured
Paul Clavet > but thanks for the orca and faction mods
Graaatch > yea…get bent pizza face…try not to get raped by daddy tonight
Paul Clavet > Your tears are delicious. My cup overfloweth!

Now, I’ve gotten a few kills since my hiatus, but no quality tears. These are textbook grief-tears!

Graaatch > am i pist off yea….cause i lost my golem…a lil…mostly cause you cant trust people these days
Paul Clavet > Yeah, I mean if you can’t trust the CEO of “Honorless Internet Jerks” then who CAN you trust?
Graaatch > idc who you are
Paul Clavet > Obviously not, because you trusted me.

Why do people get the impression that they can trust even their corpmates in Eve, much less some random guy that out-witted them?

Graaatch > me…i know enough….i can go ahead right now and buy a couple plexs and replace the golem and mods
Paul Clavet > I encourage you to do exactly that
Paul Clavet > you’ve fuelled my playtime for another six weeks
Graaatch > grats question is…can you afford to play without being a leach…..are you a leach on society as well and in EVE
Graaatch > i would imagine you are
Paul Clavet > Yep, I’m a total non-contributor both in eve and IRL. I’ve never done anything worthwhile in either realm
Graaatch > me….i dont have the time to play games like this all day…i work for a living
Paul Clavet > I would work for a living too if I was that terrible at games
Graaatch > go figure

I resisted the urge to tell him that at that point I had been logged in for 45 minutes out of the past week.

Graaatch > its not cause im terrible at games….its cause i wanna keep the mustang gt and chevy z71 in my driveway full with gas and the roof over my head
Paul Clavet > Go look under the passenger floorboard… you might find an orca to replace the one you gave away!

Ah, the old “my fail here doesn’t matter because IRL I make lots of money!” routine.

Paul Clavet > Never forget that you fired first
Paul Clavet > You were obviously the aggressor
Graaatch > now…if i was TRYING to pvp…i would have been setup w/ a warp stab and a large neut

Wait, what?

Paul Clavet > So maybe you can figure out how much work-time it’ll take you to recover the bil or so for the golem… then you can remember while you’re at work that you’re essentially working for me
Paul Clavet > So stop slacking!
Graaatch > hmm thats good but it will be 1 hr of work for 3x plexs
Paul Clavet > Yep!
Paul Clavet > An hour of work for Paul Clavet
Graaatch > i can deal w/ that
Paul Clavet > Well good, perhaps we can do this again sometime!

I can only hope that at work tomorrow, he remembers what happened here today, and thinks of me. And then gets the hell back to work. The slacker. Honestly, I don’t know what I keep him around for.

Graaatch > like i said…i treat folks the way i want to be treated…i know full well the pvp of this game…i spent some time in 0.0….does everyone breat ransoms…no….we never did when i was runnin 0.0 space
Graaatch > break*
Paul Clavet > wait… you’re claiming to have knowledge of pvp?
Paul Clavet > Is that why your idea of a PVP fit involves warp stabs?
Paul Clavet > Is that why you warp to zero on a planet then sit still?
Graaatch > do i pvp in high sec….no…when i do…its usually 1 person and a warp stab will get you out….if im runnin in a pack i dont….was i expecting you to follow….no
Paul Clavet > So I guess you DID learn something useful today!
Graaatch > but being in a bs….its a slow boat
Paul Clavet > I will send you a bill tomorrow.
Graaatch > ill be sure to ignore it and wait for your in game supena
Paul Clavet > You misspelled subpoena
Paul Clavet > but what do I know, right?
Graaatch > rofl so your a grammer nazi too
Graaatch > clasic
Paul Clavet > classic*

There was a little more chest-beating by Graaatch in response to my poking, and if you want to read the complete log, you can do so over at pastebin.

It was an hour well-spent in Eve. The Orca was transported by an alt to Jita, where it sold for 350 million ISK. My total take was approximately 475 million.

CCP Cancels War Early, No Explanation Given

Posted in Come On! on November 16, 2010 by paul

Threadnought here. I’m posting this blog entry because I know that most of you wisely avoid the C&P Forums but I want this issue to see as much daylight as possible.

CCP: If you want this game of yours to be the same one you brag about in your trailers, where actions have lasting consequences, then you can’t have GMs canceling mercenary wardecs without explanation. I pointed out in August why Eve is the greatest MMO on the market, and scandals like this kill that just a little bit each time.

Please visit the thread, read the first three pages (after that so far it has devolved into in-game political grandstanding) and add to the growing chorus of demands for more transparency in such issues.

Update: As most expected, this happened due to flawed assumptions about game mechanics and failures of communication within the GM pool. GM Lelouch posted an explanation (scroll down a bit, it’s outlined in red) that included the following:

We have taken measures internally to ensure that all current and future GMs are familiar with in-game war mechanics as well as the policy listed above and we hope that these mistakes will not repeat themselves.

This post was the correct response to an ugly situation. It’s a little frustrating that wardec mechanics which are very well-known by even fairly casual eve players are completely misunderstood by the folks that are supposed to be administrating the gameplay. I hope that incidents like this encourage CCP to make training and communication priorities for the GM staff in the future.

Snipehamster downs a Raven, reaps tears

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears, E-honor, Ninja Salvaging on November 11, 2010 by khalia

I’ve been slowly getting back into Eve. So today I’m logged on and Snipehamster in The Ninja Alliance is having some trouble finding a Raven wreck on d-scan in Balginia. I offer to warp down with my pimp’d covops and scan for him, and he agrees.

I find the raven wreck by finding the nearby drones, and it turns out the Raven pilot, Rediska2, is back in his mission with another Raven. Snipehamster and I warp in and loot his Raven wreck. He then fires on Snipehamster’s Vigil.

[ 2010.11.11 20:23:56 ] Rediska2 > get away from here
[ 2010.11.11 20:26:52 ] Johanes Miller > mmm loots
[ 2010.11.11 20:26:54 ] Johanes Miller > thanks dude
[ 2010.11.11 20:27:10 ] Rediska2 > next time i’ll hit you
[ 2010.11.11 20:27:23 ] Johanes Miller > sure…

So I warp back to keep an eye on Rediska2 while Snipehamster goes for a PVP cane. He’s back in a flash, points Rediska2, and his Raven falls like a rock – the Raven starting with 70% armor damage!

Snipehunter goes for the ransom, but Rediska2 says nothing, and pop goes the Raven – to the rats still shooting him.

[ 2010.11.11 20:36:31 ] Snipehamster > 40 mil or your raven dies.
[ 2010.11.11 20:36:39 ] Snipehamster > 30 seconds.
[ 2010.11.11 20:37:13 ] Rediska2 > mother fucker
[ 2010.11.11 20:37:19 ] Johanes Miller > hahahah
[ 2010.11.11 20:38:06 ] Drak Kron > lol
[ 2010.11.11 20:38:11 ] Drak Kron > well played
[ 2010.11.11 20:39:05 ] Johanes Miller > we let the rats kill him… again

Rediska2 ragelogs, but a local gets all hot and bothered about this, to our general amusement.

[ 2010.11.11 20:39:56 ] el toppolino > i take it you killed a guy in mission and got aggro ?
[ 2010.11.11 20:40:35 ] Johanes Miller > his raven was hilarity fit
[ 2010.11.11 20:40:50 ] el toppolino > he is young
[ 2010.11.11 20:40:54 ] Johanes Miller > Neutron blaster on a raven, lol
[ 2010.11.11 20:40:56 ] el toppolino > and had no intention to pvp
[ 2010.11.11 20:41:08 ] el toppolino > try real pvp
[ 2010.11.11 20:41:15 ] Johanes Miller > he shot, that’s usually intent to pvp =)
[ 2010.11.11 20:41:17 ] el toppolino > killing noobs is so 90s
[ 2010.11.11 20:41:24 ] el toppolino > and needs no skills
[ 2010.11.11 20:41:50 ] Johanes Miller > but tears are juicy and sweet
[ 2010.11.11 20:42:00 ] el toppolino > i prefer thrill and good fights
[ 2010.11.11 20:42:04 ] el toppolino > then i am proud
[ 2010.11.11 20:42:07 ] Drak Kron > thats what your mom said
[ 2010.11.11 20:42:37 ] Snipehamster > Thrill? You mean like dodging battleship fire in a tankless frigate?
[ 2010.11.11 20:42:41 ] Snipehamster > :V
[ 2010.11.11 20:42:43 ] el toppolino > those kids today
[ 2010.11.11 20:43:03 ] el toppolino > they fear real pvp in lowsec wars or 0.0
[ 2010.11.11 20:43:05 ] Johanes Miller > oh man, he ragelogged
[ 2010.11.11 20:43:10 ] el toppolino > and are happy to kill noobs
[ 2010.11.11 20:43:47 ] Johanes Miller > they make nice crunchy sounds and kick and scream
[ 2010.11.11 20:44:06 ] Snipehamster > He fired first (at a vigil with less than 900 ehp) – I don’t think either of us was looking for a fair fight
[ 2010.11.11 20:44:19 ] el toppolino > we all know why he fired
[ 2010.11.11 20:44:35 ] Snipehamster > Because I looted the wreck of the last raven he lost. :V
[ 2010.11.11 20:44:36 ] el toppolino > cheap tricks to get aggro
[ 2010.11.11 20:44:43 ] Johanes Miller > exactly
[ 2010.11.11 20:44:55 ] Snipehamster > looting a wreck is a cheap trick? since when?
[ 2010.11.11 20:44:57 ] Johanes Miller > we scanned down his drones to get the old wreck, we didn’t think he’d be there
[ 2010.11.11 20:45:25 ] el toppolino > i couldnt be proud to kill a noob who isnt able to spell raven really
[ 2010.11.11 20:45:45 ] Johanes Miller > proud? I’m in it for the lolz
[ 2010.11.11 20:45:59 ] el toppolino > you sound proud dont you
[ 2010.11.11 20:46:09 ] Snipehamster > I’m less than 2 months old, and this was my first BS kill. Pride is pretty accurate tbh
[ 2010.11.11 20:46:14 ] el toppolino > else you wouldnt tell your story here
[ 2010.11.11 20:46:26 ] Johanes Miller > proud is what I do in real life, the game is fun and lolz
[ 2010.11.11 20:46:42 ] el toppolino > its the same
[ 2010.11.11 20:46:53 ] Johanes Miller > the game is real life?
[ 2010.11.11 20:46:56 ] el toppolino > try stealing from your corp
[ 2010.11.11 20:47:04 ] el toppolino > it will hunt you your whole eve life
[ 2010.11.11 20:47:36 ] Johanes Miller > wonders if he should mention that he is actually the alt of a well known corp infiltrator
[ 2010.11.11 20:47:51 ] Snipehamster > wonders how you steal from an NPC corp
[ 2010.11.11 20:48:26 ] el toppolino > see it has nothing to do with fun its your personality
[ 2010.11.11 20:48:31 ] Johanes Miller > yeah
[ 2010.11.11 20:48:35 ] Johanes Miller > I’m a jerk
[ 2010.11.11 20:48:37 ] Johanes Miller > and proud of it
[ 2010.11.11 20:48:38 ] Johanes Miller > 😀
[ 2010.11.11 20:48:45 ] el toppolino > now you got it
[ 2010.11.11 20:48:48 ] el toppolino > no friends
[ 2010.11.11 20:48:50 ] el toppolino > fat
[ 2010.11.11 20:48:53 ] Johanes Miller > HAHA
[ 2010.11.11 20:49:09 ] Johanes Miller > tell me more about how miserable my life is
[ 2010.11.11 20:49:21 ] Snipehamster > Aww yeah, playground insults. Someone’s running out of ideas :3
[ 2010.11.11 20:49:49 ] el toppolino > i dont see any insults…
[ 2010.11.11 20:49:57 ] Nete > hahah
[ 2010.11.11 20:50:04 ] Snipehamster > >.>
[ 2010.11.11 20:50:10 ] el toppolino > try to be like me
[ 2010.11.11 20:50:23 ] el toppolino > work your way up in an alliance
[ 2010.11.11 20:50:26 ] el toppolino > fc
[ 2010.11.11 20:50:34 ] el toppolino > get a name in eve
[ 2010.11.11 20:50:47 ] el toppolino > you wont get that for killing noobs
[ 2010.11.11 20:50:47 ] Johanes Miller > I’ve never heard of you
[ 2010.11.11 20:51:05 ] Johanes Miller > Snipe, you heard of this guy?
[ 2010.11.11 20:51:06 ] Nete > i’ve never heard of EVE… what’s that?
[ 2010.11.11 20:51:31 ] Snipehamster > nope. His shiny blue allcaps bio makes him look pretty hard though. I wouldn’t mess with this guy tbh
[ 2010.11.11 20:52:22 ] Johanes Miller > anyone with ‘el’ in the name must be cool, amirite?
[ 2010.11.11 20:52:30 ] Drak Kron > ^^

Wolfjack13 has a terrible name, and even poorer decision-making skills

Posted in Combat, Ninja Salvaging, Video on November 9, 2010 by paul

Kiritsubo told me to update my blog, so I did. Don’t ever say that I never did anything for my readers.