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CCP Finally Doin’ It Right

Posted in The More You Know on October 18, 2010 by khalia

I’m AFK from Eve, but I’m still paying attention to Eve-universe news. Which is why I jumped up and down with joy at this dev blog.

Short-range T2 ammo buff? SWEET!
Rocket buff? SWEET!
Faction ships on regular market (not contracts)? SWE… wait, that will kill contract scams for them.
Fighter-bomber lag reduction? Whatever. I’m sure those pilots are happy with it.

People are already bitching about the rocket buff not being enough. I partly agree – I would have liked to see the explosion velocity base at 250m/s instead of 150m/s. On the other hand, the reduced ROF and large capacity means less reloading and ammo requirements, and the explosion velocity bonus and damage increase make rockets *not* a completely lol-tastic option any more.

The T2 ammo buff seems aimed at reducing the penalties. I am mostly familiar with laser ammo, in this case Gleam. There was really no reason to use Gleam instead of Imperial Navy Multifrequency. Gleam gave a very tiny damage increase (4 dps on my Tachyon Laser II Apoc), but had less tracking, less range, and nearly doubles your signature radius. Dropping these penalties will at least make T2 short range ammo = faction ammo. Some other change to make them even more different would be nice.

In which Capt. is a moron…. again.

Posted in Uncategorized on October 15, 2010 by captain

Everyone occasionally does something daft. Something so amazingly stupid you wonder how in hell you could have managed it.

I’m not talking about failfits here or missioners shooting at me, or even orcas grabbing a can I’ve recently flipped. Nah, I’m talking about fun ways to die. Last time, it was with two of my characters, accidentally concording one against the other, and then being unable to tank and losing the second…

This time, however, is even more fun.

Imagine this. It’s the first day back from a month-long break from EVE, and I sorta wanna shoot at something. I hop in my stealthbomber, and go wormhole hunting. I find one after a few tries, and hop inside. Within this system I find a retriever mining away, blissfully unaware of my presence. I wait till I can point, decloak, ignore what I think is a bugged warning dialog (I’m in w-space, right?), and start laying into his ship.

Suddenly, my bomber vaporizes, and I’m in my pod… There’s concord sitting right there… and the barge is in low hull. Woo.

Apparently, I had forgotten, in my absence, that wormholes can go anywhere. I also forgot that there are no overview belts on my overview when in w-space. Apparently, this particular one, went to a .6 off in Caldari space. Yeah… I basically tried to suicide a barge with my bomber, unknowingly. So there’s about 70 mill down the drain. I went back to dixie in my pod, and got myself and fitted another bomber. Then I logged off for the night, as obviously I wasn’t paying attention enough to play correctly.

Anyway, there’s my most recent stupid moment.

As a side note, war targets need to stop informing me when they add me with terrible standing. It just lets me know who they are. Not that I mind, of course. But it sucks for them. I sent the most recent one a nice mail thanking him for making my job that much easier.

The Kind-of Butterfly Effect

Posted in e-Fame, Site News, The More You Know on October 12, 2010 by captain

Yes, another post today. Well.. it is 1:30 AM here… oh well.

I was just doing what I do occasionally to get a good laugh – reviewing old Jerks posts and their comments.

I came to my posted guide on corporate infiltration, and seriously laughed hard at two of the comments I found there:

A Thief:

Me and a friends joined one of the corps you listed and have already had 5 hulks plus fittings from the corps pos and now aim at taking a members deapspace fitted tengu and the corp also has an orca and an obelisk they leave sitting in the pos. this corp makes it easy they keep leaving ships sitting in the pos

This, my friends, is gold. The fact that this person took the name of a corp I picked  at random for meeting my bio outline on a possibly worthwhile target, and has successfully pulled off a heist based on my info is epic. I LOVE helping people. Whether it’s helping newer players get some ISK, or teaching someone how to do what I do, I really enjoy it when I hear that I’ve done some good (from their point of view :P).

Paradox Federation Member:

It seems your post inspired our CEOs and got us raped till we bleed. Got everything including our ships, left us in 0.0 and left Alliance. Thank you mylootyourtears

Well. I R sorry ’bout that. Well, not really… My guide can be used two ways – to infiltrate a corp, and to prevent it. Both I like. Hearing that you’ve been a victim of it as a result of this guide… well… It’s amusing, really. But at least you’re not a sore loser about it. I enjoy those that cat go “lol, we goofed” and then better themselves. This is what makes EVE fun to play.

Anyway, I guess my point is that I do read all comments on every post, and make sure to respond to ones that stand out  – good or bad. As Khalia has quoted before – “if you’re good at what you do, 95% of what you hear will be negative”.


Posted in Site News, When RL Invades on October 11, 2010 by captain

Why hello there!

Nope, not dead. All of my accounts are still active. Been taking a large break recently, but EVE is starting to feel new again to me. 🙂

If jerks is changing, I’m here to change with it. No way I’m leaving (unless Paul beats me). I’ll keep posting, when I can. University is giving me a large workload, but I do have the occasional free day. EVE is a game, and people get tired of games. Some leave and come back years later, some just leave.. Some, like me, take long breaks to renew aggro with a game that’s been bland for a while.

Jerks has been slow recently, as has MyLootYourTears. But it is not abandoned by a longshot. Too many memories, and too many good times to just leave it be. 🙂

So I’m here when I can be. Sadly, RL must take priority.

I’ll Be Back

Posted in Uncategorized on October 6, 2010 by khalia

.. but not for a while. I’m taking a indefinite break from Eve to purse other games and some real-life challenges.

Fly dangerous!