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Slow Posting

Posted in When RL Invades on September 21, 2010 by paul

I’m on the verge of burnout in Eve. Some of the activities popularized by this blog have become so commonplace that I feel like much less of an innovator when I’m doing them. Corp infiltration is still interesting, but takes lots of time.

It’s time I really don’t have. A busy job, lots of home improvement projects, and an effort to hold onto a social life for myself and the missus, means I just can’t justify the time spent on Eve when the rewards continue to diminish.

Of course, there’s still the matter of three accounts that are paid up for 10 months. I’ll still log on to change skills and may even come in for some salvaging fun once in a while. I just refuse to continue to feel guilty if I don’t play or blog for a while. Maybe having the pressure off will bring some of the fun back.

Fly sneaky!

Updated POS Value Calculator

Posted in Site News on September 14, 2010 by khalia

I’ve updated the POS Value Calculator to more accurately reflect the prices of POS modules, as the previous calculator was being slightly optimistic. Please use this one when submitted POSes for pewing.

Abusing Concord For Fun and Profit

Posted in The More You Know on September 11, 2010 by khalia

You may have noticed that My Loot, Your Tears has been rather quiet recently. Captain Charismatic is starting a new school semester, Khalia is working a 2nd-shift job, and Paul…. ok, Paul is just lazy.

Lacking any exciting ganks, POS destruction, or corporate infiltrations, I’m going to go public on a bug that has been discussed among the ninja salvaging community recently. For background information, read this Eve Forum thread.

The essence of this bug is the following: Aggression timers and damage counting is broken so that Concord may spawn and destroy someone in a way that appears to be ‘at random’.

A simple reproduction of the bug is as follows:

1) Get an aggression timer by flipping a can, stealing from a wreck, etc.
2) The other party opens fire on you and does some damage
3) Warp off. Wait until the other party no longer has a timer on you (eg, can not shoot you any more)
4) Have a corp-mate destroy your ship.

Result: Concord will spawn and destroy the other party who opened fire on you. This behavior was independently tested and confirmed by me.

This appears to happen because damage to your ship is ‘remembered’ for some length of time, or until a session change. When your ship is destroyed, the server realizes the other guy did damage to you, but no longer has an aggression timer, and goes to WTFPWN him. This is also why you will sometimes see NPC damage listed on a killmail, even if that NPC is long dead by the time you start shooting the other player.

This can be avoided if the person who opened fire does a session change – docking up, changing systems, possibly changing ships. Also if the first party (the person who is fired upon), has a session change, this will not happen.

DISCLAIMER: My Loot Your Tears does not suggest or endorse that you make use of this behavior. CCP may consider this an exploit. If you use this behavior and get banned into the next century, it is not our problem.

However, if you’re crazy enough to use this, and it results in tears, please send screenshots and/or logs to so we can post it up here – these will be properly edited to hide identity.

Keep Those POS Reports Coming

Posted in Incredible Offers! on September 1, 2010 by khalia

A big Thank You to everyone who sent us in reports of offline POSes for the taking. We’ve got a nice backlog which we are working through.

Three POSes have been taken down since the call of submissions, resulting in 100M or more in payouts to those who reported them. We still want MORE! Juicy targets will get bumped up to the top of the list, and you will make 20% for very little work.

Please send us:

  • OFFLINE POS – we do not want an online POS, even if it has a billion zillion ISK of modules
  • NOT IN AN ALLIANCE – even if the alliance only has 2 people, really. The wardec cost for an alliance is 50-150m, compared to 2m-6m for regular corporations.
  • IN HISEC SPACE – no lowsec or nullsec submissions please.
  • 500M of modules or more – please use the POS Value Calculator, and if faction modules are present, look them up on contracts and add in the value.

Once you’ve got a good match, please send us:

  • Location – system and moon
  • Name of corporation
  • Type of tower, and size
  • Estimate of module value

And you too may be on your way to big ISK!