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Dishonorable Mentions: Instant Billionare

Posted in Capers on August 31, 2010 by paul

Tweakboy over at the Event Horizons blog took a first step into corporate theft, and won big on his first try.

An excerpt:

During this time i noticed several new recruits in corp chat. I started asking if anyone needed stuff hauled or jumped and listed the major systems that had corp offices. I even mentioned I had a carrier and could jump rigged ships. This was attractive to a few pilots because they lived in lowsec and couldn’t/wouldn’t risk the 7 lowsec jumps to home. After talking to a few guys privately I was contracted a hurricane rigged but T1 fit, 2x rigged and T2 fit ravens, a rigged T2 fit rokh, a retriever, vexor, and a few other smaller ships along with a retardedly huge amount of mods, mostly T1.

I was also contracted a navy apoc fully faction/T2 fit with meta 4 guns, and an extra set of meta 4 guns laying around. Nice grab you might say. It gets better. This is the same pilot who contracted me the cane… and a navy slicer, and then told me he didn’t know me and wouldn’t contract his apoc. I let the wheels spin for a second then told him “Mate, I’m legit. The corp just loaned me a Fenrir to move all this crap. Would they do that if I wasn’t legit?” He responded with an apology that he was just paranoid with his baby. 30 seconds later navy apoc contract was accepted. (it had integrated hammerheads, 2x TS lrg reps, TS PDU, and a imperial navy heat sink).

Another player contracted me EVERY asset he had on 4 characters. EVERY asset. I have 1.5 million units of unrefined ore. WTF, it is like 80 mil in ORE. I took it.

Sounds like Tweakboy has the Right Stuff.

Mixed Griefer Fleet Suicide Ganks 30B+ BearBoat

Posted in Combat, Duffers on August 29, 2010 by paul

Congrats to our newest Jerk, Schmetterflug, for being part of a seven-ship fleet that suicide-ganked an officer-fit Paladin on a gate in hisec. The ship is conservatively valued at 30 billion ISK, but there’s no way to know for sure with officer mods until they sell, which can take weeks. Even with only a 1/7th cut of the loot, it’s a huge wad of cash for Schmett. Also, he just took the Jerks Battleclinic kill total from 50B to 80B.

Here’s Arden’s blog post on the kill.

There’s an awful lot of silly-fit carebears that should be re-examining their priorities right about now. Expect copycat kills any day.

Blog Banter #20 – Griefing in EVE

Posted in Come On!, E-honor, Ninja Salvaging on August 25, 2010 by paul

With the recent completion of the 3rd installment of the Hulkageddon last month, @CyberinEVE, author of Hands Off, My Loots!, asks: “Griefing is a very big part of EVE. Ninja Salvaging, Suicide Ganking, Trolling, and Scamming are all a very large part of the game. What do you think about all these things? You can talk about one, or all…but just let us know your overall opinion on Griefing, and any recommendations you may have to change it if you think it’s needed.”

Now, normally I don’t do the Blog Banter competitions, because, well, I’m lazy. However, seeing as I’m one of the “public faces” of the hi-sec Griefer scene, I’ve gotten about a dozen requests for my thoughts on this.

Most of the responses I’ve read to this Blog Banter have actually ignored the question entirely. Instead of posting their opinions on Ninja Salvaging, Suicide Ganking, Trolling, and Scamming, they’ve posted pages of text about how none of these activities are “Griefing”.

So I’m going to do something similar and ignore the actual question. Instead, let’s talk about words and what they mean. I’m thinking of a particular word: Piracy.

When an Eve player self-identifies as a Pirate, you know EXACTLY what he’s talking about: A player who hangs out in lowsec, looking for “good fights” against other “Pirates”. Sure, once in a while a foolish carebear stumbles into their domain, but for the most part Pirates are merely engaging with consensual PvP with other players of the same class. I’m not knocking it because I know it can be fun, but piracy it ain’t.

Being a pirate means preying on the unsuspecting, the weak, or the foolhardy. It seems to me that Ninja Salvaging, Suicide Ganking, and Scamming would fall neatly into the definition, while e-honor “good fight!” piracy would not.

So we call ourselves Griefers because our actions cause grief, not just as a byproduct but often as a primary objective. The truth of the matter is that a better term for us would be pirates, but that term was hijacked by low-security PvPers who had no real reason to use it. Folks are trying to deny us the title “Griefer” because our actions are within the intended mechanics of the game. This is missing the point entirely.

I understand the confusion, since in most MMOs, ruining someone else’s game is out of the question due both to rules and the game mechanics. In Eve, the universe is such a cold and unforgiving place that such behavior is not only allowed, but is required by a certain segment of the population in order for successes in the game by the law-abiding to have any meaning.

We’re Griefers. If you come up with a better title for those who prey on the weak in Eve, I’d love to hear it.

Tearful Taste: Kampfpanzer

Posted in Delicious Tears on August 24, 2010 by paul

Kampfpanzer > fag
Paul Clavet > Yeah, what of it?
Kampfpanzer > asshole

Details, Details, Details

Posted in The More You Know on August 23, 2010 by khalia

We’ve received an overwhelming response from our readers with offline POSes to shoot – thank you! Keep them coming.

If you’re going to send them to us, please include:

* Solar system, planet, moon
* Name of the corporation
* Type of tower
* Estimate of modules worth

We’ve had several mails of that say, “I’ve found a POS that’s worth 700m, are you interested?”. Yes, we’re interested. Just send all the details in the first mail! =)

POS Value Calculator

Posted in The More You Know on August 22, 2010 by khalia

I got tired of opening Market and then looking up each POS module value, when trying to determine if a POS is worth shooting.

So I wrote this excel spreadsheet to do it for me.

Simply add the number of modules for each type into the ‘Number’ column and check the TOTAL row at the bottom. If faction modules are present, look them up and enter under ‘All Other Mods’. I grouped many common module types together as prices are close to the same; and these prices are based on current Jita prices, lowest sell order.


Jerks Reader Participation Reminders

Posted in Incredible Offers! on August 22, 2010 by paul

If you’re reading MLYT, you’ve not only proven yourself to be of incredibly good taste, but you’ve opened up a world of possibilities to do business with Honorless Internet Jerks in a variety of ways.

You can:

Join Honorless Internet Jerks – The requirements, while not difficult to meet, are very specific because we are seeking a very specific type of player. Read carefully before you apply. Contact Paul Clavet via Eve Mail or at if interested.

Make Money Finding Offline POS Towers – A guide can be found here. If Honorless Internet Jerks acts on your intel and takes down an offline tower, you’ll be paid 20% of the loot. It’s an easy way to make hundreds of millions of ISK for practically no effort. Contact Khalia Nestune via Eve Mail if interested.

Make Money Finding Infiltration Targets – I just realized that my post advertising this service was only made on the Suddenly Ninjas insider forums and not on MLYT. I’ll eventually correct this, but the TLDR version is: Find me a wormhole corp that has assets floating inside the POS shield, unsecured. I’m especially interested in capitals, Orcas, and T3 ships. Corporation must have at least 20 members and be recruiting. If Honorless Internet Jerks act on your intel, you’ll be paid 20% of whatever we yoink. This can potentially be in the billions. For best results, leave a character in a scan ship inside the wormhole until we can get back to you. Contact Paul Clavet via Eve mail or at if interested.

How To Quickly Find An Offline POS

Posted in The More You Know on August 22, 2010 by khalia

By request, here is my guide to quickly determine if any offline POSes exist in a system, and at which planet and moon they are anchored.

As a general tip for finding offline POS towers, remember that POS towers can only exist in systems with 0.7 security and below, so don’t even bother with (for example), New Caldari or Dodixie. I also suggest systems that do not have a station. This forces players to haul in goods and fuel, which makes upkeep slightly more difficult. It also means the POS is far more likely to have a Corporate Hangar Array with valuables inside, and a Ship Maintenance Array.

We hope that you will use this to find offline towers and report them to us – and by doing so enable yourself to get 20% of the value if we decide to take it down. The two previous reporters collected 150M and 310M respectively.

In order for a POS to be valuable to us, it needs to be:

* Offline
* Have 500M or more in modules (Faction items, Labs/Advanced labs, and assembly arrays are best for high-value. Weapons and defenses are not.)
* Be owned by a small (less than 20 member) corporation. No alliances.

Setting Up Your Overview Filters

Our method will rely upon using the overview filters and the directional scanner. You need to create two overview filter settings and save them.

The first one I call “POS SCAN”. Create this by deselecting EVERYTHING from the filter. Right-click on every category and select “deselect all”. Once you’ve removed everything, we need to re-add two things: Control Towers and Force Fields.

Find and select Force Field under ‘Celestials’, and then Control Tower under ‘Structure’.

Save this filter as “POS SCAN”. Your second filter will be called “POS MOONS”. This will be just like POS SCAN, except add Moons under ‘Celestial’. Since you’ve just created the POS SCAN filter, the selections are still active. All you need to do is add Moons and save the filter as “POS MOONS”.

Finally, create two new tabs on your overview. This can be done by right-clicking on an existing tab and selecting ‘Add Tab’. Name them POS SCAN and POS MOONS respectively. Select each, and load the appropriate overview filter that you created.

Now we’re ready to find some offline POSes!

Using The Filters

In your target system, warp to the sun. This will give you best coverage of all the planets in the system. Open your directional scanner and set the distance to maximum, by filling the field with 9s entirely and hitting enter; the max value is 2147483647. Set Angle to 360. Check the ‘Use Active Overview Settings’ box – this is key to this method working!

Now select your ‘POS SCAN’ overview tab. It should be empty. Run a directional scan, and there you go: A list of all POS Towers and Force Fields in the system.

Why do we care about Force Fields? An online POS has a Force Field; an offline POS does NOT. So now it’s easy to see if we have any offline POSes. Count the number of towers and the number of force fields, and if there are less force fields than POS – one of these towers must be offline!

In the above graphic (which was a very populated system), there are 21 POSes, and 16 Force Fields. There are 5 offline towers in this system. This is not unusual, by the way – today I found a system with 20 POSes and 11 offline!

So Where Are They?

If you’ve found a system with an offline POS, your next step is to locate them. We will do this by warping to each planet and running another directional scan of limited distance. Go down the list of planets. If the planet has no moons, obviously skip it. If it only has one or two moons, it will likely be faster just to warp to each and check them out.

If the planet has a lot of moons, here’s the technique. Once at the planet, set your directional scanner to 30,000,000 (30 million) km. This should cover every moon. I previously used 15 million KM but discovered that some moons were beyond this range.

Run another d-scan with your ‘POS SCAN’ tab active and you should see all the local POS and Force Fields.

The example graphic is very simple, showing one tower and force field; we know this tower is online and can move onto the next planet. If you’ve got several towers, and less force fields than towers, you know an offline tower is at this planet. At this stage we switch the overview to the ‘POS MOONS’ tab and scan again.

Sort the results by distance and you’ll see what we have in the graphic above. Two towers, one force field, and moons listed by distance. We can now find the offline tower by progressively reducing the scan range to hide each moon and then scanning. If a tower is at that moon, it will also drop off the scan, and you will know where it is located.

For example, the first step for the above graphic would be to set the scan range to somewhere between the distance of Moon 10 and Moon 11, so we exclude Moon 11. A range of 5,000,000 km would be a good value.

In the next graphic I’ve reduced scan range down to 1,000,000 km (between Moon 5 and Moon 6) and the small Amarr tower (and force field) dropped off the scan. This leaves us with the Dread Guristas Control Tower Medium – which we know is the offline one because there is no force field on scan.

Continue to reduce scan range between moons until the tower drops off. In my case I continued until the only one left was Moon 1; so that’s where it had to be. Warp there and see what you’ve found.

We have a medium tower with defense batteries and shield hardeners. Unfortunately for us, the value of these modules is low, from 1M to 5M each, making the total value around 75-100M ISK. This is not enough to justify the time to take the tower down – keep looking!

That’s all you need. Go forth and find us some towers, and make some ISK! Also please feel free to comment with questions, suggestions, etc.

Tearful Taste: Alcina Eva

Posted in Delicious Tears, War on August 20, 2010 by paul

Wartargets missioning in Dodixie of all places. This happens, then this, then this:

[06:27:31] Alcina Eva > Paul Clavet Khalia Nestune Zarago Vemiska Your ass long face told you the same! FC!
[06:28:55] Alcina Eva > Paul Clavet You like that in Germany a long octopus, Paul, you are brothers Why?
[06:30:23] Alcina Eva > Paul Clavet Do you think you can do with the duck brothers? Very good!

Offline POS Takedown Nets 1.55 Billion ISK

Posted in Capers on August 19, 2010 by khalia

Today Honorless Internet Jerks destroyed another offline POS tower, for a return of around 1.55 billion ISK. It took roughly 6.5 hours with four battleships to destroy the large True Sansha Control Tower.

The Corporate Hangar Array and Ship Maintenance array were destroyed at the beginning, and did not drop anything. The value was entirely in the modules:

Siona Atreus, who had reported this POS to us, received 20% or around 311m. The other 80% was split nicely between the four Jerks involved, so we each got the same – 311m.

We encourage anyone who knows of, or finds, a valuable offline POS belonging to a small or medium sized corporation to bring it to our attention – and claim 20% of the proceeds if we take it down. I will be posting a guide on how to efficiently find offline POSes in the near future.