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This Is Not Right

Posted in Come On!, The More You Know on June 24, 2010 by khalia

While CCP are trying to put the magic smoke back in the servers – which apparently are now on a 36-hour downtime instead of a 6-hour downtime – I have been reading the Eve Blog Pack.

Mail Lite over at The Beginnings of Piracy has written about his alliance leader who was permabanned for being associated with another player who was ISK buying:

A few weeks ago Gilgamesh1980 and his other 2 accounts got banned for 14 days for breaking the EULA. When he first started the game he had a RL friend who asked him to put up some hard earned ISK to go towards a POS network in exchange for monthly/quartley payouts down the line.

He missioned, saved and bought a few GTC’s to donate to this friend in return for a stable revenue to help him in his EvE career. So far so good. It lasted a 3 year period.

Then one day a few weeks ago he got a message from GM Nova. His accounts had been banned as his ‘friend’ had been selling and buying ISK for real money out of game. He had also been selling high end items for real life money.

Gilgamesh knew none of this and when he got banned for the 14 days he asked the GM for a full investigation to clear his name. The outcome? Permanent ban of all characters.

So to follow the connections:

  1. Gilgamesh1980 gets ISK from missioning
  2. Gilgamesh1980 buys GTCs with ISK
  3. Gilgamesh1980 donates GTCs to Other Player
  4. GM Nova contacts Gilgamesh1980 and informs him of ban, due to Other Player buying ISK

I’m going to first assume Gilgamesh1980 is totally innocent (or believes he is innocent – no attempted bad behavior). The question that arises here is the EULA and mechanics of “buying GTC with ISK” and “donate GTC to Other Player”. Was what was done here a) possible and b) EULA allowed?

All the Eve Online forums are currently down, so I’m linking to this cached copy of the “Secure GTC trade 101 – Updated” thread in the Time Code Bazzar.

Q) What do I do?
A) If you are selling a GTC for isk, you open your account management page;

My account >> Account services >> Securely sell GTCs

# Select the character selling the code (receiving the isk)
# Enter the name of the character you are selling to.
# Enter the code.
# Enter the amount of isk you want to sell the code for.
# Confirm the selection

The seller will see an open sell order in the account management page as well as finished orders.
The buyer should receive an EVE mail detailing the offer. (Could be bugged at the moment) In any case, all the buyer needs to do is log into the account management page and accept the trade. It should be listed under, “Common Tasks.” The offer is valid for 48 hours.

This confirms that Gilgamesh1980 could acquire GTCs, by buying them through the Time Code Bazaar – another character sends him the offer and he accepts. So far so good. The next question is about “donate GTC to Other Player”. As far as I can tell, there is only a few ways this can happen:

  1. Gilgamesh1980 converts GTC into 2 PLEX via the ESC menu “Convert ETC” button, and then trades/contracts the PLEX directly to Other Player
  2. Gilgamesh1980 “sells” the code to Other Player for 0 ISK, the same way he purchased it

The first method is clearly EULA allowable. Buying a GTC for ISK, reconverting it to PLEX and transferring the ISK does not break any rules of which I can find. I might wonder why Gilgamesh1980 just didn’t buy 2 PLEX and trade, but I guess in 0.0 stations are more of a pain to get into.

The second method also does not appear to me to be any sort of EULA violation. Gilgamesh1980 has a legally acquired GTC that he is legally reselling for 0 ISK. Other Player can then do with the GTC whatever he wants.

This brings us to Gilgamesh1980’s ban. The reasons behind this was that Other Player was buying ISK outside the GTC system (EULA violation) and also selling game items directly for real currency (EULA violation). Nowhere is there any mention of Gilgamesh1980 acquiring any ISK or real-life currency from Other Player as a result of these sales.

We might include Other Player giving ISK back to in return for a stable revenue to help him in his EvE career because of the line “in return for a stable revenue to help him in his EvE career”, so it seems likely ISK was transferred from Other Player to Gilgamesh1980 at some point – but the usual penalty for goods acquired from ISK buyers is that the unfortunate player has the ISK directly removed from their account.

So to conclude, I first of all see no EULA violations by Gilgamesh1980. I also do not see why, if illegally-acquired ISK was transferred to Gilgamesh1980’s account (without his knowledge of the source), it was simply not subtracted from his account as is usually done.

A permanent ban for this is, as we say in the computer world, a chilling effect. If this can happen to him, can I be banned for buying an item (PLEX, ship, anything) that was bought with illegally-acquired ISK? Apparently so.

Every purchase in Eve just became an excuse to ban your accounts. Petition for it to be escalated, and the result is apparently permaban. CCP, you need to make this right – or explain exactly how Gilgamesh1980 was breaking the EULA.

I will be listening really carefully.

This Is Why You Don’t Autopilot While At War

Posted in Capers, Combat on June 21, 2010 by khalia


The Jerks wardec against OWN Alliance is still open, and pilot Xerxes Thirteen apparently forgot, or stopped taking us seriously. I found him auto-piloting his Charon towards Jita. I grabbed a nearby Harbringer, called in Zarago, and the Charon died in Isanamo.

Crappy loot – who the hell uses a Charon to move 5k m3 of stuff? – but the kill was worth it. OWN Alliance has blown up a few of our ships with overwhelming numbers and well placed traps; but we keep killing them in ways which they should feel really stupid about.

Happy Orca

Posted in Uncategorized on June 21, 2010 by paul

I saw this tonight and had to share.

Wardecs and Mails

Posted in Uncategorized on June 19, 2010 by captain

Hello again all. In lieu of not having many recent PvP posts, I give you one of my more recent projects, and its results.

Basically, for this project, what I do, is go around a high sec system capable of supporting a POS. This means .5-.7 space. Once there, fly to each moon of each planet in turn, and look at the POSs there. Find the ones that don’t have guns, or have a crapload of labs (faction towers are juicy). Next find what corp that POS belongs to, and mail them a ransom for the tower, stating you’ll blow it up if they don’t pay. Should look something like this:

Then, you should get a response like this:

To which you should respond like this 🙂 :

Finally, you may, or may not get a final response, which may or may not look like this:

And that completes the process. 🙂

I’d like to Thank Khalia here for providing me with a nice laugh. I alt-tabbed back into EVE after an extended afk session, and saw this:

So yeah. There’s my new project. One hour’s work turned into 3 wardecs. Bear in mind I did not ask 100 mill for all of those towers. I assessed the condition / modules active before arriving at a price.

Living The Dream: CNR and Rattlesnake kills

Posted in Combat, Ninja Salvaging on June 10, 2010 by khalia

The Eve universe does not stand still, and neither do ninjas (or jerks). With the rise of interest in ninja salvaging – helped by this blog to some part – mission runners have become more aware of our presence and tactics. The main problem these days with shooting mission runners is that most of them don’t hang around after shooting at our salvaging frigates. I estimate that at least 75% of those who shoot immediately dock and wait out the aggression timer.

To counter this problem, I’ve borrowed a strategy from some ninja friends. I won’t reveal all the details, but it involves using a frigate with a stupidly huge buffer tank, a point, web, and light guns. Once the target has fired, I point the ship and then use the web and light guns to disable drones. A second pilot with remote repair shows up to help keep the frigate alive, and fire on the target if his ship is fired upon. Finally, we swap the frigate for a larger gank ship – using tricks to keep the target from warping off while the swap is taking place.

This worked extremely well last night, providing me with both a Raven Navy Issue kill and a Rattlesnake kill. As I commented to Michella a few days back, “a Rattlesnake kill is my current dream.” Dreams come true, with the right planning.

The pilot of the Raven Navy Issue was Winter Borne of Angry Old Men. After finishing his room worth of NPCs while I loot wrecks, he locks me up and sends drones. I immediately throw my point on him and start pewing away at his drones. My alt arrives shortly with a cruiser fit for RR. Since Winter Borne is slowly cracking my tank, he decides that the RR ship is the threat and sends his drones after it. I get as much armor reps on my frigate as possible and then warp the cruiser out to go swap for a gank ship.

Meanwhile, my Orca is warping to the scene. As it arrives I notice a Drake and a Dominix also arriving. That’s a problem. They pass through the first gate and my Orca slowly follows. The tank on my frigate is just about done, as Winter Borne’s strategy of recovering and then releasing drones is a good one. I decide this one is getting away and warp out the frigate right as I hit structure. At this point a smart pilot would dock up, but Winter Borne – and his friends in the Drake and Dominix, just arrived – hang around. My Orca has just arrived on scene with them, and Winter Borne slowly burns toward it.

A plan formulates with me. My frigate pilot only has a few minutes of corporate agro left, after which the Domi and Drake can not shoot at it – only Winter Borne’s CNR. My other pilot, now in a Raven, still has full aggression. I warp both of them back into the mission and on the gate just before the final room with everyone else. To stall for time I lock up everyone with the Orca and deploy my drones. That should be weird enough to keep their attention.

Right around when corp agro ends for my frigate pilot, the Dominix warps off. Is he coming back? We’ll see. I warp my frigate in and am immediately locked up by Winter Borne. I swap from the Orca for my Ashimuu, lock the CNR and throw all the neuting and lasers I can at him. Once that’s going I drop in my Raven pilot and start hammering on the CNR with torpedoes. The Drake makes some attempt to shoot at the Raven, but wisely decides to bug out. The Dominix never returns, and the Raven Navy Issue pops. No tears to be had from Winter Borne, but I was quite pleased.

Round 2 – Fight!

Hours later I scan down a Rattlesnake. These are the mother of all passive tanked ships, and therefore nearly impossible to kill. They’re usually also faction fit up the ass, and they rarely ever fire on loot thieves – who risks an expensive faction ship and mods? I don’t have any other hits at that moment, so I decide to give it a shot.

Much to my surprise, he does actually lock me up and send drones after me once he’s done with all his NPCs. I start screaming at Paul, and in The Ninja Alliance, for help. My frigate puts a point on him and starts shooting his drones, but it’s not looking good for me. My RR cruiser arrives in time to provide life-saving reps, and I finally claw back from the edge, with only 20% structure remaining! The pilot, Excido Charon, finally pulls all his drones in and opens a convo with me. I attempt a ransom of his ship.

[ 2010.06.10 02:21:03 ] Excido Charon > lol
[ 2010.06.10 02:21:12 ] Khalia Nestune > 500m for the ship
[ 2010.06.10 02:21:15 ] Excido Charon > tough lil nugged of a fit there i see
[ 2010.06.10 02:21:41 ] Excido Charon > not even a nice afternoon?
[ 2010.06.10 02:21:49 ] Khalia Nestune > it’s evening here
[ 2010.06.10 02:21:50 ] Excido Charon > hey ex how ya doin
[ 2010.06.10 02:22:01 ] Excido Charon > how are the kids
[ 2010.06.10 02:22:24 ] Khalia Nestune > the kids need college money
[ 2010.06.10 02:22:29 ] Khalia Nestune > like I said, 500m
[ 2010.06.10 02:22:33 ] Excido Charon > damn its like you’re psychic
[ 2010.06.10 02:22:51 ] Excido Charon > hmmm
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:00 ] Excido Charon > honest to god if i had it
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:01 ] Excido Charon > id pay it
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:10 ] Excido Charon > /emote shrugs
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:12 ] Khalia Nestune > you have a rattlesnake and don’t have 500m? how sad
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:30 ] Excido Charon > well
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:32 ] Excido Charon > long story there
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:36 ] Excido Charon > sum it up
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:40 ] Excido Charon > 3 months AFKness
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:43 ] Excido Charon > suprise wartargets
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:44 ] Excido Charon > gank
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:48 ] Khalia Nestune > hm
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:50 ] Excido Charon > bye bye kronos
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:51 ] Khalia Nestune > well how much do you have?
[ 2010.06.10 02:23:53 ] Excido Charon > sell everything
[ 2010.06.10 02:24:05 ] Excido Charon > 40,413,548.34
[ 2010.06.10 02:24:45 ] Khalia Nestune > bah, not worth it

The call to The Ninja Alliance is answered by Zavulon Sukkot and Kybernis. Another ninja, BM Dublyoo, scans down our party while looking for his own targets and decides to hang around. He ends up providing valuable intel, thanks to a ship scanner: the Rattlesnake is fit for an active tank! Hope goes up all around, as we can kill this thing with neuts. A passive tank Rattler would have been far more difficult.

We start to formulate a plan: I will do a hot-swap from my frigate to the Ashimuu in the Orca. At exactly the same time, Zavulon and Kybernis will bump the Rattlesnake as hard as possible, preventing it from warping while giving me the time to reestablish a lock and point. Paul finally returns from Chick-Fil-A or whatever and shows up in an Oneiros.

Meanwhile, our target thinks he knows the game, and has declared victory for his side.

[ 2010.06.10 02:39:13 ] Excido Charon > You’re the only one allowed to shoot me , and Im not quite that stupid good sir/maam….you can keep refreshing the agro timer, but the only way YOU’re giong to kill me is if you let your point offline to go swap into a bigger ship
[ 2010.06.10 02:39:34 ] Excido Charon > and passive tanking your onboard weapons is kinda obvious
[ 2010.06.10 02:39:48 ] Excido Charon > nice failransom attempt though.
[ 2010.06.10 02:40:04 ] Excido Charon > i used to do this same exact thing quite awhile ago
[ 2010.06.10 02:40:05 ] Excido Charon > anyway
[ 2010.06.10 02:40:09 ] Excido Charon > /emote goes to get coffee

We wait for the Orca to catch up, which obviously takes a long ass time. Just prior to bump-and-swap:

With the Orca at swap distance, Zavulon uses his Typhoon for a perfect bump – the Rattlesnake turned something like 60 degrees off axis – and I quickly swap to the Ashimuu and land a point on him. Lots of cheering on our Vent server. Everyone piles remote repair onto me as I drain his capacitor and engage my lasers. Excidio realizes he’s screwed, but decides to go all out just for the hell of it.

[ 2010.06.10 02:46:29 ] BM Dublyoo > Excido can i have your stuff when you die?
[ 2010.06.10 02:46:35 ] Excido Charon > sure
[ 2010.06.10 02:46:55 ] Excido Charon > …how were you planning on doing that again exactly?
[ 2010.06.10 02:47:08 ] BM Dublyoo > magic
[ 2010.06.10 02:47:16 ] Excido Charon > woah.
[ 2010.06.10 02:47:22 ] Excido Charon > thats some serious stuff man
[ 2010.06.10 02:50:15 ] Zavulon Sukkot > I think Mr. Nestune is proceeding to break a foot off in your ass.
[ 2010.06.10 02:50:22 ] Zavulon Sukkot > Mr. Clavet, do you concur?
[ 2010.06.10 02:50:34 ] Paul Clavet > Sir, yes sir!
[ 2010.06.10 02:50:42 ] Khalia Nestune > [02:39:48] Excido Charon > nice failransom attempt though.
[ 2010.06.10 02:50:45 ] Khalia Nestune > what was that?
[ 2010.06.10 02:50:48 ] BM Dublyoo > it sure is pretty
[ 2010.06.10 02:50:55 ] Kybernis > at least shoot the rest of us before you go
[ 2010.06.10 02:50:58 ] Excido Charon > kk
[ 2010.06.10 02:51:01 ] Excido Charon > lets do it
[ 2010.06.10 02:51:09 ] Excido Charon > DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE

He fires at Zav’s Typhoon, which only quickens his sudden but inevitable death. I am thrilled. A Rattlesnake kill AND a CNR in one day is just about as good as it gets.

Again no tears, but I do find out why Excido was so surprised.

[ 2010.06.10 02:54:22 ] Excido Charon > one quick question
[ 2010.06.10 02:54:25 ] Khalia Nestune > sure
[ 2010.06.10 02:54:36 ] Excido Charon > If you and I were exclusively agroed
[ 2010.06.10 02:54:45 ] Excido Charon > how come a spontaneous ashimu whooped my ass? xD
[ 2010.06.10 02:54:56 ] Excido Charon > you’re the only one I shot and you were on overview the whole time
[ 2010.06.10 02:55:01 ] Khalia Nestune > you see that orca?
[ 2010.06.10 02:55:06 ] Khalia Nestune > orcas hold other ships =)
[ 2010.06.10 02:55:08 ] Excido Charon > Aha!
[ 2010.06.10 02:55:14 ] Excido Charon > clever
[ 2010.06.10 02:55:29 ] Excido Charon > extemely clever

A really great night indeed. Once again thanks to Zavulon, Kybernis, BM Dublyoo and Paul, without which the Rattlesnake kill would never have happened.

Tears via Contracts

Posted in Capers, Delicious Tears on June 7, 2010 by khalia

I warp into a Worlds Collide mission. Mission runner warps out. I come back a while later and he’s still not there, but the third room isn’t finished and the crew has not been liberated.

So I liberate the Ship’s Crew and send him a bill for services rendered:

A day later my contract icon flashes, and I find this:

Love it.

Aegamaeous, Aelemaeous, Please Shut the Fuck Up

Posted in Duffers, When RL Invades on June 6, 2010 by khalia

I am a Jerk. This means I am prepared to be an honorless bastard with no morals. However I reserve this for my targets – others of similar mindset are (usually) treated with a spirit of comradeship until otherwise proven to be a douchebag.

We’ve got a douchebag. I’m calling out a well-known character among the ninja, merc, and griefer circuits: Aegamaeous; and his alt Aelemaeous. Dude, you need to shut the fuck up.

In specifics, your diarrhea of the mouth about your real life is making the channels you inhabit a sewer of filth which the rest of us want to drown you in, after kicking you in the junk. We do not give a shit about your wife, about the cake she makes, or any of the other details of your life. If we cared, we would have asked, usually along the lines of, “Hey, how’s life going for you?”

Paul and I often talk about real life, but that’s because we actually ask the other person, and the person acting is actually INTERESTED. We tell a joke or some other thing that is enjoyable for the other person. You spew the crap about your life into chat channels and voice channels, trying to make yourself feel better. I’m told by one of your own corp members that your CEO bitched you out for doing exactly this. Do you need a cluebat applied to your forehead?

Here’s some example of random shit no one needed:

[ 2010.06.05 23:50:41 ] Aelemaeous > good news?
[ 2010.06.05 23:50:48 ] Aelemaeous > I was able to replace a fuse and fix the hvac
[ 2010.06.05 23:51:06 ] Aelemaeous > so now I don’t have to kill my wife (for trying to replace the original thermostat with a newer digital one)
[ 2010.06.05 23:51:18 ] Aelemaeous > o/
[ 2010.06.05 23:51:44 ] Aelemaeous > house got up to 89F today
[ 2010.06.05 23:52:15 ] Aelemaeous > hooray for knowing how to use a multi-meter, and knowing that I wasn’t getting proper voltage
[ 2010.06.05 23:52:58 ] Aelemaeous > yeah.. hvac would have cost me $5k for a new unit/system.
[ 2010.06.05 23:53:18 ] Aelemaeous > service call for repair tech? $190 for first 30 minutes, $50 every thirty after that

Here’s an idea – you use the hot air you’re constantly spewing to power the fucking HVAC. You’re logged into one of the most interesting multiplayer games in existence – how about you PLAY IT?

More word vomit:

[ 2010.06.06 00:40:53 ] Aelemaeous > so my wife made me an 8 layer chocolate cake with fresh cherries throughout the layers
[ 2010.06.06 00:40:59 ] Aelemaeous > with a think vanilla icing
[ 2010.06.06 00:41:03 ] Aelemaeous > …
[ 2010.06.06 00:41:14 ] Aelemaeous > sometimes, it’s good to test the new product line

[ 2010.06.06 00:41:39 ] Johanes Miller > Yo, Aele
[ 2010.06.06 00:41:46 ] Johanes Miller > Can you do me a favor?

[ 2010.06.06 00:41:51 ] Aelemaeous > Yo, johanes
[ 2010.06.06 00:42:03 ] Aelemaeous > not talk about cake?

[ 2010.06.06 00:42:15 ] Johanes Miller > I was going for ‘shut the fuck up.’
[ 2010.06.06 00:42:26 ] Johanes Miller > Or “no one gives a shit about your cake’
[ 2010.06.06 00:42:29 ] Johanes Miller > either will do

[ 2010.06.06 00:44:07 ] Aelemaeous > Anyone else going to Origins in Columbus OH at the end of this month?
[ 2010.06.06 00:44:43 ] Aelemaeous > I’m also going to gencon in august, in indianapolis, and maybe dragoncon in atlanta in september

[ 2010.06.06 00:47:23 ] Khalia Nestune > Your wife probally eats all the cake too
[ 2010.06.06 00:47:25 ] Khalia Nestune > fat cow

[ 2010.06.06 00:48:04 ] Aelemaeous > she’s making an r2-d2 wedding cake for a friend
[ 2010.06.06 00:48:30 ] Aelemaeous > with a 1/2 deathstar for the grooms cake

[ 2010.06.06 00:49:04 ] Khalia Nestune > dude, would you shut the fuck up? no one cares about your wife and cake and shit

I’m going to not pull any punches on this one; here’s a list of people who think you need your mouth stapled shut:

* Paul
* Michella
* Your whole fucking corp
* Your CEO
* Anyone in the same chat channel as you
* The homeless guy outside my apartment, who is normally really nice, and now wants to stab you in the face.

And by the way – I’m really sad you removed me from your list of blues. Really sad.