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I’d rather be lucky than good

Posted in Combat, Uncategorized on February 28, 2010 by khalia

I was up early on a Saturday, hunting for mission runners to annoy and pew. A Hyperion pilot by the name of Sergey201 of Air Space [AIRSE] decides that enough is enough with my looting and opens fire. Off I go to get the Abaddon.

There’s no problem getting a point on him and slowly knocking off his armor while I wait for the neut to cap him out. A few moments later an Apocalypse from the same corporate shows up. Ok, I think, this will be a little more challenging but I have a good chance of getting two battleships for one. The Apoc starts opening fire at me from range. The Hyperion continues to go down.

Then things get really bad. In rapid order a Tengu and a Vagabond appear on grid. OH FUCK. With the align time of my fat-ass battleship being in the tens of seconds, I assume there is no time to warp off before I am pointed. If I’m going to go down, I’m taking the Hyperion with me, so I overheat my lasers and keep pounding on him. The Vagabond and Tengu are now inside point range, and firing on me. With some shock I realize there are no points on me. NONE OF THEM HAVE POINTS!

With Hyperion going into structure, I align toward a station. My armor is almost gone from all the combined fire. The Hyperion pops and I immediately warp off to the station. Then I realize I can’t dock because of recent aggression. I furiously mash the dock button as the Vagabond, Tengu and Apoc arrive and resume firing on me. With my armor gone and structure damage starting, I finally dock.

Then all hell breaks lose in local, full of Russian tears. The Russian text has been translated via google translate and some is edited out for space saving. I started sending them Russian back. Translated comments are indicated with a *. The tears are DELICIOUS.

[ 2010.02.27 13:42:29 ] Khalia Nestune > seriously
[ 2010.02.27 13:42:32 ] Khalia Nestune > not ONE of you had a point
[ 2010.02.27 13:42:35 ] Khalia Nestune > Really?!
[ 2010.02.27 13:44:05 ] Khalia Nestune > and your hype pilot ragelogged
[ 2010.02.27 13:44:07 ] Khalia Nestune > loved it
[ 2010.02.27 13:49:19 ] Khalia Nestune >
[ 2010.02.27 13:49:48 ] Khalia Nestune > ^ These guys brought an Apoc, a Tengu and a Vagabond to the part. None with points. And failed to kill me before I killed the Hype and warped.
[ 2010.02.27 13:49:50 ] Khalia Nestune > EPIC FAIL
[ 2010.02.27 13:50:08 ] StarsDevourer > Leave time you it you like
[ 2010.02.27 13:50:35 ] Khalia Nestune > your russian-english translation program sucks, get a new one
[ 2010.02.27 13:51:47 ] StarsDevourer > At us though such is
[ 2010.02.27 13:53:04 ] Slavyn > Khalia Nestune you fagot I’ll break those ass bitch *
[ 2010.02.27 13:54:04 ] Slavyn > 1 на 1 (comment: 1v1 request?)
[ 2010.02.27 13:54:19 ] Stimwolir > Khalia Nestune go to hell
[ 2010.02.27 13:54:45 ] Khalia Nestune> No, you fool, not me. I do not know, to 1 against 1 =) *
[ 2010.02.27 13:54:51 ] Khalia Nestune > haha you suck so much
[ 2010.02.27 13:55:33 ] Sergey201 > i am kill you Khalia Nestune
[ 2010.02.27 13:56:07 ] Khalia Nestune > Sergey201: yeah? how? =)
[ 2010.02.27 13:56:40 ] Maximax2000 > let’s go logisticians
[ 2010.02.27 13:57:11 ] Khalia Nestune > yes, please,. bring your logistics ships
[ 2010.02.27 13:57:14 ] Khalia Nestune > while I ignore you
[ 2010.02.27 14:02:20 ] Stimwolir > Khalia Nestune Your stupid and dumb * (was sent in Japanese)
[ 2010.02.27 14:02:44 ] Khalia Nestune > japanese now? really?
[ 2010.02.27 14:03:46 ] Khalia Nestune > did you lose a ship? is sad =)
[ 2010.02.27 14:03:59 ] Supreme Dragon > Khalia Nestune as evidenced in some low:))) *
[ 2010.02.27 14:04:26 ] Sergey201 > Khalia Nestune i am kill you later !!!!
[ 2010.02.27 14:04:30 ] Khalia Nestune > what the fuck does “as evidenced in some low” mean
[ 2010.02.27 14:05:06 ] Khalia Nestune > Sergey201 no you are not !!!!
[ 2010.02.27 14:05:23 ] Sergey201 > Khalia Nestune and русскии normally write ebuchy fag! * (google translate fails on erage?)
[ 2010.02.27 14:06:11 ] Khalia Nestune > Your tears fuel my ship *
[ 2010.02.27 14:06:57 ] Sergey201 > fag mouth shut *
[ 2010.02.27 14:07:30 ] Khalia Nestune > even through google translate this is hillarious
[ 2010.02.27 14:08:30 ] Supreme Dragon> Agra, he has served: ((( *
[ 2010.02.27 14:08:34 ] Sergey201> so kankord will *
[ 2010.02.27 14:09:10 ] RUSN0RD> Young Corporation «Judges of Anarchy» invites adequate Russian pilots to join its ranks. Activity: Hunt sleeper, Hunt NPC in impe, PVP, Mining high-ores in VormHolah. *
[ 2010.02.27 14:09:34 ] Khalia Nestune > ROFL
[ 2010.02.27 14:09:37 ] Khalia Nestune > OMG LOL
[ 2010.02.27 14:09:51 ] Khalia Nestune > RUSNORD: I owe you a beer for that
[ 2010.02.27 14:11:16 ] Khalia Nestune > hehe adaquate
[ 2010.02.27 14:11:33 ] Sergey201 > Khalia Nestune fuck you

By now agro is over and I’ve gone outside in the abaddon to repair armor. They drop a can, target me and buzz around like angry but impotent bees. They eventually give up and warp away.

[ 2010.02.27 14:11:40 ] Khalia Nestune > no u
[ 2010.02.27 14:11:49 ] Khalia Nestune > please, go ahead shoot me, concord will love this
[ 2010.02.27 14:13:15 ] Khalia Nestune > SHOOT
[ 2010.02.27 14:13:17 ] Khalia Nestune > SHOOOOOOT
[ 2010.02.27 14:13:25 ] Khalia Nestune > Are you men?
[ 2010.02.27 14:13:27 ] Khalia Nestune > OPEN FIRE
[ 2010.02.27 14:13:36 ] Slavyn> suction *
[ 2010.02.27 14:14:07 ] Slavyn> you 1 *
[ 2010.02.27 14:14:24 ] Khalia Nestune> NO U
[ 2010.02.27 14:14:26 ] Supreme Dragon> container are you? *
[ 2010.02.27 14:14:43 ] Slavyn> you who *
[ 2010.02.27 14:14:49 ] Sergey201> he *
[ 2010.02.27 14:15:39 ] Supreme Dragon> or a coward? *
[ 2010.02.27 14:16:17 ] Khalia Nestune> no, not stupid =)
[ 2010.02.27 14:16:27 ] Khalia Nestune> you want a fight? you shoot
[ 2010.02.27 14:16:28 ] Khalia Nestune> please
[ 2010.02.27 14:16:37 ] Khalia Nestune> I’m just repairing
[ 2010.02.27 14:18:17 ] Khalia Nestune > bye!

MR Greyy just doesn’t know when to quit

Posted in Combat, Ninja Salvaging on February 27, 2010 by khalia

Dodixie is the home for ninja salvaging, but the locals have mostly learned to ignore us – which is good if you want free stuff, but bad if you want blood and tears. I decided to set up shop in a less picked-over location: Ichoriya. This system is on the far outskirts of Caldari space, has a solid mission runner population, and they like to shoot.

I’d already had three uninteresting kills before running into MR Greyy in his salvage catalyst. I followed him around and grabbed everything he was aiming to get, and soon enough he warps off toward station. So I assume he’s going to get a pew ship. For laughs I decide to go fit up my vigil with a drone and a sensor damp, figuring I can orbit the guy and pick at him with the drone. Unfortunately the Merlin he brings back drops right on top of me and I get webbed before I can put distance, so my vigil inevitably pops.

So I go grab the Abaddon and warp back. Maybe I’ll get lucky and web him before he can get away. No luck he warps out. I decide to stay a while and use the secret ninja techniques of agro extension so I can surprise him when he thinks his agro timer is over. I extend 15 minutes, then another 15 minutes. 5 minutes left into that, I assume he’s docked up for good and head for my scan ship. Just then, my station-watching alt sees him undocking in a Drake! I wait a minute to be sure he’s gotten past the first gate, and then I warp in and through the gate.

Mr Greyy is obviously surprised to see me web and point him and tries to range himself. His corp mate in a Brutix locks me up, but corp agro is long since gone, so he can’t do anything. The Drake dies a few minutes later. Another corp mate in a Raven shows up, also unable to do anything. I dock up, fit an armor rep, and undock to repair.

MR Greyy shows up 100km off the station in a Caracal and starts throwing missiles at me. Figuring this guy isn’t clueful on the trick of using mission gates to force close range, I warp to the mission and drop through the first gate. Sure enough he shows up a few moments later on the directional scanner, and then right on top of me in the first room. Web and pointed, and the caracal dies in about three shots from my large lasers.

Meanwhile, in local:

[ 2010.02.26 15:16:51 ] Khalia Nestune > Mr Greyy =))
[ 2010.02.26 15:22:50 ] Khalia Nestune > looooool
[ 2010.02.26 15:25:53 ] MR Greyy > no, i’s lol –
[ 2010.02.26 15:31:04 ] Khalia Nestune > hello caracal
[ 2010.02.26 15:31:07 ] Khalia Nestune > goodbye caracal
[ 2010.02.26 15:31:58 ] Khalia Nestune > so let’s see
[ 2010.02.26 15:32:03 ] Khalia Nestune > I’ve lost… a vigil
[ 2010.02.26 15:32:10 ] Khalia Nestune > you’ve lost… a drake and a caracal
[ 2010.02.26 15:32:15 ] Khalia Nestune > more please!

Meanwhile his buddies in the Raven and the Brutix have taken items from a can that I’d left while salvaging, and are looking expectantly for me to shoot at them. Of course I’m not to going to turn this into a three on one =) After another 10 minutes it looks like MR Greyy isn’t going to come back, so I pop another can to reset agro and warp back to the station to swap out some fits. That Brutix is looking like a nice target, but he can range me easily; I fit two webs instead of the normal one.

When I undock he’s waiting at the station. I warp to the mission and hop through the gate. Not having learned a lesson from his friend, he hops through also. Dual-webbed and pointed he struggles mightily to get away. In fact he does manage to get away – overheating his afterburner I guess – and warp away at 50% structure. So close!

Meanwhile my spies report MR Greyy has undocked with a Drake again! I warp out and then back in to the mission, and sure enough he’s waiting at the first gate. He opens fire. I expect he can jump through the gate at any time, but I return fire. Any surprisingly he sits there until he pops.

[ 2010.02.26 16:04:42 ] Sadjuk Khar > lol
[ 2010.02.26 16:05:08 ] Sadjuk Khar > man you cool 100%
[ 2010.02.26 16:05:37 ] Khalia Nestune > how many is that now? I lost count
[ 2010.02.26 16:07:18 ] Khalia Nestune > … and the ragelog
[ 2010.02.26 16:07:22 ] Khalia Nestune > sweet, sweet rage

MR Greyy finally logged back on and came back with YET ANOTHER DRAKE and I got bored of the whole thing and went to do real-life stuff.

[ 2010.02.26 16:09:19 ] Sadjuk Khar > next round
[ 2010.02.26 16:10:22 ] Khalia Nestune > I’m bored, you guys fail to deliver
[ 2010.02.26 16:11:47 ] Sadjuk Khar > (
[ 2010.02.26 16:25:06 ] Khalia Nestune > another drake? try something else
[ 2010.02.26 16:25:08 ] Khalia Nestune > yawn
[ 2010.02.26 16:25:46 ] Sadjuk Khar > go go drakes thats fun
[ 2010.02.26 16:26:20 ] Khalia Nestune > *shrug* I’ll go take a nap

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. MR Greyy, you’re crazy.

Vote MLYT for Eve Blog Pack

Posted in Site News on February 21, 2010 by paul

CrazyKinux is reworking the Eve Blog Pack. I’ve never actively advertised this blog, but I feel it’s of sufficient quality to be included in this list. If you enjoy MLYT and want to make sure that the griefer perspective is included in the Blog Pack, please go see CrazyKinux’s post and ask that we be included. Thanks.

What’s Your EVESpace like?

Posted in When RL Invades on February 18, 2010 by paul

Myxee asked, I answer:

This is a bit out of date (old enough that I was flying a Slasher instead of a Vigil, and a transport instead of an Orca), but the idea is the same now as then. The black thing I built myself to get the cheap monoprice monitor wall mounts out at the proper distance from the wall.

The pistol in holster is my daily companion. The claw hammer happens to be there only because I forgot to put it away.

In the spring we’re moving the home office to another room, and I think I’m going to do 26″ monitors three across with a big-screen on the wall where both I and the spousal unit can view it.

JerkRaven Downs Four: Always Bet on Stupid

Posted in Combat, Duffers, Ninja Salvaging on February 14, 2010 by paul

I was salvaging a mission that had just been completed which at varying times had been home to a Kronos, Dominix, Raven, Cormorant, and Damnation. Conventional wisdom is to not attempt bait-and-gank on multiple dangerous ships, but hey: Always Bet on Stupid. It never hurts to place your bets when the stakes are low for you and high for your adversary.

I was in the last room, with only the Kronos present, piloted by elevashen. I looted, and the Kronos fired. Well, he was done killing all the rats in the mission, was almost done salvaging, and was 50km from the warp-in anyway. As I docked to grab JerkRaven, I told Khalia that it would be a miracle if the guy stuck around and yet another miracle if I could get close enough to point him. Still: Always Bet on Stupid.

I returned to the mission in JerkRaven, navigated through several acceleration gates, and finally got into the room with the Kronos at 60km. I started toward elevashen, fully expecting him to warp off. Instead, he sat stock still in the Marauder until I reached about 30km, at which point he turned toward me and locked onto JerkRaven. At 28km my overheated Warp Disruptor II was in range, and I had him pointed.

Bringing him down took a little while, as the capacitor on the Kronos was significant and had to be depleted by my two medium neuts. While I was pewing him down, what turned out to be his alts in a Damnation and a Dominix entered the room. They reached firing range just as I was getting the Kronos into structure, and though the Dominix wasn’t firing (appearing to be a RR Domi) and the Damnation wasn’t doing a ton of DPS, I was still rapidly running out of buffer and the RR I was receiving wasn’t fully compensating. I attempted to extract a 500M ransom from the Kronos pilot, but though he said he was willing, it was taking too long, so I finished off the Kronos. Killmail here. That’s a billion-ISK ship with faction fittings.

Sometime during this, a Cormorant piloted by blackcondom entered the room and started flashing red from something like 70km away. I figured he was yet another alt piling on, but he warped away instead of approaching. More on him later.

With the biggest damage-dealer in the room now a pile of scrap, I instructed Khalia to loot it and go drop it off while I turned my attention to namtulaku’s Damnation. Khalia was pretty sure I’d lost my mind, but at that point the loss of a Raven wouldn’t have been a big deal as long as the faction loot from the Kronos was secure. Sure enough, my shields slowly gave way and I was barely making any sort of a dent in the ridonkulous tank of the Damnation, aided by the RR from the now-flashy Dominix. I warped off with no shields and about 90% armor just as Khalia warped back into the room.

I figured the fight was over, but Khalia reported that the Damnation and Domi were just sitting in the room like bumps on a log. Well then, if it worked once, then it could work again! I docked at a handy station for an instant replenishment of my shields and headed back. As I went through the second gate, that Cormorant appeared on my D-scan again. I sat in one of the middle mission rooms, and when he warped in, I locked him and made quick work of him. We learned later that our opponents thought that blackcondom was one of us. So my going theory is that he grabbed some scrap metal I had jettisoned before the Kronos fired on me, then had returned in the middle of the melee. He was there to grab loot, run to the station to dump it, and return, repeating the process. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time, I guess.

I proceeded into the final room, where to my amazement I found the Damnation and Dominix sitting still on the Kronos wreck that Khalia had already looted. They waited while I made the long journey to point range, apparently AFK. I locked onto invitashen’s Dominix (knowing that the Damnation’s tank would be a bitch to break and understanding that low-hanging fruit is still delicious), pointed it, and very quickly had it into structure. The Damnation and Dominix both locked me and started firing at this point, but it was too late. The Dominix went down.

Now, keep in mind that I only had one Warp Disruptor on JerkRaven, and that I’d been holding down the Dominix this whole time. The Damnation had been free to leave, but didn’t, even as the Dominix exploded and I turned my point back to him. Even more amazingly, he sat completely still while he spat heavy missiles at me, maximizing the effect of my oversized Rage torpedoes and giving up yet another chance to get away: I had no web, and he could easily have outrun my point had he only tried.

I fired and fired and fired, but Rage torps are meant for large battleships and do little damage against a Command Ship with silly-high resists. I was running out of ammunition, and I could tell that namtulau was having the same issue, as he slowly cycled through several different types of heavy missiles. The death of his drones at the hands of my Warrior II drones, combined with the RR from Khalia and two Ninja Alliance friends, turned the DPS tide, keeping me repaired enough that I could remain at full buffer, saving even the cap from my hardeners to spend on neuts to keep the Damnation tapped out. Khalia brought me some faction torpedoes which hit his small ship a little better, and I started working through his massive armor buffer.

It took over 20 minutes. During this time, he called for help from his corp. Unfortunately for him, his understanding of aggro mechanics was flawed, and the combat ships he requested arrived unable to do anything but orbit us, since the corporate aggro timer against me had run out some time ago. If they had brought RR, the fight might have become much more interesting.

Finally, the damned Damnation died. Note the faction fittings and T2 rigs. He had no local repair capabilities, apparently relying instead on the RR from the Kronos to keep things upright. I grabbed the faction mods and we all retired to the safety and calm of the station to sort our fortune.

And a fortune it was, indeed. By my math, the total haul (not including assorted T2 loot) was approximately 1.7 billion ISK, with somewhere between four and five billion ISK in losses for the three enemy pilots (plus the unfortunate passerby, blackcondom, killed in the crossfire during my rampage). It turns out that the Kronos, Damnation, and Dominix were all being triple-boxed by Shen, the CEO of the corp. Ouch. The two Ninja friends who came to my aid were each given 50 million ISK, with the rest split in undisclosed proportions between myself and Khalia. We probably would have been able to pull this off without the help from the Ninjas, but their help made it a sure victory, and is greatly appreciated. Without Khalia, however, none of this would have happened. His early RR, logistical help, intelligence reporting, and just being there as a tactical sounding board allowed me to focus on the task at hand and make a minimum of stupid mistakes.

What a night! I actually have video of the blessed event, but it would be 40 minutes of mostly boredom, and my video editing software took a dump a few weeks ago anyway and needs to be reassessed first. I used it, however, to grab screenshots for this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

mmmazay: Three Steps to Dead CareBoats

Posted in Combat, Duffers on February 13, 2010 by paul

Step 1: Find Gallente Battleship Wreck in a mission. Loot it.
Step 2: Convo owner. Offer to give crap back at a planet.
Step 3: When owner comes in brand new Dominix to take crap, pew him.

The delusions of the e-honor crowd

Posted in Delicious Tears, E-honor, Ninja Salvaging on February 12, 2010 by khalia

I found CadetBoot in his Hyperion and started eating up his tasty loot. A few minutes later, an Evemail arrives. What follows is the entire back and forth, edited for clarity.

I find this a perfect example of the reason I ninja salvage and other “dishonorable” activities: To disabuse those of the notion that Eve is a game that has anything to do with “honor” or “respect”. People who can’t tell a game from the real world need a reality check.


YOu ruin the game for honest people


What is this ‘honest’ thing you speak of?


If you can’t figure that out then you prove my point



You need to train ‘Sarcasm and Insult Detection’ to level I.


Then let’s try this. Stealing is not honest.


Yes, and? I believe under the terms of the game you were free to open fire on me without CONCORD getting involved.

If CCP didn’t want stealing to happen, they’d have made it so you can’t open someone else’s can. Get used to it 😉


The difference between you and me is that you look to steal from others. I would never even consider it. Your actions gain you no respect. And in my world, respect matters. Just because the game allows it doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the temptation.

Consider this. If there were only your kind in the game, there would be no game.


Why should I care? It’s a game. I can cheat, lie, scam, betray, kill and pillage. Apparently you are unable to distinguish between the real world and the online world?

If there were only men on the planet, there’d be no people. But just like your example, it’s a useless point. There *always* will be clueless people like you who think “honor” and “respect” matter in a game about internet spaceships.

Go back to WoW or Hello Kitty Online.


I didn’t expect my comments to change your mind about your gameplay. And it didn’t. So be it. But hopefully one day you’ll realize that honor and respect always matter, regardless of the situation.

The end.

Yes folks, always remember: Computer games are the same as the real world.

JerkTengu Goes Down: An Important Lesson for Ninjas

Posted in Combat, Ninja Salvaging, The More You Know on February 12, 2010 by paul

Tonight I warped back to a mission bookmark that I had salvaged/looted at a while earlier. It had been closed and cleared, but just as I arrived in my Dramiel, the MR, Soban Vuex, landed in a Vexor and locked me. He didn’t have any aggro on me by this point, so he dropped a can for me to take from. Of course, I wasn’t going to risk my 100M+ ISK Dramiel, but I did want to have some fun. I warped my Orca in, swapped to JerkTengu, took the can, and orbited the Vexor. No longer needed, I warped my Orca away.

This was shameless e-peen waving. I completely dismissed the danger posed by my enemy, and I was about to pay for it.

The Vexor fired. In my hubris, I figured that he was just throwing away a cruiser for laughs, or maybe that he thought I was still in the Dramiel. I locked him and started firing. Out of habit I hit my D-scan, and saw a Guardian RR ship approaching.

This, as they say, was Bad News Bears. Still, in my arrogance, my first thought was “Sweet! A Logistics Cruiser kill!”

The Guardian landed and started repairing and replenishing the Vexor, which was tanking me handily and neuting me to nothing while the Ogre II drones ripped through my shields, then my armor.

I tried to warp the Orca back for a lame-but-workable hotswap to a cheap frigate. The Orca landed, I opened the ship bay, I clicked to board a frigate…

I almost made it. In fact, the Orca ejected the frigate, but before my client could board it, my Tengu exploded.

Soban pulled off an awesome kill against a complacent opponent, using superior tactics to trap and destroy what should have been a vastly superior ship. I would have been proud to pull off a stunt like that. Soban Vuex, my friend, I salute you for excellent work and a lesson well learned!

That lesson, for the benefit of Bait-and-Gank griefers, is this: Never fight any battle against an enemy who knows you’re coming. Never, ever, wait for an enemy to come to you. If you’re in a fair fight, you’ve done something wrong. As a ganker, your primary advantages are your superior equipment (picked to exploit holes in MR defenses) and complete surprise of an unsuspecting enemy. When you allow your opponent to dictate the terms of the fight, you negate your advantages and open yourself up to clever traps.

I’ve already bought and fitted another JerkTengu, and I only lost 15 hours of training time from the loss. It’s not a huge loss, but it’s big enough that I’ll remember my hubris and what it cost. Hopefully, you’ll remember too.

Now get out there and gank some carebears!

Tyr Anasaze should have stayed in Andromeda

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears, Ninja Salvaging on February 9, 2010 by khalia

[See Tyr Anasazi for the title reference.]

Captain Charismatic probes out a Dominix, loots, and gets shot at. He calls in backup and Zarago and I respond. Using the full advantage of our fleet, I go to the mission site in a Covops.

Tyr arrives a few moments later and starts shooting NPCs again. I slow-boat over to him for a warp in, but he takes off as I get close (still cloaked). We discover that he has a corpmate sitting on the undock of our station in an Incursus. We figure the game is up by now, and Charismatic’s agro timer runs out. But Tyr returns and keeps missioning. Charismatic comes back to loot once again, and the Incursus follows him around but never actually fires. Eventually they warp off again. We wait.

They come back. I warp off for a salvage frig. I come back and start looting. Tyr locks me and opens fire. Why he did this with the Dominix and not his corpmate is beyond me, but it was a stupid move. Charismatic runs around to keep them distracted while I go for the Gank Abbadon. As I’m getting ready to undock, Charismatic receives fire and goes off for the Raven.

So by this point I figure this guy can’t be this stupid and is aligning for warp as I start my warp to him. Nope, he’s an idiot. A few seconds later he is pointed and getting pounded by lasers and neuts. I take out his drones one by one as his armor fades. He’s 25% into armor when Charismatic arrives and starts unloading torpedoes on him. Zarago is there for RR just as soon. Not that it’s necessary…

He opens a convo when he is at 50% hull and asks to give ransom. Seriously, dude? Even if I stopped now the 6 battleship NPCs still firing on you would kill you, and Charismatic’s torps would rape you before I told him to stop firing. Fail.

[04:20:34] Tyr Anasaze > are you going to take a bounty?
[04:20:40] Khalia Nestune > not at this point
[04:20:45] Khalia Nestune > should have tried earlier

His Dominix goes away. We grab his stuff and reap delicious tears.

[04:20:58] Tyr Anasaze > ah well guess the world needs assholes to ninja loot
[04:21:05] Tyr Anasaze > i did i asked in local
[04:21:12] Khalia Nestune > You learned not to shoot 😉
[04:21:18] Khalia Nestune > Or I hope you did!
[04:21:30] Tyr Anasaze > ya well what can you do with pussy assholes that ninja loot

In local:

[ 2010.02.10 04:28:55 ] Khalia Nestune > Yo Tyr, you fit a Large Repper and a Medium Repper to your Domi? I can send you some ISK for “How Not To Fail Fit, For Dummies’
[ 2010.02.10 04:29:52 ] Captain Charismatic > Tyr… stolen name from a show…
[ 2010.02.10 04:30:54 ] Tyr Anasaze > well then send me some isk bitch boy it took 2 of you to gank me

[ 2010.02.10 04:31:25 ] Captain Charismatic > Lol, khal could have managed it alone perfectly… you were retarded enough to shoot at me… why not come back
[ 2010.02.10 04:31:56 ] Khalia Nestune > heh yeah you were well into hull before he started shooting
[ 2010.02.10 04:32:00 ] Tyr Anasaze > what ever i am not going to argue with kids in local
[ 2010.02.10 04:32:12 ] Captain Charismatic > Kids… lol.
[ 2010.02.10 04:32:44 ] Khalia Nestune > Tear Capacitor: [E——-!F]
[ 2010.02.10 04:32:50 ] Captain Charismatic > 🙂
[ 2010.02.10 04:33:05 ] Amrasco Valor > i like that
[ 2010.02.10 04:33:06 ] Captain Charismatic > Thank you Tear, I mean Tyr… you have fueld our ships

Shoopusmawhoopus Infiltrates Corp, Steals Orca, Kills Retrievers, Pods

Posted in Capers, Delicious Tears, Duffers on February 7, 2010 by paul

Great post over at Rifter Experiences by Shoopusmahwhoopus, who I understand is getting started on the bait-and-gank and griefer lifestyle. With three days and just a couple hours of work, he robbed a new-ish carebear corp blind, including the Orca they had just purchased for their CEO to use. Shoopus says that his conscience is yelling at him, but he needs to understand that by burning these carebears early, he actually saved them from a much larger grief later when their assets have grown. To give out director-level access to someone you just met, and give them the most valuable asset you have only a couple of days later requires an incredibly foolish amount of trust.

The post includes a video of the hangar-cleaning and ganks. I highly recommend the blog.