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Goldangel and Luckyduce Shoot at Paul Clavet, Pay in Blood

Posted in Combat, Duffers, Ninja Salvaging, Video on December 28, 2009 by paul

Upside: I figured out what was causing the stupidly poor video quality, and have fixed it.
Downside: I seem to have had some issues with the final compilation, probably related to having to use intermediate steps in the encoding process which shouldn’t be needed now that I know what’s going on. There’s places where the video freezes for a moment or repeats part of the clip. The worst is a repeat of about a minute that I didn’t catch in my hurried editing, but it’s of a CNR getting pewed, so it’s worth it.

I welcome comments on the video. ANYWAY.

I’ve done my scan, and one of my hits is a CNR. I arrive to find said CNR, as well as a Dominix and salvage/loot Exequror. They’re several rooms in and have all but a couple of the wrecks taken care of. I salvage and loot one wreck, and, not figuring on getting any love, warp away.

As I’m aligning, the CNR targets me and fires. Crazy.

As I head to get JerkRaven, I do a little research and find that both BS pilots are 2004 characters. This is always either very good (alts of a single player) or very bad (roommates, family, or friends that play very closely together).

In this case, it appears to have been alts of the same player, who was mostly AFK. As you can see in the video, it didn’t turn out well for him. He turned down my convo request, and right after the fight I tried to contact both players, only to get the following:

Naeleros MKII Meets JerkRaven

Posted in Combat, Ninja Salvaging, Video on December 25, 2009 by paul

This is a no-frills Hyperion gank, but I wanted to make sure that everyone knew I was still alive and playing a bit. The quality should be improved this time around, but I feel there are still improvements to be made. I will continue to play with the settings for the next one.

I didn’t get any tears from Naeleros. In fact, he seemed like a genuinely friendly guy who figured I would be coming back and wanted to try his hand at some PvP. Of course, tanked for his damage and fit to exploit his resist holes, my Raven tore through his ship like drucore through dignity. Turns out he’d just reactivated his account after one of many breaks he’s taken from Eve. Hang in there, man. Eve is the greatest MMO ever published, but it is unforgiving and the learning curve is steep. I recommend taking some Agony Unleashed classes next time you want to learn about PvP, rather than picking fights with gank Ravens flown by Jerks. Good luck!

In the Distance, a Deep Rumbling is Heard…

Posted in Capers on December 24, 2009 by paul

Mark your calendars. January 7 through January 14 will be Hulkageddon II, an Eve-wide concerted effort to teach carebears not to AFK mine, via suicide ganking.

I will be out of town for most of the festivities, but I made my mark by donating 200M ISK to the prize pool. If you’ve got some extra ISK or ships lying around, please consider donating to the cause!

And remember that you don’t have to be part of a large griefer corporation to participate and win prizes. There’s lots of smaller “achievement” prizes to award those who pursue quality in their ganks instead of quantity. Of course, you’ll also be adding to the stats for the entire campaign, which makes the whole endeavor that much more epic.

Pirate E-honor Whining: U Mad?

Posted in E-honor on December 23, 2009 by paul

One of the few Eve bloggers on my RSS feed is a pirate by the name of Hallan Turrek, who writes for A Merry Life and a Short One. He recently posted an entry about E-honor entitled Giving In:

Honor isn’t something to be poked fun at. I see folks making jokes about the kinds of people that use real world principles in an online game. E-Honor they call it.

I don’t use real world principles in an online game, I use real world principles.

Hallan, do you also refuse to bluff in poker because you’re an honest person?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If CCP wanted to create a game in which formal ransoms and duels were possible, they would have codified it in the rules of Eve Online. Instead, they made a cold, hard sandbox where there is no single ultimate objective and a player can actualize himself in any way he wants. If you look at the original retail packaging for the game, you’ll see that one of the selling points is that Eve is a world where deceit and treachery is always a possibility on every level of player interaction.

I’m sick and tired of the artificial constructs that are the “1v1” and the “ransom” being held aloft as unwritten rules that should be followed by all, under pain of social ostracism. It’s no more valid than my demanding that all ninja salvagers should loot if they want to follow the One True Way, or declaring that it’s obvious that those who run missions are obviously cowards in real life. There’s a nugget of distaste on my part for both those cases, but they pay their subscriptions and play the game they want to play. Not only is it not my place to call for a codification of my preferences, but to imply that they are of a lower ethical or intellectual quality out-of-game because of their in-game persona would make me a real-life asshole.

Now, if a player wants to honor ransoms, and build their reputation and that of themselves to the point of being able to integrate the trust of victims to honor such ransoms into their business model, then I salute them. With no in-game rules to ensure their honesty, to have their reputation developed to the point that people just hand them money in exchange for some words in a chat window is quite an accomplishment.

THAT makes sense. Trust is earned, not granted by default. Such a business model works great for pirates like Hallan, but I exist in Eve almost exclusively for the purpose of tricking carebears into doing something foolish and then causing them to lose something they weren’t really wanting to risk. By the time I’ve landed in a mission and warp scrambled a PvE battleship, my hand has been played, and it’s highly unlikely that the victim will ever fall for my ruse again. In my case, why on earth would I do anything other than take the victim for as much as I possibly can?

What’s that? Because I’m supposed to be a good and honest person IRL? Well, if that’s the standard, would a truly honorable person trap and kill a battleship wandering into lowsec to run a mission or do some ratting? It’s an unfair question, right? I mean, the victim of the pirate should have known the risks before he ventured into low/nullsec.

But let’s keep the question in play. If you think it’s OK for you to victimize the ignorant or careless, and your in-game standards are identical to your out-of-game standards, then you certainly wouldn’t have any moral obligation to return a purse left under a seat in your subway car, right?

My point here is pretty obvious. You can poo-poo the “it’s just a game” line, but it really is just. a. game. The rules are different because everyone either knows or should know coming into it that because their character and assets exist only as bits on a server in Iceland, anything that someone else does to those bits within the formal Terms of Service is fair game. You can either accept that reality and come play in the sandbox, or go to another game where people are mandated by the rules of the game to be nice to the folks they’re hacking to death.

I respect that some folks play differently. That’s just not me, and I hope we can see more respect for my kind of mindset in the future.

I honor ransoms. I honor duels. I do what I say I’m going to do. If I don’t, I can’t pretend it’s just my character doing it, because I know better.

In the first line, you claim to respect those who don’t adhere to your arbitrary in-game morality standard. In the next line, you imply that the ethics of the avatar are inseparable from those of the player. That doesn’t sound much like respect to me, it sounds like an attempt to make yourself feel better about your judgmental attitude and double-standard.

You might not agree, but leave me alone about it.

Good Day

Sorry, but those who live in glass houses (blogs) shouldn’t throw stones (moral judgements) and expect to escape unscathed.

Here’s a tip that actually does apply equally well in-game and out-of-game: When someone points out a double standard in your code of ethics, it’s usually a good idea to stop making moral judgements until you have that sorted out.

Merry Christmas!

Lost In Space, Tears follow-up

Posted in Duffers, Wormholes on December 19, 2009 by khalia

I got back from dinner to see a Gallente Battleship wreck and two corpses on the d-scanner. =)

After scooping the corpses and salvaging the wreck, I opened a conversation up with Roniki. He turns out to be very, very noob, but not talking smack like his friend. I had to take a little pity and give him some advice.

[ 2009.12.20 02:55:29 ] Roniki > hello
[ 2009.12.20 02:55:31 ] Khalia Nestune > thanks for the corpses!
[ 2009.12.20 02:55:39 ] Roniki > lol
[ 2009.12.20 02:55:42 ] Khalia Nestune > that brings our total up to 15

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Lost In Space: The Tears

Posted in Delicious Tears, Wormholes on December 19, 2009 by khalia

Woke up today to my WH to find a Megathron and a Zephyr on scan. Scanned down the mega pretty quickly, and as I arrived cloaked I found the Zephyr arrived too. Went and got into my 100km+ sniper Apoc, returned, killed the Zephyr in seconds and then pewed at the Mega until he warped off. Second Zephyr kill for me! o/

Then, local comes alive.

tl;dr version: Attempted ransom. Much tears ensue. Targets eventually logoff, and will provide more tears when they log back on.


[ 2009.12.19 23:18:41 ] Roniki > OH PLZ im begging you let me out!!!

[ 2009.12.19 23:19:29 ] Tyier Estameine > you guys are ASSHOLES

[ 2009.12.19 23:23:05 ] Roniki > PLEASE LISTEN TO ME HOW MUCH WILL IT COST FOR ME TO GET OUT!?

[ 2009.12.19 23:27:23 ] Roniki > cuz i can go to eve seller and buy 200 mil and give you some
[ 2009.12.19 23:27:30 ] Khalia Nestune > o rly?

[ 2009.12.19 23:23:06 ] Tyier Estameine > you guys are the biggest motherfucking douchebags on the face of this plantet

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Tales from W-Space

Posted in Wormholes on December 16, 2009 by khalia

Around about 2 months ago, I jumped from Suddenly Ninjas and into a new corp I created for wormhole operations. Several good blogs – my favorite is Eve Wormholes – got me excited about the prospects of profit and pew-pew potential.

Here’s the short version: Setting yourself up in W-space is a lot of work. Level 4 missions are a lot easier for the money. On the other hand, the experience is much more interesting. I am now experienced in how POSes are setup, fueled, and defended; how to turn w-space gas into polymers and polymers+salvage into components (full T3 subsystems “soon”); running my own research labs; and building ships from blueprints.

Your experience living in w-space is dictated to a large part by what type of ‘static’ exit WH you have. Most low-class WHs (mainly C1/C2) will always have a direct exit to low-sec or hi-sec space. We lived in a C2 that had exits to low-sec Amarr space most of the time. A hi-sec exit means you can easily procure more supplies. It also means significant traffic in your system from people looking for PvP action or to run your sites. A low-sec exit means less traffic, and some ability to get supplies and transport goods out, at increased risk. Scouting worked well for us.

The C3 we have moved into only has one static exit – to 0.0. This makes life very interesting for us. We receive very little traffic, but getting to empire space is risky; unless we happen to open into CVA space. I had to make a 30+ trip through 0.0 a few nights ago, and it took me over two hours. Logistics become critical. We stockpile months of fuel for our towers. Multiple ships for PvE (sleepers) and PvP. BPOs/BPCs for things we need often (ammo, drones) and arrays to build them. Tons of extra fittings, and as many modules as you can cram in, to have a library to work from. One bonus of opening to 0.0 space is that we can go ratting for a few extra ISK.

Our usual way to get out to empire is through a connecting wormhole to ours, which then has a low or hi-sec exit. This happens perhaps once a week to once every two weeks, depending on luck. Once found, there is a mad scramble to haul goods in and out before the wormhole closes.

The PvP experience out here is unpredictable and usually with a lot of skirmishes instead of pitched battles. With delayed local, no one ever uses it, and so dscan and probes are your only way to notice other players. Early into our w-space stay we found a Harbinger and Hurricane running a sleeper site. We probed them down and dropped in with our PvP ships; the Harbinger got away but the Hurricane was popped. No tears – never really see any tears.

In another event, I was attempting to ‘choke’ a wormhole to 0.0 – bring it down to critical mass to dissuade people from coming through – and was spotted by the locals. They brought over 15 ships in, and I was getting prepared for a POS defense. Apparently they tried to run a site and failed, or someone ganked another one, because a wreck and a pod showed up on dscan, followed by them all leaving. =) We’ve also attempted to set up gate camps in our 0.0 systems, without much success. The people traveling through these areas are usually in greater numbers and force then the 2-3 of us.

I’d recommend the WH experience if you are good at long-term planning, will not go crazy without local, and are willing to sink a lot of time into the game. The profit has been good – we’ve collected several billion. If you’re like me, you’ll plow most of it back into your POS and ships. This is not for everyone, but it can be quite enjoyable.

Tearful Taste: The Legi0n

Posted in Delicious Tears on December 13, 2009 by paul

From: The Legi0n
Sent: 2009.12.13 20:46
To: Paul Clavet,

fuck you you little bitch. go farm your own shit it would take the same ammount of time
fuck your worthless life you cock jouster.

100M Bounty on Drucore’s Hulk

Posted in Duffers on December 12, 2009 by paul

Remember drucore? Well, someone tipped me off to the following:


I am offering a 100M bounty on drucore’s hulk.

I am open to the thought of bounties on other ships he flies, but I don’t want to make myself vulnerable to insurance schemes. Input welcome in comments.