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Dominion skill changes…

Posted in The More You Know on November 30, 2009 by michella

Or: Old farts shaking fists at the those darned kids and how they have it better

So there I was grinding away at work (not really I was reading eve blogs and ducking my boss) and Mynxee went and made me hijack Paul’s blog and write a post(not really I just thought a 5-6 paragraph comment reply would be a bit much)…Mynxee’s Post.

So, CCP decided that some career fields might be a bit too long a wait for new players and have reduced the skill requirement in Dominion. This is both a good and a bad thing from my personal perspective, which I’ll go into now.


It’s great for what I like to call the “Fridge Effect”, and by that I mean finding a way to keep your new, fresh meat (new players)…well fresh. CCP introduced exploration and salvaging as new “mini-professions” to keep us (the players) from going stagnant on mining/missioning/pvp. As we all know, stagnant meat tastes bad, and stagnant players stop playing. So, in an attempt to increase the retention rate of newer players, CCP has downsized some of the skill requirements for these skill sets. Which again, I’m ok with. I fully endorse bringing in more meat to eve. Ninjas need missionbears, Pirates need targets, and Super-Alliances need pets.


A long long time ago (not really) I decided to fly bombers. This was back when you could fit a few cruise launchers to a manticore and harass a gate from 200k+ away. That sounded like about the most dick-move thing in the game at the time, so I went all in. So well over 5M SP down the line I had near perfect bomber skills and then, two weeks later the bomber changes came through and I was stuck with about 2M SP of worthless, unrecoverable missionbear missile skills (read: no, I don’t wanna fly a sniper BS, it’s not the same thing).

This is the part where all the new guys are saying “wow that sucks”, and all the old farts are stuck nodding as they, like myself just resigned ourselves to that loss and just try to act like it’s not there. So, being the selfish person that I am, I feel everyone should have to endure disgustingly long skill timers to accomplish something just like I did, only to be slapped in the face a few months down the line by the trout of impartial game designers.

Common Ground:

So, here’s my proposal; CCP can drop skill requirements on anything they want and in return, to the people who would be adversely affected by this change, or at least a little put out at wasted SP, CCP gives everyone a skill respec timer that would work like our current attribute respec timer. This pretty much makes everyone happy. The new players get easier skills, veteran players receive the same allowance and if you have some skills which you currently find useless (Mining 4 owners, you know who you are) it solves that too.

If this went through, and to use Mynxee’s example (newbs in carriers), I completely endorse newbs flying carriers at racial BS3, Adv Ship 3 and Science 3. Why you ask? One, failfit carrier + newb pilot = win. Two, as long as I’m not stuck w/ something they no longer have to train, I can use those points for other things, gaining the tactical advantage that my time invested deserves, which I’m pretty sure we can all agree with.


Tearful Taste: Gunner Jake

Posted in Delicious Tears, Duffers on November 28, 2009 by paul

gunner jake > yo
Paul Clavet > o/
gunner jake > what cAN I DO FOR YOU MATEY
Paul Clavet > I didn’t ask you for anything
Paul Clavet > you opened this convo, not me
Paul Clavet > so what can *I* do for *you*?
Paul Clavet > Billy Mays, is that you?
gunner jake > SORRY WHO
Paul Clavet > Don’t toy with me, Mays. I know the gig.
gunner jake > NO I REALY ANIT
Paul Clavet > You oxy-cleaned your old identity by faking your death, and now you pass your days missionbearing in dodixie
gunner jake > SORRY MY NAME IS ASH
Paul Clavet > maybe now it is
gunner jake > ?
Paul Clavet > that’s the plan, billy
gunner jake > LOL
Paul Clavet > mmmm hmmmm

(I saunter up to a transport ship and take 10 Crystal Egg. Note: NOT the mission objective.)

gunner jake > HY COME ON
Paul Clavet > What?
Paul Clavet > what things?
Paul Clavet > Sorry, I need those

(Now I get it: These fall out of the last NPC to die, not the transport ships. As he kills the last BS, I take the mission item.)

gunner jake > y
gunner jake > this my mission not yours
Paul Clavet > my salvage agent gave me this bookmark
gunner jake > well cant you just give me the viraul agent
Paul Clavet > sorry, you’ll have to try to catch me
gunner jake > what
gunner jake > come on be fair
Paul Clavet > Confiscated Viral Agent
Paul Clavet > how much will you give me for them?
gunner jake > you’ve helped yourself to all me loot i think that payment
Paul Clavet > It seems to me that you aren’t in a position to dictate those terms
gunner jake > i am just asking you to be fair with me plz
Paul Clavet > 10 million ISK would be fair
gunner jake > whats fair about you robbing my loot
Paul Clavet > Seems to me that you’re the only one not satisfied here
Paul Clavet > maybe the problem is you
gunner jake > lol
gunner jake > but it is my mission tho
Paul Clavet > Like I said, my salvage agent sent me here
Paul Clavet > so it’s my mission too
Paul Clavet > I can’t help that you’re slow
gunner jake > welif you give the agent plz it means we both can complete our missions

(I drop a piece of ammo in a can 60km away from Jake’s Dominix. He starts burning very slowly toward it. He does not have an AB.)

Paul Clavet > there
Paul Clavet > take them
gunner jake > thank u

(I close convo and warp off.)

Note: Gunner Jake is a 2005 character.

Thoughts on Why We Play

Posted in When RL Invades on November 10, 2009 by paul

When I had a boring, non-stressful, lazy desk job, all I wanted to do is come home and play Eve.

Now that I’ve got a job which is physically, mentally, and psychologically demanding, all I want to do is come home and crash until it’s time to go in again.

Updates may be light for a while.

It’s Quiet. Too Quiet.

Posted in When RL Invades on November 7, 2009 by paul

Sorry for my vanishing act during the last week or so. I’ve started a new job and it’s kicking my ass here at the beginning.

I’ve not been completely gone, but the things I’ve been working on (infiltration work, etc) can’t be blogged.

While you wait for me to pick my salvagers back up, I encourage you to drop by and leave an encouraging note for Unity Exploration, the blog of another player following my business model. Good stuff so far!

Academia-Flavored Tears

Posted in Delicious Tears, When RL Invades on November 3, 2009 by paul

I thought that one of the more recent comments deserved front-page attention.

You are really a worthless sack of shit, that you prey on other people and laugh at them? I realize it’s a game but honestly? You’re not a douchebag, you’re much, much, much worse. You’re like a playground bully who revels in abusing people because you know something they don’t.

Thanks! And hey, welcome to Eve!

I really wish the people who make real life threats on you would follow through, I’m pretty sure the real world would be a better place. I hope you don’t get married, there is no way in hell you are already (if you were you’re definitely divorced), because your kids will have a shit time.

Three things:

  1. Wishing RL harm on people while commenting on someone else’s blog, keep in mind that WordPress by default reports IP address and hostname in comment summaries. Please don’t say things you wouldn’t say in front of, oh, a member of the MIT administration, who might be interested in knowing what is being posted from campus housing.
  2. I am very, very happily married. My wife thinks you’re hilariously insecure, by the way.
  3. In real life, I am a paragon of lawful virtue. I also usually have a firearm on my person. It seems that in a lot of ways, we’re just as unlike each other as you say.

It’s okay because it isn’t real? I can be an asshole because it’s not my actual life? I just don’t know what to say man…I love EVE for the PvP, fucking gets me going always, but preying on those who don’t know and are just trying to enjoy themselves?

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. Yes. And I’m not ruining your fun. You are.

It’s like I’m watching a movie, and this bitchmade 3 yr old comes and starts yelling. He has no parents, nobody is watching him, and he’s just being an asshole. I move him away from me. He comes back. I do it again. He comes back again. At this point and time I’m just fucking pissed off so I hit the kid and say don’t come back. You then immediately run out of the place you were hiding waiting for me hit your kid and scream IM THE FUCKING PARENT DONT HIT MY KID and procede to hit me, then tell whoever comes and is in charge “he hit my kid.” Really?

Who is the sociopath, again?

What’s worse is that all the isk you make you dont’ really funnel into anything useful…you just sort of use it to perpetuate you being a soulless, pathetic, no-talent hackjob.

The game is about ISK to you? No wonder you don’t have any fun.

Warning: Using CCP in a scam is uncool.

Posted in The More You Know on November 1, 2009 by paul

I received this a few hours ago from “Eve System”:

2009.11.01 16:02
This is an official warning for using CCP in an ingame scam. We do not condone using our name in a scam. The offensive text is here, where you falsly claim CCP confiscated your ISK: “[ 2009.10.27 01:27:04 ] Paul Clavet The money is gone. I got an email saying that it was confiscated because the person who gave it to me bought it via RMT ” “[ 2009.10.27 01:44:37 ] Paul Clavet that’s what I was told when CCP took it “

This is related to this blog post, where I convinced Transfixion members that their CEO had improperly acquired the ISK that they paid me to go away, and made them pay it again.

There are not many rules in Eve, but apparently I broke one of them and received a warning for it. Note that CCP did NOT confiscate the ISK in question, nor was returning it ever suggested. I wish to be above reproach, however, so I am returning the money voluntarily.

It is my intention to continue to push the limits of carebear griefing in Eve, but I would not enjoy the game if I was playing with tactics that CCP have defined as unfair.

The purpose of this post is to make two things clear:

  1. Claiming actions by CCP that never took place is considered, if not in the TOS but at least by one GM, a breach of the rules.
  2. I am a douchebag, but I play within the rules.