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Not Our Finest Hour

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears, The More You Know, Wormholes on August 22, 2011 by khalia

It had already been a long day for me working a 12-hour shift with my volunteer ambulance service and then having dinner with my grandparents. When I got home Paul, who is going into his weekend, was up for doing wormholes sites. I had scanned down a C2 while I was waiting for him to finish his dinner, and then we ran all of those anoms.

Back in our C3, we started going through the single anom and radar/magneto sites; we’d been talking on Skype for hours and things were getting silly (Paul’s new musical hit coming soon to this blog – stay tuned). We were running with four Drakes and our Thanatos carrier. Then Paul’s terse announcement: “Legion coming in!”. The Legion pointed the carrier as we tried to decide what to do.

Unfortunately we didn’t have many options as directional scanner showed a small fleet – which arrived on scene a few moments later. Three Dominix, a Dominix Navy Issue, an Abbadon, a Typhoon, and a Damnation. We quickly realized their target was the Thanatos as they pointed it and threw all their firepower into it. We were initially hopeful that my flight of 11 fighters and some additional ships could break their tanks… but they had an excellent spider tank setup, and despite best efforts, no amount of fighters and ship DPS we had on hand was going to work for us.

When it was clear that eventually they were going to break the Thanatos tank – it was fit for resists and reps, but against this much DPS it wasn’t going to last – we started trying to get ships out from the carrier bay. We ended up losing a Devoter and a Drake, but we got other ships safely out.

The bad guys attempted a ransom – which we obviously weren’t going to take – but we tried to stall for time by counter-offering:

[06:03:39] bumnz > 500 mil we let ya go
[06:03:49] bumnz > clock is ticking
[06:03:56] Marius Atilla > moo
[06:03:56] bumnz > tick tock
[06:06:00] Marius Atilla > better hurry mate
[06:06:13] Marius Atilla > u bout to die
[06:06:16] PaIIadium > lol
[06:06:20] PaIIadium > not today
[06:07:30] PaIIadium > busy hole you got here
[06:07:42] Radjax > for a minute
[06:07:50] Markus El’kar > 400
[06:08:01] Marius Atilla > deal
[06:08:01] bumnz > ok 400
[06:08:06] bumnz > send to me
[06:08:09] Paul Clavet > logging on an alt
[06:08:22] PaIIadium > whats going on in here?
[06:08:40] Paul Clavet > to get the money
[06:08:41] PaIIadium > a ransom perhaps?
[06:08:52] Paul Clavet > ya

With the Thanatos going into hull, I started the self-destruct timer. If I was going to lose a carrier, I was going to at least get my base insurance payment out of it. Of course the bad guys didn’t like this, leading to some amusing tears:

[06:10:33] Syl Kougai > So you’re going to SD instead of take it like a man? That’ll be good in your blog.
[06:10:34] PaIIadium > that things taking a beating
[06:11:13] Markus El’kar > Insurance.
[06:11:24] GodfreyOfIbelin > i didn’t know wh’s had stations
[06:11:32] Markus El’kar > They don’t. I still get 262m for it.
[06:11:57] Markus El’kar > I have to say I’m impressed what a group of RR Domis can do; nicely played
[06:12:15] Syl Kougai > Be sure to blog about how you sd’d like a bitch.
[06:12:19] bumnz > for selfdestructing im gona leave my alt in here
[06:12:30] bumnz > put that in ya blog and smoke it
[06:12:31] GodfreyOfIbelin > bunch of pussies
[06:12:38] Paul Clavet > lol pirate tears
[06:12:42] Markus El’kar > Deny you the kill and get money back? Yeah, clearly I’m the dumb one =)

The ship self destructed around the 50% hull mark and we warped away; we lost no pods, which was a small blessing. The insurance payment was indeed worth it, and denying them a killmail and drops was added bonus. I would have done it just for the insurance money in any case.

From: Secure Commerce Commission
Sent: 2011.08.22 06:11

RefID:1003045796452 Your friendly insurance company has transferred 262,052,019.20 ISK into your account for the recent loss of your ship. This payout is the default payout for an uninsured ship. If you are interested in better insurance then please visit a station with an Insurance Service for further details.

The resulting smack talk was amusing, considering that we admit they played a nice trap, and that we had failed to do a good job keeping an eye on what was going on.

[06:12:56] Marius Atilla > well you did get caught
[06:12:58] Marius Atilla > so, yeah
[06:13:00] Marius Atilla > you are
[06:13:03] Paul Clavet > Very well sprung trap though, gents
[06:13:09] Syl Kougai > Well
[06:13:12] Syl Kougai > Was worth the try.
[06:13:44] Paul Clavet > yep, well executed
[06:18:22] bumnz > see ya tomo
[06:21:48] rockpoker >
[06:21:55] rockpoker > dont forget to update
[06:25:12] rockpoker > any gf gf peace out
[06:25:21] rockpoker > anyway**
[06:26:24] Khalia Nestune > Oh, we will.

Paul and I spent a good while analyzing our billion-ISK lost. What did we do wrong, what could we have done differently, and what lessons did we learn? Paul will have another post shortly with his own perspective from being in law enforcement.

The primary lesson here was that we got complacent, and in EVE when you get complacent, you die. We should have left the Thanatos just outside the POS and assigned the fighters. I had been doing this most of the time, but for radar and magnetometic sites the additional RR from the carrier and agro onto the carrier was useful. Useful it was, but it left the carrier too vulnerable. Secondly, we did not put sentries on the wormholes in our system; or at least the wormhole from the high security static entrance. We had been doing this recently, but in our rush to get the sites done, we again got complacent and assumed nothing would happen. Tiredness and impatience are a bad combination.

Discussion of what we could have done differently was limited. Really once they had sprung the trap our fate was sealed; there was little we could have done with our on-hand ships against their spider tank setup. Our own set of RR fit battleships, complemented by the carrier RR, might have forced a different outcome, or a draw. Aside from this there was little we could do.

Paul and I have both suffered losses we consider more “dumb”, from a “I can’t believe I lost that ship” point of view, and this wasn’t even the most expensive ship I’d ever lost (a faction-fit Tengu holds that ‘honor’), but it was a sharp reminder that to let down your guard is to invite disaster. You can be sure it isn’t a lesson we will ignore.

Pay More Attention To Your Own Warnings

Posted in Wormholes on August 13, 2011 by khalia

Our C3 wormhole is usually quiet; I was running the few cosmic anomalies we get every day. This involves triple-boxing with two Drakes and a Thanatos. The Thanatos sits just outside a POS shield and assigns fighters to the Drakes, and this gets through C3 sites agreeably fast.

With the latest site finished I swapped out one of the Drakes for a Noctis. I was thinking that eventually I’d lose either it, or one of the Drakes: “In wormhole space, you have to accept that eventually you’re going to lose a ship or a pod. I should write a blog post about that; it’s been a few days since my last update.”

Apparently I hadn’t gotten the memo, re: DON’T TEMPT FATE. A few minutes later a Sabre warped into the anom, popped a bubble, and promptly started shooting my Noctis. I then did a bad thing: I panicked and warped my Drake out. If I had stayed and shot the Sabre things might have worked out differently. By the time I realized this, and tried to warp the Drake back, the Sabre pilot had popped the Noctis, and then my pod. I woke up in a station I had forgotten I had ever set as home; been quite a while since I got podded.

2011.08.14 02:21:00

Victim: Khalia Nestune
Corp: Suddenly Ninjas
Alliance: Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Noctis
System: [deleted]
Security: -1.0
Damage Taken: 8611

Involved parties:

Name: [deleted] (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.8
Corp: Manpower Inc.
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Sabre
Weapon: 150mm Light AutoCannon II
Damage Done: 8611

Destroyed items:

Modified Fluid Router, Qty: 4 (Cargo)
Electromechanical Hull Sheeting, Qty: 21 (Cargo)
Sleeper Data Library, Qty: 2 (Cargo)
Small Tractor Beam I
Neural Network Analyzer, Qty: 10 (Cargo)
Ancient Coordinates Database (Cargo)
Cap Recharger II
Salvager I, Qty: 4
Sleeper Drone AI Nexus (Cargo)
Fused Nanomechanical Engines, Qty: 2 (Cargo)
Medium Salvage Tackle I, Qty: 3

Dropped items:

Sleeper Data Library, Qty: 16 (Cargo)
Small Tractor Beam I, Qty: 2
Neural Network Analyzer, Qty: 8 (Cargo)
Reinforced Metal Scraps, Qty: 13 (Cargo)
Ancient Coordinates Database, Qty: 5 (Cargo)
Heuristic Selfassemblers (Cargo)
Salvager I
10MN Afterburner I
Powdered C-540 Graphite, Qty: 10 (Cargo)

Meanwhile, I had warped the Thanatos, thinking I might be able to at least shoot him with Fighters. A long shot as he could just warp off. Which he did, but not until almost out of hull.

Lessons? I already said, you’ll lose a ship eventually. I had been on d-scan and there were no probes, so I assume our Sabre pilot had scanned for anoms with his on-board scanner, found the single one left, and warped in. My backup Noctis is now fit with a shield booster to last a bit longer for help to arrive.

Loss of a Noctis and fittings is about 65m. I use Drakes for the same reason – if I lose one, it’s not more than about 70m total for hull + rigs + fittings. Two anom sites cover that. Thankfully for me, the Sabre pilot left most of the loot, and when I finished salvaging the wrecks, I got enough more drops to cover a Noctis and fittings.

Sadly I lost the 70 million ISK bounty on my clone that I’d had for over a year. I’d kept it around mainly as a running count of bear tears. Grats, Sabre pilot, you earned it.

He’s Stuck In The Bargaining Phase

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears, Wormholes on August 4, 2011 by khalia

Another quiet day in my w-space system. An inventory of cosmic signatures turns up a K162 connection to a Class 2 with a single Minmatar Large Control Tower. That w-space system turns out to have a connection to high security space. I switch over to another client for a few minutes. When I come back to my scanner I discover a Brutix on directional scanner, and core scanner probes.

Inhabitant or transient from hi-sec? I warp to the sun at 50km, planning to use that as a start point for finding him by directional scanner. Imagine my surprise when I pop out of warp nearly on top of the Brutix. He’s motionless, not aligned to anything, and popping out probes. Targets don’t come much easier than this. I get my main logged – she’s got a PvP fit Legion for these types of encounters.

I mash on dscan as the Legion warps toward the Brutix but he is clearly oblivious. I get a point on him, fire up the lasers and neut, and settle into an orbit. The shields vanish, but his armor tank holds on at 80%, so I wait for the neut to drain him out. No return fire. Then the comm system activates with a hail from the pilot. I accept.

[ 2011.08.04 20:14:54 ] Coreemo > please
[ 2011.08.04 20:14:56 ] Coreemo > dont kill me
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:00 ] Khalia Nestune > why not?
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:04 ] Coreemo > i got trapped in here
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:14 ] Khalia Nestune > how much you willing to pay me?

Clearly not very bright – if he’s begging I’m pretty sure I can get some ISK out of him before popping his ship.

[ 2011.08.04 20:15:17 ] Coreemo > i’ll pay you 15 million
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:21 ] Khalia Nestune > 20
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:21 ] Coreemo > its all i got
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:33 ] Coreemo > ok. fine. 20
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:41 ] Coreemo > just stop please
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:50 ] Khalia Nestune > payment first
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:05 ] Coreemo > i don’t want to be duped though
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:09 ] Coreemo > i’ll show you that i can
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:10 ] Khalia Nestune > your call
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:13 ] Coreemo > i’ll do 5 mill first
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:31 ] Khalia Nestune > listen pal, you send the money or I pew the ship, your call
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:42 ] Coreemo > lead me to an exit, and i’ll pay the rest

Really? I don’t think so.

[ 2011.08.04 20:17:22 ] Khalia Nestune > how about you pay me
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:25 ] Khalia Nestune > and I don’t kill you
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:32 ] Coreemo > ok there
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:38 ] Coreemo > i payed the other 15mill
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:43 ] Coreemo > please let me go
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:47 ] Khalia Nestune > SUDDENLY BETRYAL

You knew this was coming, right?

[ 2011.08.04 20:17:52 ] Coreemo > please
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:54 ] Coreemo > dont
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:06 ] Coreemo > please
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:11 ] Coreemo > this is all i have 🙁

A very evil idea hatches. If he’s really lost, without his ship he’ll have to self-destruct his pod, and that means he loses both ship and implants.

[ 2011.08.04 20:18:17 ] Khalia Nestune > ok well
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:22 ] Khalia Nestune > eject from the ship
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:29 ] Khalia Nestune > I’ll lead you to the exit in your pod
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:36 ] Coreemo > but i need it
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:43 ] Coreemo > all my assests are this ship
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:43 ] Khalia Nestune > ok I blow it

[ 2011.08.04 20:19:06 ] Coreemo > please show some kindness
[ 2011.08.04 20:19:21 ] Khalia Nestune > well I did give you the option of ejecting
[ 2011.08.04 20:19:32 ] Khalia Nestune > without a ship you won’t be able to get out at all
[ 2011.08.04 20:19:36 ] Khalia Nestune > and will have to suicide your pod

By this time I’ve broken his tank and am chewing into hull. I turn off the lasers to give him some incentive.

[ 2011.08.04 20:19:59 ] Coreemo > ok…fine. lead me out. dont pop me
[ 2011.08.04 20:20:09 ] Khalia Nestune > eject

And by god, he ejects.

[ 2011.08.04 20:20:32 ] Khalia Nestune > ok, stay right there

At this point I was going to get an alt to grab the Brutix, but then I realize an even easier solution. His pod goes POP a few seconds later. I grab the Brutix; nothing amazing on it, but at least a decent T2 fit, if heavy on cap recharge.

Then I get some of the best begging and denial I’ve seen in a good long time.

[ 2011.08.04 20:21:11 ] Coreemo > you’re evil
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:30 ] Khalia Nestune > yep
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:32 ] Khalia Nestune > thanks for playing
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:39 ] Coreemo > can i please have my money back
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:41 ] Coreemo > you have my brut
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:43 ] Khalia Nestune > hmmmm
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:45 ] Khalia Nestune > no.
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:48 ] Coreemo > its worth more than the money
[ 2011.08.04 20:22:06 ] Khalia Nestune > you shouldn’t fly what you can’t afford to lose, you know
[ 2011.08.04 20:22:23 ] Coreemo > i didn’t know that wh was occupied
[ 2011.08.04 20:22:44 ] Khalia Nestune > occupied? I’m not even from that WH
[ 2011.08.04 20:22:55 ] Khalia Nestune > you’re a target in a WH, regardless
[ 2011.08.04 20:23:30 ] Coreemo > can you please at least give me my money back? show some sympathy? i know its pathetic to beg
[ 2011.08.04 20:23:40 ] Khalia Nestune > EVE is a nasty, dangerous, unfriendly, game. Even the devs say so.
[ 2011.08.04 20:23:59 ] Coreemo > I can see that
[ 2011.08.04 20:24:16 ] Khalia Nestune > You’ll get some small fame on tho
[ 2011.08.04 20:25:04 ] Coreemo > :/ thats just rubbing salt into the wound

[ 2011.08.04 20:25:33 ] Khalia Nestune > Nice brutix tho
[ 2011.08.04 20:25:48 ] Coreemo > ugh. it took me so much to build that
[ 2011.08.04 20:26:02 ] Khalia Nestune > probally don’t need so much cap recharge tho
[ 2011.08.04 20:26:24 ] Coreemo > i was using it for sleepers since they suck cap

[ 2011.08.04 20:27:44 ] Coreemo > well you have my ship for a trophy
[ 2011.08.04 20:27:54 ] Khalia Nestune > how much did you have in implants?
[ 2011.08.04 20:27:54 ] Coreemo > can i at least have my isk back?
[ 2011.08.04 20:28:16 ] Coreemo > about 10-15 million
[ 2011.08.04 20:28:28 ] Khalia Nestune > No, consider it a learning fee: You’ve learned that Eve is a dangerous place.
[ 2011.08.04 20:28:46 ] Coreemo > can i have half back?
[ 2011.08.04 20:28:51 ] Coreemo > i need something to rebuild with
[ 2011.08.04 20:28:54 ] Khalia Nestune > How long have you been doing this?
[ 2011.08.04 20:29:06 ] Coreemo > started not too long ago
[ 2011.08.04 20:29:39 ] Khalia Nestune > and you’ve been going into wspace alone? not very smart
[ 2011.08.04 20:29:53 ] Coreemo > well i had a drake inbound to assist
[ 2011.08.04 20:30:09 ] Coreemo > he was 4 jumps out when you decided to sneak up on me
[ 2011.08.04 20:30:20 ] Khalia Nestune > should have waited =)
[ 2011.08.04 20:30:30 ] Coreemo > should’ve, but didn’t
[ 2011.08.04 20:31:03 ] Khalia Nestune > The More You Know(tm)

[ 2011.08.04 20:31:50 ] Coreemo > Well can you help me get back on my feet somewhat at least? That was practically all i had
[ 2011.08.04 20:32:08 ] Khalia Nestune > I hear mining in a cruiser can make you some isk
[ 2011.08.04 20:32:26 ] Coreemo > but i don’t have isk to acquire said cruiser
[ 2011.08.04 20:32:38 ] Khalia Nestune > guess you’ll have to start with a frigate
[ 2011.08.04 20:32:41 ] Khalia Nestune > or run missions
[ 2011.08.04 20:33:43 ] Coreemo > ahhh cmon now. you probably have dozens of kills a week
[ 2011.08.04 20:34:07 ] Khalia Nestune > no, but even if I did, I have no reason to give you back your isk
[ 2011.08.04 20:34:11 ] Coreemo > can you shed at least just a little bit of ruthlessness this time?
[ 2011.08.04 20:34:34 ] Khalia Nestune > that would require… some ruth
[ 2011.08.04 20:34:40 ] Khalia Nestune > I seem to have none
[ 2011.08.04 20:34:58 ] Coreemo > :/

Wormholey Fun: 5ksBone’s Army

Posted in Capers, Delicious Tears, Wormholes on May 3, 2011 by captain

So about a year ago I made an alt with the intention of diving headfirst into wormhole life. This alt was then used as an afk mining alt, then as an infiltration alt…. You know, what happens every time you start an alt for one purpose – you go “oh, he could do this too…”.

So anyway, the incredibly unlikely thing that happened was after being finished with infiltration work, I resumed trying to find a wormhole corp for him. I located one, jumped into their public chat, and started talking. To my great surprise, one of the members from the corp that alt had infiltrated was now in this one.

Fast forward a few months and somehow I still got a place in that corp, and it’s becoming almost a second main character.

So anyway, last night I scanned out a C1 for our logistics to haul stuff through and possibly go have some fun in. Well, no luck for the haulers – lowsec static 7 jumps from highsec and 39 from Jita, yikes. But, in scanning that out, I found a few pos towers which appeared to be research fitted, a few ships floating about in the bubbles, and about 12 combat sites.

Myself and a corpmate decided to run the sites to make a bit of ISK, since the locals weren’t around and a lowsec static meant there wasn’t much else to do. We grabbed a Cane and a Drake and were soon working through the sigs. A couple corpies log on and off and come do a site or two and leave, then our CEO logs on and brings in his own drake. We’re about halfway through the 12 sites when the locals seem to come online and realize they’re being raided. Naturally, they give us a panic reaction:

[ 2011.05.03 03:36:44 ] BabyBear 1950 > oh boy!…fresh meat!

Normally this is just a scare tactic used to shoo people away, but I’m not going to leave, so I said hello. 🙂

[ 2011.05.03 03:37:18 ] Captain > 0/
[ 2011.05.03 03:37:49 ] Captain > Nice young char there.

[ 2011.05.03 03:45:23 ] 5KSBone > lets party
[ 2011.05.03 03:45:35 ] 5KSBone > you guys from next door?
[ 2011.05.03 03:47:46 ] Captain > Party? Where?
[ 2011.05.03 03:48:11 ] 5KSBone > customs office IV
[ 2011.05.03 03:48:15 ] 5KSBone > 🙂
[ 2011.05.03 03:48:30 ] 5KSBone > your active hardeners will work well here
[ 2011.05.03 03:49:09 ] 5KSBone > you guys should ask permission to steal from SKS
[ 2011.05.03 03:49:19 ] Captain > Lol
[ 2011.05.03 03:49:28 ] Captain > Maybe when we’re done.

I had sensed bearishness from his 1v1 request. His comment about my hardeners was a bit off, as the wormhole system had no hardener benefits. I wasn’t quite sure what he was on about, and I’m not quite sure that he knew either. At this point they scan us down….with core probes. Yeah. They warp in a drake at point blank and insta warp it out right after I start shooting at it with my cane.

[ 2011.05.03 03:50:46 ] 5KSBone > just getting names bud
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:03 ] 5KSBone > we farm this whole
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:12 ] Captain > Right
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:13 ] 5KSBone > its not ready to be harvested
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:22 ] Captain > Well we farm it too 🙂
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:23 ] 5KSBone > not enough sites yet
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:54 ] 5KSBone > if you run them now it will damage the respawn rate
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:06 ] Captain > That’s cool.
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:11 ] Captain > We’ll have a new one tomorrow.
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:22 ] 5KSBone > in the next wh over huh?
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:37 ] 5KSBone > i will be there
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:41 ] Captain > With what?
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:50 ] 5KSBone > with a note book
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:55 ] Captain > Your drake that instawarps out?
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:56 ] 5KSBone > and a cloak
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:02 ] 5KSBone > rapier
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:12 ] Captain > Feel free to uncloak once in a while
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:25 ] 5KSBone > << just an alt
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:35 ] Captain > Preferably at the pretty pos too
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:48 ] Captain > everyone’s an alt.
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:50 ] Captain > This is eve
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:52 ] 5KSBone > i will stay for a few weeks and figure the best time to destroy your pos

Woah there. I read a blog post once which I believe was in Confessions of a Wormhole Killer that talked about how and when to smack talk people. One of the things it mentioned was that if you’re under a year old in-game, don’t do it. After that, only do it if you’re sure you can win. Threatening me with the destruction of our POS isn’t a very good way to get on our goodside, my good sir.

[ 2011.05.03 03:54:15 ] Captain > I ask again
[ 2011.05.03 03:54:17 ] Captain > With what?
[ 2011.05.03 03:54:41 ] 5KSBone > with a tech 3 fleet
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:05 ] 5KSBone > actually the best w3ay is to anchor a pos, then build caps
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:14 ] 5KSBone > takes about 7 days
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:19 ] Captain > mmhmm…
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:26 ] Captain > For what?
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:31 ] 5KSBone > to bash pos towers
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:37 ] 5KSBone > to build naglfar
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:46 ] Captain > Seems like a waste
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:49 ] 5KSBone > SKSBone
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:57 ] 5KSBone > doesnt think its a waste
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:07 ] Captain  > Okay…
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:08 ] 5KSBone > actually sound pretty fun
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:20 ] 5KSBone > that last guys thought it would be a waste as well
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:44 ] 5KSBone > but they paid us 750 million isk to stop bothering them
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:55 ] Captain > That char of yours is a barely skilled cap pilot.
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:57 ] Captain > Big deal.
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:09 ] 5KSBone > in a class one he is very skilled
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:15 ] 5KSBone > no need for the jumps skills
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:23 ] Captain > Lol
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:28 ] Captain > I laugh at your ignorance.
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:31 ] 5KSBone > got the ability to use siege mod and level 5 guns and missles
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:38 ] 5KSBone > 90k volleys
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:47 ] Captain > So does Every. Other. Cap. Pilot.
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:00 ] 5KSBone > yup

Here I look up his corp for the first time in the entire encounter, and realize it’s part of OWN alliance. That alliance Jerks wardecced for like 3 months straight that gave us 3 carrier kills. Yeah. Course while I’m looking things up he’s still foaming at the mouth:

[ 2011.05.03 03:58:30 ] 5KSBone > plus with the drugs that we make i can hit cruiser class ships in siege
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:44 ] Captain > lol
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:45 ] 5KSBone > command ships hics, tech 3 ect
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:46 ] Captain > For what?
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:48 ] Captain > 10 damage?
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:55 ] 5KSBone > very hard
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:02 ] Captain > Sir I challenge you.
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:06 ] 5KSBone > 2 shots kills nighthawks on test server
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:10 ] Captain > Construct a cap in out wh
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:13 ] Captain > please
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:20 ] 5KSBone > head out to tribute
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:33 ] 5KSBone > we have them here
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:34 ] Captain > Yes… a nighthawk standing still… target painted… 20 times over
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:45 ] 5KSBone > no
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:48 ] Captain > With a MWD on
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:52 ] 5KSBone > mabey
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:52 ] Captain > headed straight away
[ 2011.05.03 04:00:03 ] 5KSBone > can hit him turning
[ 2011.05.03 04:00:08 ] 5KSBone > just need this booster
[ 2011.05.03 04:00:21 ] 5KSBone > drop
[ 2011.05.03 04:00:33 ] 5KSBone > with that pill it hits em
[ 2011.05.03 04:00:37 ] 5KSBone > easy
[ 2011.05.03 04:01:02 ] Captain > Go about your business and we’ll go about ours. We’ll be done here in a bit. But please watch who you threaten.
[ 2011.05.03 04:01:19 ] 5KSBone > you dont understand you are stealing from us
[ 2011.05.03 04:01:31 ] Captain > I understand. I just really don’t care.
[ 2011.05.03 04:01:48 ] Captain > Conversation is over though. I got nothing else to say.

Yes. You build a Naglfar in our womhole. Seriously, do it. I’ll even help pay for it. Assuming you can haul all the crap in, set up your pos, and start the build without us dropping a fleet on your head, one dread vs a whole corp is a very bad idea. Meanwhile, they’re busy warping things in on us, trying to pin my cane with their drake seems to be their focus, as they keep warping it in at point blank to me, but I keep warping off as I’m in a PVE ship, and running their sites while they can do nothing but stomp their feet seems like the best way to go. Here the plot thickens a bit:

[ 2011.05.03 04:02:58 ] 5KSBone > are you part of the NC?
[ 2011.05.03 04:03:48 ] Captain > Yes.
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:00 ] 5KSBone > why are you not blue then?
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:07 ] Captain > We went rogue.
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:18 ] 5KSBone > may i ask why?
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:29 ] Captain > They don’t want to kill people who aren’t red.
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:31 ] Captain > I do.
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:45 ] 5KSBone > i kill blues all the time
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:54 ] Captain > Should tell your alliance leader.
[ 2011.05.03 04:05:05 ] 5KSBone > he knows
[ 2011.05.03 04:05:34 ] 5KSBone > how long ago did you defect?
[ 2011.05.03 04:05:47 ] Captain  > bout half a year after they formed.
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:06 ] 5KSBone > it is a very large coalition now
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:15 ] Captain > Ya think?
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:21 ] 5KSBone > there are many reds to shoot at
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:28 ] Captain > Good for NC.
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:34 ] 5KSBone > you dont always have to be sarcastic
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:45 ] Captain > But it’s oh so much fun
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:54 ] 5KSBone > or stuck up or what ever it is that has you with a chip on your shoulder
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:07 ] Captain > Yes, I am stuck up.
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:18 ] Captain > Because I am not the one that threatened caps…. Yeah.
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:22 ] BabyBear 1950 > you must be 12
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:22 ] 5KSBone > sometimes you may find being a nice person has greater reward
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:23 ] Captain > Therefore I am stuck up.
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:33 ] Captain > Not in this case my good sir.

My alt’s corp isn’t with the NC, I have no idea why he asked, as far as I know OWN isn’t with them either. It seems to me he’s trying the typical pufferfish reaction of I’LL BRING A ZILLION FRIENDS TO KILL YOU. It isn’t really working.

[ 2011.05.03 04:07:38 ] 5KSBone > its not a threat b0ud
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:43 ] 5KSBone > you stole from me
[ 2011.05.03 04:08:02 ] Captain > 5KSBone > i will stay for a few weeks and figure the best time to destroy your pos
[ 2011.05.03 04:08:03 ] Captain > Threat
[ 2011.05.03 04:08:11 ] Captain > Not a very good one
[ 2011.05.03 04:08:15 ] Captain > But still a threat

So here is where it gets interesting. The guy warps his Rapier in at about 100km to us at a site. I start burning towards him in my cane, and he cloaks. I redirect back to the sleepers still hitting me, and he warps back in at 20 off me. I get out of point range and stick drones on him, but unfortunately, I have no point, and he warps off. Then, his friend Baby warps his drake in again at 50km or so and starts shooting me.

I tell my CEO in his drake to start shooting Baby’s, and I start orbiting it wide to hopefully speed tank some of the missile damage. But Baby has other ideas. Apparently he’s MWD fitted, as he starts gaining on me. Eventually I warp out at 9km from him and at maybe 2/3 armor. Again because this is a PVE ship, and needs to be handled delicately vs a brick drake. When I come back Baby is also gone, and we continue with the site.
[ 2011.05.03 04:29:19 ] 5KSBone > key word…
[ 2011.05.03 04:29:21 ] 5KSBone > <<alt
[ 2011.05.03 04:30:47 ] Captain > Meh
[ 2011.05.03 04:31:31 ] Captain > Engaging a brick drake with a PVE ship is not what I had in mind
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:10 ] 5KSBone > all we have here is alts man you are lucky
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:16 ] Captain  > Right
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:17 ] BabyBear 1950 > chickenshit
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:17 ] 5KSBone > if i had my main ….
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:23 ] 5KSBone > gf
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:24 ] Captain > Everyone says that dude.
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:30 ] Captain > Everyone.
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:43 ] 5KSBone > this toon flys a rapier with level 3 gus
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:51 ] 5KSBone > my main flys a machariel with level 5 large
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:01 ] 5KSBone > if i had my main dude
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:05 ] 5KSBone > damn
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:06 ] Captain > Means nothing at point blank.
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:15 ] 5KSBone > auto cannon fit
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:20 ] 5KSBone > drop booster pilot

Again with the pufferfish reaction, but this time mentioning shinies. Classic bear move.

0[ 2011.05.03 04:33:49 ] 5KSBone > hre i will invite you
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:51 ] Captain> Look my good sir we can play this game all you want…. at the end, you have a disadvantage.
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:54 ] 5KSBone > to convo with my main
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:59 ] 5KSBone > i want to share the fit
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:00 ] Captain > I don’t care about your main.
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:05 ] Captain > or your fit
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:13 ] 5KSBone > disatvantage?
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:15 ] Captain > You seem to not understand me.
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:32 ] 5KSBone > not really
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:45 ] 5KSBone > dont really care about the sleeper
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:45 ] Captain > I do not care about your main, your alts, your fit, or whatever else.
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:51 ] 5KSBone > just like to mess with people
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:06 ] Captain > as do I
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:09 ] Captain’s corp mate> Well, you’re doing a bad job of it so far.
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:17 ] Captain > I tend to agree.
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:22 ] 5KSBone > alt sux
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:24 ] Captain’s corp mate > So I hope it isn’t your day job.
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:38 ] 5KSBone > lol
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:27 ] 5KSBone > i hope the 100 mill of loot is worth it
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:33 ] Captain > Most definitely
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:37 ] Captain’s corp mate > Worth taunting you for a while? Sure.
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:41 ] Captain > The tears make it so much better.
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:45 ] Captain’s corp mate > In fact, I call it win-win.
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:50 ] Captain > Indeed.
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:08 ] 5KSBone > like i said you are just lucky
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:15 ] 5KSBone > running from my friends alt drake
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:24 ] Captain > I’d give your MWD drake a 3/10.
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:26 ] 5KSBone > to funny
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:33 ] 5KSBone > looks good on fraps though

Seriously? You frapsed a PVE ship withdrawing from a PVP situation? Kay.

[ 2011.05.03 04:37:57 ] Captain > Yup. Because I always win in a PVE cane Vs a somewhat PVP drake
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:59 ] Captain’s corp mate > Oh, well, yeah, definitely fit for that over combat effectiveness any day.
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:06 ] Captain > yup
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:12 ] 5KSBone > you ran away
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:17 ] Captain > Yes, yes I did.
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:20 ] 5KSBone > i have it on fraps
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:24 ] 5KSBone > thats a win
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:27 ] Captain > You seem to still not understand
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:27 ] 5KSBone > you just lost
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:28 ] Captain’s corp mate > Oh noes!
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:33 ] Captain’s corp mate > We lost!
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:36 ] 5KSBone > so your record is a lie
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:37 ] Maeyanie > Whatever will we do!
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:39 ] Captain > PVE < PVP ship in a pvp situation.
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:44 ] 5KSBone > lost
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:49 ] 5KSBone > you jsut got tea bagged
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:57 ] 5KSBone > taste em
[ 2011.05.03 04:39:01 ] Captain > Yes, tea bagged…. by research alts.
[ 2011.05.03 04:39:25 ] Captain’s corp mate > Yup… nobody died, your dozen sites are almost gone, and we’re getting ready to head home and laugh over a few drinks… completely lost.
[ 2011.05.03 04:39:26 ] 5KSBone > you guys miners then?
[ 2011.05.03 04:39:27 ] Captain > I have this funny feeling you’re attempting to justify your failure

They still try the warp in trick a few times, mostly warping in on top of my corp mate in a salvaging destroyer because they can’t seem to hold me down. Oddly enough, they can’t seem to hold the cormorant either.

[ 2011.05.03 04:41:11 ] Captain’s Corp Mate > Honestly, that I had to get all the way down the salvage list before you even found me is a fail… ever heard of these great things called combat probes? Might want to look into them.
[ 2011.05.03 04:41:12 ] Captain > Define fail for me?
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:09 ] 5KSBone > you just failed at being a man
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:16 ] 5KSBone > you poussed out of a fight
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:23 ] Captain > Lol.
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:25 ] 5KSBone > you have clearly explained fail
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:35 ] 5KSBone > you run from caldari when you are minmatar
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:44 ] 5KSBone > i am unimpressed
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:49 ] Captain’s Corp Mate > You know, you might just actually manage to kill me… from laughter.
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:56 ] Captain > I’m really done explaining the difference in PVE to PVP ships sir. You clearly are too ignorant to understand
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:05 ] 5KSBone > lol
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:18 ] 5KSBone > clearly you are a cladri pilot in a minmatar ship
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:30 ] 5KSBone > you need to go back to the counsil
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:39 ] Captain’s Corp Mate > Clearly, you can’t tell the difference between races.
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:54 ] 5KSBone > minmatar dont run from pvp
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:59 ] Captain > What are you trying to do? Seriously? Are you trying to scare me out of the system? Because it is NOT working. Please re-evaluate what you are trying to do.
[ 2011.05.03 04:44:01 ] 5KSBone > so he cant be a minmatar
[ 2011.05.03 04:44:20 ] 5KSBone > are you trying to revaluate me?
[ 2011.05.03 04:44:29 ] 5KSBone > you want some pictures?
[ 2011.05.03 04:44:38 ] Captain > I’m confused.

I seriously was. We all were. Anyone know WTF he’s on about? At this point, my CEO has gone back to our POS and has fit a scrambler, and a disruptor, and a web. We’re also  at the last site, and Baby tries warping the drake on top of me again.

[ 2011.05.03 04:51:40 ] Captain > And.. fail again
[ 2011.05.03 04:52:51 ] Captain > Alright, I’d like to give you a fairly straight forward lesson in PVP.
[ 2011.05.03 04:53:08 ] Captain > One: Use cobat probes to pinpoint a ship so you don’t land 60km away.
[ 2011.05.03 04:53:18 ] Captain > Two: Bring a web so things can’t run.
[ 2011.05.03 04:53:30 ] Captain > Three: Bring a long range point.

As I take the time to type that, I align to the site again, and just as I finish, my CEO calls in fleet that he has worked into point range and is holding the drake with three points and a web. So much for your MWD.

I instantly race back to the site, as our salvage corm runs off to grab a Manticore. I arrive on the scene to see my CEO beating on the drake, lock it up, and engage with everything. About 20 seconds later the Rapier appears at 40km, starts trying to jam and web me, and puts his drones on me. I web and kill each of his hammerheads, and then re-engage on the drake.

The drake falls pretty quick, and I overheat at his peak recharge. Our Manticore pilot is coming through the hole to us, and the Rapier, seeing his buddy about to be vaporized, runs for his POS.

This is when something fun happens. Baby, too ashamed of a crappy lossmail, EJECTS from his drake, and warps off in his pod before I can lock it. I run back to our POS while my CEO holds the drake, and eject from my cane, racing back to the drake.

5 seconds later, and we own a new failfit drake. Seriously, this thing had an anti-em screen, extenders, META 0 LAUNCHERS, and the lows were almost all filled with PDS’s. So much for your DPS, huh?

[ 2011.05.03 04:58:30 ] Captain > You just lost a drake
[ 2011.05.03 04:58:33 ] Captain > Congrats
[ 2011.05.03 04:58:43 ] BabyBear 1950 > so?
[ 2011.05.03 04:58:50 ] Captain > I guess we lost again
[ 2011.05.03 05:00:16 ] Capt’s Corp Mate > Of course. He never fails.
[ 2011.05.03 05:00:51 ] Captain > He appears to be speechless about his success.
[ 2011.05.03 05:01:02 ] Capt’s Corp Mate > I would be too, if I had done something so amazing.
[ 2011.05.03 05:01:07 ] Captain > I know right?
[ 2011.05.03 05:03:43 ] Captain > Know what the best part of that success was? When the Rapier warped off in victory and left his friend to win the day solo.
[ 2011.05.03 05:05:37 ] Captain > I love all the PDS’s you used to fit everything. Not much dps eh?

With that, we finished their 12 sites, and won their drake, which we took home with us. I expressed our gratitude with a final salute:

[ 2011.05.03 05:41:18 ] Captain > Tootles


Wormholes are fun, mostly because you never know what you’re gonna find on the other side. The unknown is part of what makes EVE fun, as are the people that play it. In the end, I think our friend 5ksBone and his friend Baby were just two industrialists that got very very mad when we came into their sandbox and left with all the sand and their pretty shovel.

Lost In Space, Tears follow-up

Posted in Duffers, Wormholes on December 19, 2009 by khalia

I got back from dinner to see a Gallente Battleship wreck and two corpses on the d-scanner. =)

After scooping the corpses and salvaging the wreck, I opened a conversation up with Roniki. He turns out to be very, very noob, but not talking smack like his friend. I had to take a little pity and give him some advice.

[ 2009.12.20 02:55:29 ] Roniki > hello
[ 2009.12.20 02:55:31 ] Khalia Nestune > thanks for the corpses!
[ 2009.12.20 02:55:39 ] Roniki > lol
[ 2009.12.20 02:55:42 ] Khalia Nestune > that brings our total up to 15

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Lost In Space: The Tears

Posted in Delicious Tears, Wormholes on December 19, 2009 by khalia

Woke up today to my WH to find a Megathron and a Zephyr on scan. Scanned down the mega pretty quickly, and as I arrived cloaked I found the Zephyr arrived too. Went and got into my 100km+ sniper Apoc, returned, killed the Zephyr in seconds and then pewed at the Mega until he warped off. Second Zephyr kill for me! o/

Then, local comes alive.

tl;dr version: Attempted ransom. Much tears ensue. Targets eventually logoff, and will provide more tears when they log back on.


[ 2009.12.19 23:18:41 ] Roniki > OH PLZ im begging you let me out!!!

[ 2009.12.19 23:19:29 ] Tyier Estameine > you guys are ASSHOLES

[ 2009.12.19 23:23:05 ] Roniki > PLEASE LISTEN TO ME HOW MUCH WILL IT COST FOR ME TO GET OUT!?

[ 2009.12.19 23:27:23 ] Roniki > cuz i can go to eve seller and buy 200 mil and give you some
[ 2009.12.19 23:27:30 ] Khalia Nestune > o rly?

[ 2009.12.19 23:23:06 ] Tyier Estameine > you guys are the biggest motherfucking douchebags on the face of this plantet

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Tales from W-Space

Posted in Wormholes on December 16, 2009 by khalia

Around about 2 months ago, I jumped from Suddenly Ninjas and into a new corp I created for wormhole operations. Several good blogs – my favorite is Eve Wormholes – got me excited about the prospects of profit and pew-pew potential.

Here’s the short version: Setting yourself up in W-space is a lot of work. Level 4 missions are a lot easier for the money. On the other hand, the experience is much more interesting. I am now experienced in how POSes are setup, fueled, and defended; how to turn w-space gas into polymers and polymers+salvage into components (full T3 subsystems “soon”); running my own research labs; and building ships from blueprints.

Your experience living in w-space is dictated to a large part by what type of ‘static’ exit WH you have. Most low-class WHs (mainly C1/C2) will always have a direct exit to low-sec or hi-sec space. We lived in a C2 that had exits to low-sec Amarr space most of the time. A hi-sec exit means you can easily procure more supplies. It also means significant traffic in your system from people looking for PvP action or to run your sites. A low-sec exit means less traffic, and some ability to get supplies and transport goods out, at increased risk. Scouting worked well for us.

The C3 we have moved into only has one static exit – to 0.0. This makes life very interesting for us. We receive very little traffic, but getting to empire space is risky; unless we happen to open into CVA space. I had to make a 30+ trip through 0.0 a few nights ago, and it took me over two hours. Logistics become critical. We stockpile months of fuel for our towers. Multiple ships for PvE (sleepers) and PvP. BPOs/BPCs for things we need often (ammo, drones) and arrays to build them. Tons of extra fittings, and as many modules as you can cram in, to have a library to work from. One bonus of opening to 0.0 space is that we can go ratting for a few extra ISK.

Our usual way to get out to empire is through a connecting wormhole to ours, which then has a low or hi-sec exit. This happens perhaps once a week to once every two weeks, depending on luck. Once found, there is a mad scramble to haul goods in and out before the wormhole closes.

The PvP experience out here is unpredictable and usually with a lot of skirmishes instead of pitched battles. With delayed local, no one ever uses it, and so dscan and probes are your only way to notice other players. Early into our w-space stay we found a Harbinger and Hurricane running a sleeper site. We probed them down and dropped in with our PvP ships; the Harbinger got away but the Hurricane was popped. No tears – never really see any tears.

In another event, I was attempting to ‘choke’ a wormhole to 0.0 – bring it down to critical mass to dissuade people from coming through – and was spotted by the locals. They brought over 15 ships in, and I was getting prepared for a POS defense. Apparently they tried to run a site and failed, or someone ganked another one, because a wreck and a pod showed up on dscan, followed by them all leaving. =) We’ve also attempted to set up gate camps in our 0.0 systems, without much success. The people traveling through these areas are usually in greater numbers and force then the 2-3 of us.

I’d recommend the WH experience if you are good at long-term planning, will not go crazy without local, and are willing to sink a lot of time into the game. The profit has been good – we’ve collected several billion. If you’re like me, you’ll plow most of it back into your POS and ships. This is not for everyone, but it can be quite enjoyable.

I Accidently The Whole Tower

Posted in Capers, Combat, Wormholes on October 13, 2009 by khalia

One of my alts has formed a new corporation for the purposes of Wormhole-space exploitation. He’s currently sitting in our chosen system while the funds are being raised for the POS and fittings.

Every day or two I scan down the new wormhole exits and go looking. On this day, I found a Class 2 wormhole which was well populated – two towers – and that wormhole itself had an additional exit to a high security location in Amarr space. This wasn’t very unusual, but I also noticed industrial ship traffic through this wormhole.

Seeing the potential for some quick pew, I sent out the word to Suddenly Ninjas. Only two people – Llyan and Emizeko Chai – were willing to make the 20+ jumps from Dodixie down to deep Amarr space. Llyan was bringing a Broadsword heavy interdictor for the locking on the inside of the wormhole.

We stage ourselves inside the wormhole, and after a few minutes, a Badger Mark II pops in and quickly dies. Apparently lacking in communication among their corporation, the CEO pops in 4 minutes later, also in a Badger Mark II and dies as quickly.

We open the cargo on this one and HOLY SHIT WTF FACTION TOWER? The Shadow Control Tower (Large) dropped by the Badger is worth at least 900M on contracts. None of us have the cargo space, so Llyan makes a mad dash to the nearest industrial he can buy. We’re expecting a fleet of guys from their POS to descent on us, but nothing ever happens. The tower gets scooped and put on contracts. There’s a cool 300M for each of us.

I had to go deal with real-life at this point, but Llyan, Zeke and some others managed to beat the snot out of the same corp a few times:

Check out that last one, the Harbringer. Shield and armor tanking? Someone needs to turn their pilot license in to CONCORD.

Lesson of this story: When moving a billion ISK of equipment into wspace, guard both exits with a decent fleet. Lacking that, I hope to see more of these fellows again!

An Open Letter to Elizabeth Hope

Posted in Wormholes on August 18, 2009 by khalia

To: Elizabeth Hope, CEO Zahn Consortium, member Death from Above alliance

This message is being sent to you as an instructional message from the TEARS alliance, who feel that you need some advice and guidance in light of your recent string of losses from same.

Specifically, regarding your attempt to establish a POS inside wormhole system J121915, several very obvious mistakes were made. These are listed below for your education.

1) When establishing a new POS, high priority must be given to defenses. Your team put up only a single large laser battery. A single battery is highly vulnerable and best practice is to place at least two batteries on opposite ends of the tower bubble, or not to place the POS at all. Four batteries, at 90 degree angles to each other, are preferred.

2) The choice of a large beam laser battery was poor. These weapons have extremely poor tracking (.001 rad/sec) and are easily speed tanked even by battleships while at close range. Large beam lasers are intended for defense against Dreadnought-class ships, which are impossible to place inside wormholes. The TEARS team had no problem removing this laser battery. In the future, you should limit yourself to medium batteries, and in multiples (see #1 above).

3) Once the POS was put into reinforced mode, it had only 5 hours of strontium. This was a reasonable period for the TEARS fleet to wait out. POS warfare best practices dictate that either 12 or 36 hours of strontium be available. As a POS is usually put into reinforced mode during peak hours for a fleet, 12 or 36 hours would be the opposite time of day and most inconvenient for the opposing fleet.

4) The fleet assembled to defend the POS was vastly underpowered. We record that a Brutix, Blackbird, Caracal, Tristan and two Iteron Mark IVs were destroyed, as well as a Maller that was captured. Not to mention the command ship piloted by the CEO of your alliance. Your team should not attempt to setup a POS unless at least 8 people with battle-cruiser class ships are available for defense.

5) Your team was not prepared for the closing of the wormhole and finding the new wormhole exit. The TEARS team placed several operatives inside the wormhole prior to it’s close, and was rapidly able to find the new exit. If your team located it, we saw no evidence that wormhole was ever used by your team.

We hope that with these tips and some experience, you may be able to successfully place a POS inside a wormhole without loss.

On a related note, I believe that Zedrik Cayne of the Standards and Practices (IEEE) group has started an investigation regarding the failure of your alliance to issue a formal war declaration, or hire mercenaries to do the same, against the TEARS alliance. As it has now been more than one week since this threat was issued, your record as a corporation will likely receive a reprimand. Other corporations may not take any of your threats seriously if you are unable to deliver on past ones. We suggest you correct the situation by providing us with a formal declaration of war, or a formal apology.

The TEARS team will continue to engage with targets from Zahn Consortium and Death From Above while this threat remains open.

Yours truly,
The TEARS Team

Elizabeth Hope’s No Good, Very Bad, Terrible Day

Posted in Combat, Wormholes on August 17, 2009 by khalia

While I can’t speak entirely for my corporation, I will put forth a claim that there is only one thing that gets us more excited than tears from mission runners: Threats of war. In general, we welcome a good war. It gives us the chance to exercise our ninja skill in a different way. We use hit-and-run, ambush, and the ability to entirely vanish to confound and frustrate our war targets.

On the other hand, some mission runner corporations are all talk and no game. This is no fun at all, so we often have to bring the war to them. This can be by direct wardec, but it often is through sister corporations or by suicide ganking of strategic targets.

You may recall from this earlier post of drucore and the friend he ran crying to, Elizabeth Hope. Elizabeth promised war and hell, but failed to deliver. Over a week has passed without a wardec either from her alliance or from any mercenary corporation. In the interim two of our sister corporations – The Logistical Nightmare and IEEE – declared war on Zahn Consortium and proceeded to attack with out mercy. They even succeeded in pod killing Elizabeth Hope.

I logged in late Saturday to find that IEEE member Zedrik Cayne had located Elizabeth and a group of corp mates attempting to set up a medium Amarr POS inside a worm hole system, and with an entrance not far from Dodixie. While Zedrik suicided some of their neutral haulers, I and several Suddenly Ninja corpmates arrived in the wormhole with stealth bombers, preparing for a takedown the following day.

Elizabeth clearly expected we would be unable to do anything about this, dropping some smack talk in local when I decloaked from time to time to let them know I was still watching.

Elizabeth hope > Comon cloak up 🙂
Elizabeth hope > Don’t think we got people no cloaked too 😉
Elizabeth hope > go ahead set safe points, I’d love to see what you got Mr ninjas 🙂
Elizabeth hope > tomorrow this place will be full of people
Elizabeth hope > ta ta kessie lover tech II

I said nothing, but stayed on all the way until downtime to watch their lone Thorax pilot defend the medium POS and the large beam laser they had onlined.

When I logged back on Sunday afternoon, I found that a 15-strong Ninja And Friends Fleet had assembled, beat the living shit out of Zahn’s forces inside the wormhole, and was in the process of taking down the POS.

Zahn ships lost: Iteron Mark IV , Brutix, Tristan, Caracal, another Iteron Mark IV, a Blackbird, and some others from IEEE and/or Logistical Nightmare. They also stole an unpiloted Maller due to some epic fail with shield passwords (hint: don’t choose easy to guess passwords).

With their forces gone and a new wormhole opened just a little bit from our home of Dodixie, we were able to quickly put the medium POS into reinforced mode. Preparing for a 12 or 24 hour wait, we were gleeful when the reinforced mode counter was only five hours! We staged our ships and called in more forces as the time ran down. To be honest, we were hoping for a rematch with Elizabeth and company – POS destruction can be very tedious.

Our final real pew of the night came when MECHcore, who seems to be the CEO for which the alliance which Zahn Consortium belongs, logged in with a Vulture – inside the wormhole. Having the old wormhole gone he had to probe down the new exit, and we raced to scan him down. No fool to this game, he was warping around from place to place. We finally got him pinned and a pitched battle took place. We took out his Vulture at the cost of two stealth bombers, which we thought a good trade. He was a good sport about it even when we podded him.

After this it was almost easy; the tower went down with relative ease and we returned to our usual pastimes.

You may think we’re not worthy of your attention because we primarily play in high security space, making life hard for mission runners. Elizabeth thought that too – and her group lost a pile of ships and a shiny new tower. We are are very individualistic group, but when we get together we can yoink on a much larger scale. Don’t mess with Ninjas or our friends. And if you’re going to make threats, make good on them, or we will bring the pain to you.