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Back in the Sadae, I Mean, Saddle

Posted in Combat, Duffers on March 21, 2013 by paul

So, I’m back, after about eight months away. As a small business owner, I get to decide when I work. As a small business owner with a crushing inferiority complex and a massive fear of bankruptcy, I had been deciding to basically work all the time, despite the business doing very, very well. When my wife told me that I needed to find a hobby or I was probably going to die, I took the hint and dove back into Eve.

Reading Aiden’s blog convinced me to try to connect with a large hisec/griefing corporation ASAP. My first thought was to hook up with Quality Assurance in the Marmite Collective, being largely made up of former Suddenly Ninjas members and having access to thousands of war targets. Sadly, it was an odd time of the week and nobody from Marmites was on to talk to me, so I got snapped up by Psychotic Monk (for CSM!) and placed in Skunkworks. Skunkworks is a very small, but very focused group of griefers, and while I made friends there who I’m sure I’ll work with on stuff again, there just weren’t enough targets and fleetmates around. With a stream of apologies and rationalizations stringing behind me, I departed Skunkworks and joined Quality Assurance.

On my first day in the Marmite Collective, I thought I’d made a huge mistake. I was sitting in the Standing Fleet channel of the Teamspeak server, looking at the heading which read, “PVP Channel. Keep chat to a minimum. Listen to the FC!” As I read this, I was listening to a member with an annoying drawl (maybe intoxicated?) brag about how his multi-box mining setup was making him space-rich. He wasn’t joking, and when I pointed out that mining is awful, another pilot in channel spoke up and pointed out that it’s a great way to make money. Face. Palm.

Shaking my head but tempted by all the War Targets out in space, I undocked and began hunting on gates. There! Three war-targets with a history of battleship losses in a dead-end system, and not docked. I let the others on Teamspeak know what I’d found, and asked for folks to x up in chat so I could get fleet invites out. I expected everyone to be chomping at the bit as I was. Instead, the response was “Eh. I’m having an OK time sitting on the Amarr undock.” I… OK. What?

The system with my war targets was three jumps from Amarr. When I went in to try to find them, they all slipped out the gate and got away. I shook my fist, re-subscribed my scanning alt account, and bitterly complained in the Skunkworks channel about what a horrible mistake I’d made. I’d stick it out for a while because of the war target selection, but dayum. It was gonna get lonely here, fast.

I saw a fellow Quality Assurance member bouncing among the voice channels, and when he eventually settled into the channel for the Ghost Headquarters corp, I rudely hopped in uninvited and had a listen to a pilot I’d never met before named BodyMassageMachine.

“OK, I’ve got eyes on (pilot name) in local, and he’s not docked. Warp to the (system) gate and hold, since this is the most likely return path for him.”

Success! I immediately imposed on them and asked to join up. Before long I was in a gang of patient, rational hunters, looking for carebears to violence. I wasn’t being terribly useful in my Incursus, but I was having fun, and my scanning alt came in handy a couple of times. We looked around a bit, almost caught a few targets, and decided to head back home for the night.

You know how that goes. You always get the best kills after you’ve decided to wrap it up for the day. While headed back to Amarr, BodyMassageMachine reported that his scout saw a war target in the next system, so we should hold on gate while he figured out what’s up.

“There she is on the gate. Crane! Hold on the other side!”

“She’s waiting a bit to uncloak. Overheat those mids. We’ll probably miss her.”


210077179_128And so she was. Cranes and other cloaky haulers are VERY safe in hisec, but you have to use them properly. As soon as you move after a gate jump, you lose your cloak. The animation on your screen shows you slowly rippling into visibility, but in reality you pop right out and can be locked the instant you start moving. Our quarry apparently didn’t know this, and paid the price. The Loot Fairy was kind to us, dispensing 2 billion of the 2.5billion that Sadae’s Crane was hauling.

As I mentioned to my new friends, being there in an Incursus made me feel like the guy who agreed to help move the piano and rushed to grab the stool. I’ll probably be trading it for Steam Cat’s Enyo fit called “Dubstep Kitty”, a 500-DPS monster of a frigate.

And so Marmite Collective redeemed itself to its newest member. The conclusion I’ve reached is that Marmite casts a *very* wide net, catching both hardened hunters and misfit carebears just ill-tempered enough to not fit in elsewhere. If you hang out in the regular channels, you’re going to have a bad time. Dig just a little bit, however, and you can find both like-minded comrades AND lots of targets.

Oh yes. We are going to make some people sad.

I Wanna Be Where the Victims Are

Posted in Combat, Faction Warfare on July 17, 2012 by paul

Soooo, Minmatar FW is still a thing. The Goons may have pushed the balance of power to the breaking point, but the Minmatar were the dominant force before the exploit, and remain dominant after. I cashed out last night at reward level T5, which still happens once a week or so. I do most of my LP farming with alts late at night.

During the day there’s too many people competing for sites.

Which means that I log on my main to kill them.

I’ve been killing mostly Incursus frigates, most of them wearing the no-gun, no fun fit from Khalia’s post. There’s not really any money in killing cheap frigates with inattentive pilots, but I’m frustrating my competition and lowering the number of LP Store items entering the economy, so I feel that I’m doing a public service.

Today, I spotted a new pilot, BCEX K CTEHKE, running sites in a Dramiel. Hmmm.

I warped to the site he was running in my speed/DPS cheapfit Firetail. As I burned toward him, he warped away. When I didn’t go anywhere, he went to the next system over and started running a minor site there. When I followed, he warped to a safe again. I’ve got to get a probing alt into system, since by the nature of the FW mechanics, pilots attempting to capture sites won’t be able to dock anywhere in-system. I get the feeling that “warp to a safe and go make a sandwich” is a common escape tactic.

My problem with this BCEX fellow seemed to be that he was actually paying attention to his D-scan. Someone who pays perfect attention can always escape in this situation, but nobody pays perfect attention. I warped into his site, burned to the button, and logged off. My intention was to wait a few minutes, then log-on trap him.

I passed about seven minutes browsing the Steam Summer Sale. Like I have time for lots of new games.

When saw space again, I discovered something I should have known by now: If you log off in deadspace, you’re going to log on in warp back to the gate. Cursing my ignorance, I hit the gate and warped into the site. BCEX was a good 70km off, orbiting the button at high speed. I approached and engaged my MWD, tearing across space at over 3,000 meters a second. BCEX’s orbit actually turned him straight into my teeth. I expected him to warp out at any moment, but he didn’t, and I pointed him.

He had two Warp Core Stabilizers fitted. That’s great, but I had two scrams fitted, for a total of 4 points against his -2. With scrams holding him down and a web giving the rats and my guns a nice slow target, he dropped like a rock.  Faction loot. No guns. He dropped about 70M of faction modules, but got his pod away before I could lock it.

Among any population in Eve that makes too much money, there will always be a sizeable portion who uses that money to fly an expensive ship to do what a cheap ship would do equally well. I’ve seen it among mission-runners, wormholers, and incursioners. I’m now starting to notice it among Minmatar FW pilots.

I had the startling realization the other day that my main has become a dirty stinky lowsec pirate. I’ve always sneered at lowsec folks for calling themselves pirates, because it seemed that all they ever did was fight other pirates and engage in e-honour 1v1s. That’s not piracy. Piracy is victimization. If your primary goal is not to victimize unwilling combatants, I stand by the  statement that the designation “pirate” is a little silly.

But I’ll wear it, for now. I once said on Fly Reckless that I was like the Little Mermaid: I wanna be where the people are. Specifically, victims. Until CCP fixes FW, the bears will follow the money, and the money right now is in flying unarmed frigates around beacons until a timer runs out. I doubt I’ll have lots more expensive kills like this one, but at least I’m hunting again.

Trollin’ The War

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears on June 24, 2012 by khalia

What’s more fun that making stupid easy ISK on faction warfare?

Finding other members of your own militia running those sites, and then entering them to snatch some of the LP. Or, shoot them.

I had some fun with this today, jumping in on Poetic Stanziel and then pretending to be a Russian. People hate Russians. This generated some delicious tears. I attempted to engage him once, but discovered my not-so-old alt lacked the speed to keep him pointed.

A wild faction bear appears in Stanziel’s plex!

[19:29:35] Poetic Stanziel > Jumping in on my plex … not cool. Splitting LP I don’t want to split.
[19:29:42] Allison Phoenix > Я не говорю по английски [I don’t speak english]
[19:30:15] Poetic Stanziel > Go find another plex, please.
[19:30:38] Allison Phoenix > но мы оба Minmatar? [but we’re both Minmatar?]
[19:32:14] Poetic Stanziel > Fuck off, Russian.
[19:33:05] Allison Phoenix > может блохи заводятся вашу промежность! [may fleas infest your crotch!]

We split the LP and he warps away.

I find him again later and jump in. He agresses me with his Hobgoblin II. I easily tank it.
His T2 AB skills beat my T1 AB skills, so I can’t keep a point on him. The site finishes, we split the LP again.

[22:23:38] Allison Phoenix > Спасибо за LP =) [thanks for the LP]
[22:25:11] Aristeia Cersei > Minmatar are worse carebears than Caldari..
[22:25:52] Poetic Stanziel > He’s a Russian fuck, is what he is.
[22:26:10] Allison Phoenix > No, but I trolled you well.

Stanziel leaves system.

Reader Submission: Duselduzi falls into my trap and drops faction loot!

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears, Ninja Salvaging on December 29, 2011 by khalia

Our first reader submitted story is from player AKeeFa, who writes clearly and concisely, with tears, loot and betrayal. Well done!


I don’t get much time to grief these days so I quickly scan down a noobish bear salvaging his wreck field in a Noctis and start looting. He warps off, obviously freaked by the flashy-red Vigil in his pocket. I continue to loot and salvage the large wrecks for a few minutes, keeping an eye on local to see if he has left system. A couple of minutes later he returns in a Domi, yellow boxes, unleashes drones and then fires at optimum range. I warp out to my nearby Orca at 20 percent shields and swap to my Tengu, returning to the pocket a minute later to find it empty. Sad faced, I check local and add him as a contact, swap back to my salvager and continue looting. As I burn to his outlying large wrecks, I notice him go offline, which gives me the chance for a badly needed toilet break and a quick nappy change for my four month old son as well.

I return to my Vigil, burning to nowhere and over 300kms from the nearest wreck, just in time to see old mate come back online and the agro expire. We both land on the gate together, but this time he is in a Catalyst and watches me continue to loot and salvage for a minute or two and warps away, presumably to grab his pew-pew Domi. I smile to myself predicting that he will swap in a salvager and tractor beam to stay in pocket and protect his precious wrecks.

Two minutes later he drops in, locks and lets loose with out of range guns, giving me time to confirm my prediction before leaving. He is probably feeling pretty chuffed with himself for successfully scaring away the pesky thief as I land on him and lock him up with my scarey-looking Tengu.

[22:53:47] AKeeFa > 50 mill or your ship dies
[22:54:41] AKeeFa > you have 30 seconds to comply
[22:54:51] duselduzi > what? for?
[22:54:53] AKeeFa > and your drones are useless
[22:55:07] AKeeFa > i will let you have your ship if you pay 🙂

His armour disapears as I disengage my missles.

[22:55:08] duselduzi > u will let me escap?
[22:55:20] AKeeFa > recall your drones too

I have already blown a couple out of his T2 Hammers out of the sky and he docks the remainder up.

[22:55:44] AKeeFa > now pay
[22:55:58] duselduzi > i just have 23mio
[22:56:05] AKeeFa > that is all you have?
[22:56:12] duselduzi > y
[22:56:19] AKeeFa > hmmmm
[22:56:38] AKeeFa > okay i will take 25 mill
[22:57:00] duselduzi > i give u drones this are the missing 2
[22:57:18] AKeeFa > okay abandon all your drones
[22:57:29] AKeeFa > plus the 23 mill
[22:57:46] AKeeFa > all of your drones

He abandons his T2 medium, small and T1 Ogres 🙂

[22:57:51] AKeeFa > good. now pay!
[22:57:55] AKeeFa > pay the 23 mill
[22:58:02] AKeeFa > time is running out
[22:58:09] duselduzi > how does it work?
[22:58:16] AKeeFa > right click on me and give money

I resume pounding him with missiles and his hull begins to disappear quickly.

[22:58:57] duselduzi > plz stop

My wallet flashes and I check to see if he has paid and I disengage my missiles.

[22:58:59] AKeeFa > thank you very much 🙂

But I want more!

[22:59:20] AKeeFa > u sure you dont have anything else to give me?
[22:59:26] AKeeFa > eject your cargo too

A can appears full of ammo and loot.

[23:00:09] AKeeFa > okay i think ive squeezed all i can out of you now
[23:00:13] AKeeFa > did you learn something today??
[23:00:42] duselduzi > i need a pvp ship…
[23:00:47] duselduzi > and mony XD

I reactivate my missiles for the final barrage and hope for some sweet tears.

[23:00:54] AKeeFa > yes what type were you thinking?
[23:00:58] duselduzi > plz stop and let me out.

His Domi explodes to my satisfaction.

[23:01:45] AKeeFa > i know – betrayal sucks 🙁
[23:02:04] AKeeFa > but i hope we can still be friends?
[23:02:59] duselduzi > y we hunt u ally and so
[23:03:11] AKeeFa > hmm? i dont understand?
[23:04:00] AKeeFa > does that mean you and your friends will pew pew me?
[23:06:26] AKeeFa > yum faction armour repair survived :))))

My new friend rage quits. That is the cherry on top.

[23:06:43] AKeeFa > gotta love that! o/

The Economics of Ice Mining

Posted in Combat, When RL Invades on October 6, 2011 by khalia

Some folks have asked why I’m joining in the Goonswarm gank-fest on ice miners in Gallente space. After all, I’m not profiting personally from Goons takeover of the market, or of their ship-reinbursment program. I’ll tell you why: It’s fun! Today you can fly into an ice belt in a Velator, lock up an Orca, and the whole belt full of miners will warp away. It’s priceless.

Some brave/clueless/stupid miners (and bots) are still trying to collect Blue Ice. Is it worth it? Let’s find out!

With perfect skills in a Mackinaw, a miner will collect 44 units of ice per hour. With perfect refining skills, each unit of blue ice yields: 50 Heavy Water, 25 Liquid Ozone, 1 Strontium, 300 Oxygen Isotopes.

Current sell market prices in Jita for these items are:
* Heavy Water: 23/unit
* Liquid Ozone: 398/unit
* Oxy Isotopes: 1218/unit
* Strontium: 520/unit

Punching the numbers, we come up with 50,600 ISK for Heavy Water; 437,800 ISK for Liquid Ozone; 16.07M for Oxy Topes; and 22,880 ISK for Stront. Call it 16.5M/hour. A Mack hull is going for 140M. If you can manage to survive ice mining in Gallente space for 8.5 hours, you’ll come out ahead even if you lose your Mack. Of course, I’m not counting the module costs or rig costs either.

I’m not sure any one is surviving more than four or five hours at a time right now. If you’re using a Hulk the numbers are even worse; a Hulk only returns 36 units per hour and costs 200M. At that point you’ll have to mine for close to 15 hours to survive loss of a Hulk.

Not Our Finest Hour

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears, The More You Know, Wormholes on August 22, 2011 by khalia

It had already been a long day for me working a 12-hour shift with my volunteer ambulance service and then having dinner with my grandparents. When I got home Paul, who is going into his weekend, was up for doing wormholes sites. I had scanned down a C2 while I was waiting for him to finish his dinner, and then we ran all of those anoms.

Back in our C3, we started going through the single anom and radar/magneto sites; we’d been talking on Skype for hours and things were getting silly (Paul’s new musical hit coming soon to this blog – stay tuned). We were running with four Drakes and our Thanatos carrier. Then Paul’s terse announcement: “Legion coming in!”. The Legion pointed the carrier as we tried to decide what to do.

Unfortunately we didn’t have many options as directional scanner showed a small fleet – which arrived on scene a few moments later. Three Dominix, a Dominix Navy Issue, an Abbadon, a Typhoon, and a Damnation. We quickly realized their target was the Thanatos as they pointed it and threw all their firepower into it. We were initially hopeful that my flight of 11 fighters and some additional ships could break their tanks… but they had an excellent spider tank setup, and despite best efforts, no amount of fighters and ship DPS we had on hand was going to work for us.

When it was clear that eventually they were going to break the Thanatos tank – it was fit for resists and reps, but against this much DPS it wasn’t going to last – we started trying to get ships out from the carrier bay. We ended up losing a Devoter and a Drake, but we got other ships safely out.

The bad guys attempted a ransom – which we obviously weren’t going to take – but we tried to stall for time by counter-offering:

[06:03:39] bumnz > 500 mil we let ya go
[06:03:49] bumnz > clock is ticking
[06:03:56] Marius Atilla > moo
[06:03:56] bumnz > tick tock
[06:06:00] Marius Atilla > better hurry mate
[06:06:13] Marius Atilla > u bout to die
[06:06:16] PaIIadium > lol
[06:06:20] PaIIadium > not today
[06:07:30] PaIIadium > busy hole you got here
[06:07:42] Radjax > for a minute
[06:07:50] Markus El’kar > 400
[06:08:01] Marius Atilla > deal
[06:08:01] bumnz > ok 400
[06:08:06] bumnz > send to me
[06:08:09] Paul Clavet > logging on an alt
[06:08:22] PaIIadium > whats going on in here?
[06:08:40] Paul Clavet > to get the money
[06:08:41] PaIIadium > a ransom perhaps?
[06:08:52] Paul Clavet > ya

With the Thanatos going into hull, I started the self-destruct timer. If I was going to lose a carrier, I was going to at least get my base insurance payment out of it. Of course the bad guys didn’t like this, leading to some amusing tears:

[06:10:33] Syl Kougai > So you’re going to SD instead of take it like a man? That’ll be good in your blog.
[06:10:34] PaIIadium > that things taking a beating
[06:11:13] Markus El’kar > Insurance.
[06:11:24] GodfreyOfIbelin > i didn’t know wh’s had stations
[06:11:32] Markus El’kar > They don’t. I still get 262m for it.
[06:11:57] Markus El’kar > I have to say I’m impressed what a group of RR Domis can do; nicely played
[06:12:15] Syl Kougai > Be sure to blog about how you sd’d like a bitch.
[06:12:19] bumnz > for selfdestructing im gona leave my alt in here
[06:12:30] bumnz > put that in ya blog and smoke it
[06:12:31] GodfreyOfIbelin > bunch of pussies
[06:12:38] Paul Clavet > lol pirate tears
[06:12:42] Markus El’kar > Deny you the kill and get money back? Yeah, clearly I’m the dumb one =)

The ship self destructed around the 50% hull mark and we warped away; we lost no pods, which was a small blessing. The insurance payment was indeed worth it, and denying them a killmail and drops was added bonus. I would have done it just for the insurance money in any case.

From: Secure Commerce Commission
Sent: 2011.08.22 06:11

RefID:1003045796452 Your friendly insurance company has transferred 262,052,019.20 ISK into your account for the recent loss of your ship. This payout is the default payout for an uninsured ship. If you are interested in better insurance then please visit a station with an Insurance Service for further details.

The resulting smack talk was amusing, considering that we admit they played a nice trap, and that we had failed to do a good job keeping an eye on what was going on.

[06:12:56] Marius Atilla > well you did get caught
[06:12:58] Marius Atilla > so, yeah
[06:13:00] Marius Atilla > you are
[06:13:03] Paul Clavet > Very well sprung trap though, gents
[06:13:09] Syl Kougai > Well
[06:13:12] Syl Kougai > Was worth the try.
[06:13:44] Paul Clavet > yep, well executed
[06:18:22] bumnz > see ya tomo
[06:21:48] rockpoker >
[06:21:55] rockpoker > dont forget to update
[06:25:12] rockpoker > any gf gf peace out
[06:25:21] rockpoker > anyway**
[06:26:24] Khalia Nestune > Oh, we will.

Paul and I spent a good while analyzing our billion-ISK lost. What did we do wrong, what could we have done differently, and what lessons did we learn? Paul will have another post shortly with his own perspective from being in law enforcement.

The primary lesson here was that we got complacent, and in EVE when you get complacent, you die. We should have left the Thanatos just outside the POS and assigned the fighters. I had been doing this most of the time, but for radar and magnetometic sites the additional RR from the carrier and agro onto the carrier was useful. Useful it was, but it left the carrier too vulnerable. Secondly, we did not put sentries on the wormholes in our system; or at least the wormhole from the high security static entrance. We had been doing this recently, but in our rush to get the sites done, we again got complacent and assumed nothing would happen. Tiredness and impatience are a bad combination.

Discussion of what we could have done differently was limited. Really once they had sprung the trap our fate was sealed; there was little we could have done with our on-hand ships against their spider tank setup. Our own set of RR fit battleships, complemented by the carrier RR, might have forced a different outcome, or a draw. Aside from this there was little we could do.

Paul and I have both suffered losses we consider more “dumb”, from a “I can’t believe I lost that ship” point of view, and this wasn’t even the most expensive ship I’d ever lost (a faction-fit Tengu holds that ‘honor’), but it was a sharp reminder that to let down your guard is to invite disaster. You can be sure it isn’t a lesson we will ignore.

He’s Stuck In The Bargaining Phase

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears, Wormholes on August 4, 2011 by khalia

Another quiet day in my w-space system. An inventory of cosmic signatures turns up a K162 connection to a Class 2 with a single Minmatar Large Control Tower. That w-space system turns out to have a connection to high security space. I switch over to another client for a few minutes. When I come back to my scanner I discover a Brutix on directional scanner, and core scanner probes.

Inhabitant or transient from hi-sec? I warp to the sun at 50km, planning to use that as a start point for finding him by directional scanner. Imagine my surprise when I pop out of warp nearly on top of the Brutix. He’s motionless, not aligned to anything, and popping out probes. Targets don’t come much easier than this. I get my main logged – she’s got a PvP fit Legion for these types of encounters.

I mash on dscan as the Legion warps toward the Brutix but he is clearly oblivious. I get a point on him, fire up the lasers and neut, and settle into an orbit. The shields vanish, but his armor tank holds on at 80%, so I wait for the neut to drain him out. No return fire. Then the comm system activates with a hail from the pilot. I accept.

[ 2011.08.04 20:14:54 ] Coreemo > please
[ 2011.08.04 20:14:56 ] Coreemo > dont kill me
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:00 ] Khalia Nestune > why not?
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:04 ] Coreemo > i got trapped in here
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:14 ] Khalia Nestune > how much you willing to pay me?

Clearly not very bright – if he’s begging I’m pretty sure I can get some ISK out of him before popping his ship.

[ 2011.08.04 20:15:17 ] Coreemo > i’ll pay you 15 million
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:21 ] Khalia Nestune > 20
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:21 ] Coreemo > its all i got
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:33 ] Coreemo > ok. fine. 20
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:41 ] Coreemo > just stop please
[ 2011.08.04 20:15:50 ] Khalia Nestune > payment first
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:05 ] Coreemo > i don’t want to be duped though
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:09 ] Coreemo > i’ll show you that i can
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:10 ] Khalia Nestune > your call
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:13 ] Coreemo > i’ll do 5 mill first
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:31 ] Khalia Nestune > listen pal, you send the money or I pew the ship, your call
[ 2011.08.04 20:16:42 ] Coreemo > lead me to an exit, and i’ll pay the rest

Really? I don’t think so.

[ 2011.08.04 20:17:22 ] Khalia Nestune > how about you pay me
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:25 ] Khalia Nestune > and I don’t kill you
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:32 ] Coreemo > ok there
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:38 ] Coreemo > i payed the other 15mill
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:43 ] Coreemo > please let me go
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:47 ] Khalia Nestune > SUDDENLY BETRYAL

You knew this was coming, right?

[ 2011.08.04 20:17:52 ] Coreemo > please
[ 2011.08.04 20:17:54 ] Coreemo > dont
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:06 ] Coreemo > please
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:11 ] Coreemo > this is all i have 🙁

A very evil idea hatches. If he’s really lost, without his ship he’ll have to self-destruct his pod, and that means he loses both ship and implants.

[ 2011.08.04 20:18:17 ] Khalia Nestune > ok well
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:22 ] Khalia Nestune > eject from the ship
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:29 ] Khalia Nestune > I’ll lead you to the exit in your pod
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:36 ] Coreemo > but i need it
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:43 ] Coreemo > all my assests are this ship
[ 2011.08.04 20:18:43 ] Khalia Nestune > ok I blow it

[ 2011.08.04 20:19:06 ] Coreemo > please show some kindness
[ 2011.08.04 20:19:21 ] Khalia Nestune > well I did give you the option of ejecting
[ 2011.08.04 20:19:32 ] Khalia Nestune > without a ship you won’t be able to get out at all
[ 2011.08.04 20:19:36 ] Khalia Nestune > and will have to suicide your pod

By this time I’ve broken his tank and am chewing into hull. I turn off the lasers to give him some incentive.

[ 2011.08.04 20:19:59 ] Coreemo > ok…fine. lead me out. dont pop me
[ 2011.08.04 20:20:09 ] Khalia Nestune > eject

And by god, he ejects.

[ 2011.08.04 20:20:32 ] Khalia Nestune > ok, stay right there

At this point I was going to get an alt to grab the Brutix, but then I realize an even easier solution. His pod goes POP a few seconds later. I grab the Brutix; nothing amazing on it, but at least a decent T2 fit, if heavy on cap recharge.

Then I get some of the best begging and denial I’ve seen in a good long time.

[ 2011.08.04 20:21:11 ] Coreemo > you’re evil
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:30 ] Khalia Nestune > yep
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:32 ] Khalia Nestune > thanks for playing
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:39 ] Coreemo > can i please have my money back
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:41 ] Coreemo > you have my brut
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:43 ] Khalia Nestune > hmmmm
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:45 ] Khalia Nestune > no.
[ 2011.08.04 20:21:48 ] Coreemo > its worth more than the money
[ 2011.08.04 20:22:06 ] Khalia Nestune > you shouldn’t fly what you can’t afford to lose, you know
[ 2011.08.04 20:22:23 ] Coreemo > i didn’t know that wh was occupied
[ 2011.08.04 20:22:44 ] Khalia Nestune > occupied? I’m not even from that WH
[ 2011.08.04 20:22:55 ] Khalia Nestune > you’re a target in a WH, regardless
[ 2011.08.04 20:23:30 ] Coreemo > can you please at least give me my money back? show some sympathy? i know its pathetic to beg
[ 2011.08.04 20:23:40 ] Khalia Nestune > EVE is a nasty, dangerous, unfriendly, game. Even the devs say so.
[ 2011.08.04 20:23:59 ] Coreemo > I can see that
[ 2011.08.04 20:24:16 ] Khalia Nestune > You’ll get some small fame on tho
[ 2011.08.04 20:25:04 ] Coreemo > :/ thats just rubbing salt into the wound

[ 2011.08.04 20:25:33 ] Khalia Nestune > Nice brutix tho
[ 2011.08.04 20:25:48 ] Coreemo > ugh. it took me so much to build that
[ 2011.08.04 20:26:02 ] Khalia Nestune > probally don’t need so much cap recharge tho
[ 2011.08.04 20:26:24 ] Coreemo > i was using it for sleepers since they suck cap

[ 2011.08.04 20:27:44 ] Coreemo > well you have my ship for a trophy
[ 2011.08.04 20:27:54 ] Khalia Nestune > how much did you have in implants?
[ 2011.08.04 20:27:54 ] Coreemo > can i at least have my isk back?
[ 2011.08.04 20:28:16 ] Coreemo > about 10-15 million
[ 2011.08.04 20:28:28 ] Khalia Nestune > No, consider it a learning fee: You’ve learned that Eve is a dangerous place.
[ 2011.08.04 20:28:46 ] Coreemo > can i have half back?
[ 2011.08.04 20:28:51 ] Coreemo > i need something to rebuild with
[ 2011.08.04 20:28:54 ] Khalia Nestune > How long have you been doing this?
[ 2011.08.04 20:29:06 ] Coreemo > started not too long ago
[ 2011.08.04 20:29:39 ] Khalia Nestune > and you’ve been going into wspace alone? not very smart
[ 2011.08.04 20:29:53 ] Coreemo > well i had a drake inbound to assist
[ 2011.08.04 20:30:09 ] Coreemo > he was 4 jumps out when you decided to sneak up on me
[ 2011.08.04 20:30:20 ] Khalia Nestune > should have waited =)
[ 2011.08.04 20:30:30 ] Coreemo > should’ve, but didn’t
[ 2011.08.04 20:31:03 ] Khalia Nestune > The More You Know(tm)

[ 2011.08.04 20:31:50 ] Coreemo > Well can you help me get back on my feet somewhat at least? That was practically all i had
[ 2011.08.04 20:32:08 ] Khalia Nestune > I hear mining in a cruiser can make you some isk
[ 2011.08.04 20:32:26 ] Coreemo > but i don’t have isk to acquire said cruiser
[ 2011.08.04 20:32:38 ] Khalia Nestune > guess you’ll have to start with a frigate
[ 2011.08.04 20:32:41 ] Khalia Nestune > or run missions
[ 2011.08.04 20:33:43 ] Coreemo > ahhh cmon now. you probably have dozens of kills a week
[ 2011.08.04 20:34:07 ] Khalia Nestune > no, but even if I did, I have no reason to give you back your isk
[ 2011.08.04 20:34:11 ] Coreemo > can you shed at least just a little bit of ruthlessness this time?
[ 2011.08.04 20:34:34 ] Khalia Nestune > that would require… some ruth
[ 2011.08.04 20:34:40 ] Khalia Nestune > I seem to have none
[ 2011.08.04 20:34:58 ] Coreemo > :/

CapVerfex and Zylien Luzifer Give CNRs, Deadspace Loot, and 500M to Paul Clavet

Posted in Combat, E-honor, Ninja Salvaging on June 22, 2011 by paul

So, it had been too long. RL concerns have been keeping me from spending much time plying my ninja trade. Today, however, I was home with a sinus infection, high on medication, and bored, so I figured I’d see if my inactivity had lowered my profile enough that carebears would shoot at me. I wasn’t disappointed!

I launched probes and my first hit was a pair of CNRs in a Worlds Collide mission. Now, I’ve been watching as other ninjas did horrible things to mission runners with “salvaging” combat frigates, so a few weeks ago I traded JerkTengu in for some assault frigs, faction frigs, and a Hurricane. Also making a return was the Sacrilege, albeit now T2-fit instead of faction pimped. I grabbed my bait Worm and warped into the mission. As soon as I grabbed some worthless piece of loot, both CNRs locked onto my frigate and fired. I pointed the older of the two players, CapVerfex, and started killing drones, but two opponents’ worth of drones was just too much, and I warped out of the mission in low armor.

As I left, I watched my speed-fit orca alt arrive at the front room. I had it begin approaching the gate to the Guristas room, where my victims were still pewing rats. I warped my Worm back into the mission, caught up with the Orca, and swapped to the Sacrilege. Despite having a Noctis alt in the entrance, neither pilot noticed me until I landed on top of them.

I opened a convo with CapVerfex:

Paul Clavet > 500M or your ship dies
Paul Clavet > You will not get another chance for this
CapVerfex > hmm you sure that i dont pop if i give you the money??^^
Paul Clavet > I do this for a living
Paul Clavet > if I dishonor ransoms, I don’t get more
CapVerfex > kk

CapVerfex > stop shoot
Paul Clavet > 30 seconds to pay
CapVerfex > i send -_-
Paul Clavet > 15 seconds

*CapVerfex pays 500,000,000.00 ISK*

CapVerfex > payed
Paul Clavet > now 500 more
CapVerfex > im blank -_-
Paul Clavet > eject from the other CNR
CapVerfex > damn it
Paul Clavet > last chance
CapVerfex > i dont have the money -_-
CapVerfex > stop it and i can ask the other pilot
Paul Clavet > what other ships do you have?
CapVerfex > lol.. im misson runner and this is my only one …
CapVerfex > -_-

I tried for a second ransom the way that many of my younger Ninja brethren do, but found it to be less satisfying than the SUDDENLY BETRAYAL that I had made popular.

As I burned through CapVerfex’s structure, I was amazed to find that Zylien Luzifer wasn’t warping away. There’s no reason he should have let this happen:


Sigh. Zylien went down even easier.

CapVerfex’s CNR – Including a Caldari Navy Ballistic Control Unit, and a Gist X-Type XL Booster.

Zylien Luzifer’s CNR

I got video of this kill, but I was running four clients, so the framerate was terrible. Also, with some new changes and bugs being introduced since the last time I did this sort of thing, my rustiness from not having done it so long, and the effects of my illness and medication on me, my performance was definitely sub-par. I will try to get good video next time!

Roofman’s Tengu: Not as Winsauce as Khalia’s Worm

Posted in Combat, Ninja Salvaging on March 24, 2011 by khalia

Short entry, because I’m lazy.

Doing the usual work in Ruvas, and come across Roofman in his Tengu. I don’t even steal and he locks me up; so I give it a few and then grab from him. He gives it a few and opens fire on my Worm.

Usually I hold my prey down with the Worm – which has a decent passive tank for a frigate – until the RR shows up, and the Orca for ship-swapping. My only weapons are two rocket launchers and a flight of Warrior IIs – to remove pesky drones as I fly under the target’s guns.

He has no drones so I turn the rocket launcher and drones on him, set my orbit, and work quickly to get the RR and Orca on scene. I look back a few seconds later and realize he’s actually losing shields quickly. I’m hovering at about 40% shield. It can’t be this easy, can it?

He drops into armor and I recall the drones, open a convo window for a ransom. However I forget to turn off the rocket launchers, and he dips into hull and explodes before I can make the ransom attempt. Oops!

Drops: A faction BCS and some T2 toys.
Bonus: 40m worth of T2 salvage from the wreck.
Hilarity: Roofman immediately ragequits.

Taildust Gives Paul Clavet a Loki

Posted in Combat, Duffers, Ninja Salvaging on February 8, 2011 by paul

I was talking with Khalia out of game and announced that it was time for me to get my ninja on. He had been doing his ninja thing in Ammold where I was based at the time, but was frustrated that he wasn’t getting any bites. He declared that he would go one system over to see if he could improve his luck. I told him that I would log in and get an expensive kill in the system he thought was mined out for the night. Of course, he didn’t believe me.

So I dropped probes. The third hit was a Loki flown by Taildust. For all my stupidly expensive kills, I still had not ever gotten a T3 kill. I warped in to find Taildust doing some sort of Sansha mission, pewing the last rat. I looted, and Taildust shot at me.

Do you remember what happens when you shoot at Ninjas? If you said “bad things” then you may move to the head of the class. Also, see me after we’re done. The chalkboard needs cleaning.

He was still there when I arrived, though he was almost out of range and moving away.

I overloaded my afterburner and warp disruptor. A quick note about warp disruptors: If you are flying an expensive ship already, it makes sense to spend the extra money on a faction point. Also, if living out of an Orca it’s worth your time to train the Orca pilot to maxed out Skirmish Warfare skills. Fit all three Skirmish Warfare links. Much like the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expects a Tengu to point them at 48km (overloaded) and charge them in excess of a kilometer per second. I’ve gotten many kills this way that wouldn’t have happened in a stock Raven. This was one of them.

I opened a convo with the victim:

Paul Clavet > 500M or your ship dies
taildust > like io got the money
Paul Clavet > How much do you have?
taildust > i give 20 mill
Paul Clavet > not good enough

I steadily burned through his armor.

I figured that he wasn’t going for a ransom and I’d have to pop him, but there was one thing left to try.

Paul Clavet > eject
Paul Clavet > you’ll get your mods back
Paul Clavet > 15 seconds to comply

A minute passed. Nothing. One more little reminder.

Paul Clavet > you’re going to lose SP


Now, here I must share my fail. In an ongoing effort to fly everything in the game so that I can steal anything in the game, I’ve trained all four racial cruiser skills to V, with Minmatar being the final one completed only days ago. I had all the Minmatar Subsystem skills trained to I, but had forgotten to grab the actual Minmatar Strategic Cruiser Skillbook. Dang it.

I knew I needed to delay Taildust as long as possible while we secured his ship.

Paul Clavet > meet me in station
taildust > i am here
Paul Clavet > OK, it’ll be a minute
taildust > ok

I warped in my Orca, but being deadspace the Orca had over 80km to cover at 78m/s. Luckily even after much taunting Khalia had not ceased to be my BFF and brought over his new toy: A cap-stable Orca that goes over 300m/s. I also had fellow Ninja Zavulon Sukkot start the 14-jump trip over just in case the Loki had something in the hold that prevented it from being scooped by the Orca. Fortunately the Loki only had ammo and was scooped by Khalia, who took it to station and contracted it to me. Khalia was paid 100M and Zavulon 50M for their appreciated efforts.

taildust > how come i wasnt hurting u
Paul Clavet > Because you suck and I am awesome
Paul Clavet > by the way, I’m keeping the ship and whatever is on it
Paul Clavet > thanks for ejecting
taildust > i new it

He came back to the mission in a rookie ship to get his mission item. I pewed him again and popped the can containing his mission item. Whoops.

30 minutes later I had Minmatar Strategic Cruiser I and could get into the Loki. It was mostly T2 fit and T1 rigged, but the hull and subsystems still made for a very profitable evening.