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Reader Submission: Duselduzi falls into my trap and drops faction loot!

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears, Ninja Salvaging on December 29, 2011 by khalia

Our first reader submitted story is from player AKeeFa, who writes clearly and concisely, with tears, loot and betrayal. Well done!


I don’t get much time to grief these days so I quickly scan down a noobish bear salvaging his wreck field in a Noctis and start looting. He warps off, obviously freaked by the flashy-red Vigil in his pocket. I continue to loot and salvage the large wrecks for a few minutes, keeping an eye on local to see if he has left system. A couple of minutes later he returns in a Domi, yellow boxes, unleashes drones and then fires at optimum range. I warp out to my nearby Orca at 20 percent shields and swap to my Tengu, returning to the pocket a minute later to find it empty. Sad faced, I check local and add him as a contact, swap back to my salvager and continue looting. As I burn to his outlying large wrecks, I notice him go offline, which gives me the chance for a badly needed toilet break and a quick nappy change for my four month old son as well.

I return to my Vigil, burning to nowhere and over 300kms from the nearest wreck, just in time to see old mate come back online and the agro expire. We both land on the gate together, but this time he is in a Catalyst and watches me continue to loot and salvage for a minute or two and warps away, presumably to grab his pew-pew Domi. I smile to myself predicting that he will swap in a salvager and tractor beam to stay in pocket and protect his precious wrecks.

Two minutes later he drops in, locks and lets loose with out of range guns, giving me time to confirm my prediction before leaving. He is probably feeling pretty chuffed with himself for successfully scaring away the pesky thief as I land on him and lock him up with my scarey-looking Tengu.

[22:53:47] AKeeFa > 50 mill or your ship dies
[22:54:41] AKeeFa > you have 30 seconds to comply
[22:54:51] duselduzi > what? for?
[22:54:53] AKeeFa > and your drones are useless
[22:55:07] AKeeFa > i will let you have your ship if you pay 🙂

His armour disapears as I disengage my missles.

[22:55:08] duselduzi > u will let me escap?
[22:55:20] AKeeFa > recall your drones too

I have already blown a couple out of his T2 Hammers out of the sky and he docks the remainder up.

[22:55:44] AKeeFa > now pay
[22:55:58] duselduzi > i just have 23mio
[22:56:05] AKeeFa > that is all you have?
[22:56:12] duselduzi > y
[22:56:19] AKeeFa > hmmmm
[22:56:38] AKeeFa > okay i will take 25 mill
[22:57:00] duselduzi > i give u drones this are the missing 2
[22:57:18] AKeeFa > okay abandon all your drones
[22:57:29] AKeeFa > plus the 23 mill
[22:57:46] AKeeFa > all of your drones

He abandons his T2 medium, small and T1 Ogres 🙂

[22:57:51] AKeeFa > good. now pay!
[22:57:55] AKeeFa > pay the 23 mill
[22:58:02] AKeeFa > time is running out
[22:58:09] duselduzi > how does it work?
[22:58:16] AKeeFa > right click on me and give money

I resume pounding him with missiles and his hull begins to disappear quickly.

[22:58:57] duselduzi > plz stop

My wallet flashes and I check to see if he has paid and I disengage my missiles.

[22:58:59] AKeeFa > thank you very much 🙂

But I want more!

[22:59:20] AKeeFa > u sure you dont have anything else to give me?
[22:59:26] AKeeFa > eject your cargo too

A can appears full of ammo and loot.

[23:00:09] AKeeFa > okay i think ive squeezed all i can out of you now
[23:00:13] AKeeFa > did you learn something today??
[23:00:42] duselduzi > i need a pvp ship…
[23:00:47] duselduzi > and mony XD

I reactivate my missiles for the final barrage and hope for some sweet tears.

[23:00:54] AKeeFa > yes what type were you thinking?
[23:00:58] duselduzi > plz stop and let me out.

His Domi explodes to my satisfaction.

[23:01:45] AKeeFa > i know – betrayal sucks 🙁
[23:02:04] AKeeFa > but i hope we can still be friends?
[23:02:59] duselduzi > y we hunt u ally and so
[23:03:11] AKeeFa > hmm? i dont understand?
[23:04:00] AKeeFa > does that mean you and your friends will pew pew me?
[23:06:26] AKeeFa > yum faction armour repair survived :))))

My new friend rage quits. That is the cherry on top.

[23:06:43] AKeeFa > gotta love that! o/

An All-In-One Guide to Ninja Salvaging

Posted in Ninja Salvaging, The More You Know, Video on October 12, 2011 by captain

So a lot of the time I spend online, I see newer players coming into the SN public chat looking for advice on how to start up with doing ninja salvage.

MLYT has hosted many guides, on how to scan, find a system, and more. These guides are great, but they get outdated, and they’re all separate.

I set out with this in mind to produce a sort of all inclusive guide to ninja salvaging, showing beginners to the trade exactly what they’ll need to get themselves started, as well as demonstrate how easy and quickly you can get into it.


In the video embedded below, I discuss what ship to scan and loot with, how to fit them, how to scan, and how to go about ninja salvaging someone’s wrecks. The main purpose for this guide is to be a complete tool to link to people who ask questions, so I can give them good visual advice, rather than have to repeat the same few hours over for each person one on one.


Feedback is always good, but if you comment to say something like “X fit is better cause I do this with it”, then the door is over there ->

This video is intended to give the newest of players the absolute cheapest and easiest way to get started in the trade, and as such makes use of very cheap modules and ships. Yes, you will upgrade, but this is meant as a starting point.


Ninja Salvage and Bait Is Dying

Posted in Ninja Salvaging on September 11, 2011 by khalia

This is an opinion piece. I expect a lot of disagreement in comments; please do. Both Paul and I like to see the blog as a place where people can freely express opinions, even when we don’t agree with them, or you with us.

Commenters have recently asked why Paul and I are living in wormhole space killing sleepers instead of playing in hisec and ganking mission runners. Part of the reason is Paul’s new business which keeps him extremely busy; and the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician class I had been taking this summer. Another reason was that we wanted to get Space Rich, and sleepers are one good way to do it.

But for me, there is another reason: The Ninja Salvage (plus Bait & Gank) play style is no longer anywhere as enjoyable as it once was. When I first started, it was possible to kill two or three ships a night, sometimes even more. And a strong possibility of tears. Now it takes time and effort to get even a single kill. Here’s some of the reasons why this play style, for me, has gone downhill:

When I first started, way back in Quantum Rise, probing was an entirely different affair. It was more difficult to scan down a player, and players had no expectation of someone showing up in their mission and plundering salvage and loot. As a result, shock factor led to shooting. The new scanning system – which I love, don’t get me wrong – makes it fast and easy to scan mission runners down. Combined with a rapid rise in the ninja play style – thanks to visibility from Suddenly Ninjas – today’s mission runners expect to see people popping in on their missions. They know it’s not that hard, and they learned that we can and will come back and blow them up if they decide to shoot us. Suddenly Ninjas have said often, and clearly, “If you don’t want to get shot, don’t shoot ninjas”. They listened.

Changes to missions have also made the ninja/bait lifestyle harder. The Level 4 mission loot nerf sharply reduced the value of looting these missions. As a result mission runners aren’t as eager to loot their missions; many just speed through them to get more ISK/hour from loyalty point rewards. So why shoot at those stealing it? Even if they do decide to salvage and loot, the Noctis has made it all but impossible for a ninja to out salvage a mission runner. The speedy Vigil can’t keep up with 70km tractor beams and salvagers with cycle time bonuses.

Mission runners also used to be congregated in a few places, all well known – Dodixie, Ruvas, Ichiyora to name a few. Changes to missions since then have included missions now being spread to surrounding systems more often and the changing of agents to all of the same quality. Now mission runners don’t need to stay in one place for those L4Q20 missions, and those missions are spread all over the surrounding area. With more diffuse targets, it’s harder to find targets, and if you travel you have to bring your ship collection with you.

I’m not saying you can’t still get a Raven Navy or Rattlesnake kill – people can and do – but it’s not the same fun per hour that it was when I started. This is why I’m not doing this right now. Like Paul, I’m pleased to see people carrying on in the emails to us.

The general decline in the communities around this playstyle are a final reason that I am not highly interested in going back. Suddenly Ninjas and TEARS was at a high point around 18 months ago, but has steadily declined. I am sorry to say that the group which I thought had a lot of intelligent, classy people, now seems more like 4chan’s /b/ section.

As always, comments welcome.

CapVerfex and Zylien Luzifer Give CNRs, Deadspace Loot, and 500M to Paul Clavet

Posted in Combat, E-honor, Ninja Salvaging on June 22, 2011 by paul

So, it had been too long. RL concerns have been keeping me from spending much time plying my ninja trade. Today, however, I was home with a sinus infection, high on medication, and bored, so I figured I’d see if my inactivity had lowered my profile enough that carebears would shoot at me. I wasn’t disappointed!

I launched probes and my first hit was a pair of CNRs in a Worlds Collide mission. Now, I’ve been watching as other ninjas did horrible things to mission runners with “salvaging” combat frigates, so a few weeks ago I traded JerkTengu in for some assault frigs, faction frigs, and a Hurricane. Also making a return was the Sacrilege, albeit now T2-fit instead of faction pimped. I grabbed my bait Worm and warped into the mission. As soon as I grabbed some worthless piece of loot, both CNRs locked onto my frigate and fired. I pointed the older of the two players, CapVerfex, and started killing drones, but two opponents’ worth of drones was just too much, and I warped out of the mission in low armor.

As I left, I watched my speed-fit orca alt arrive at the front room. I had it begin approaching the gate to the Guristas room, where my victims were still pewing rats. I warped my Worm back into the mission, caught up with the Orca, and swapped to the Sacrilege. Despite having a Noctis alt in the entrance, neither pilot noticed me until I landed on top of them.

I opened a convo with CapVerfex:

Paul Clavet > 500M or your ship dies
Paul Clavet > You will not get another chance for this
CapVerfex > hmm you sure that i dont pop if i give you the money??^^
Paul Clavet > I do this for a living
Paul Clavet > if I dishonor ransoms, I don’t get more
CapVerfex > kk

CapVerfex > stop shoot
Paul Clavet > 30 seconds to pay
CapVerfex > i send -_-
Paul Clavet > 15 seconds

*CapVerfex pays 500,000,000.00 ISK*

CapVerfex > payed
Paul Clavet > now 500 more
CapVerfex > im blank -_-
Paul Clavet > eject from the other CNR
CapVerfex > damn it
Paul Clavet > last chance
CapVerfex > i dont have the money -_-
CapVerfex > stop it and i can ask the other pilot
Paul Clavet > what other ships do you have?
CapVerfex > lol.. im misson runner and this is my only one …
CapVerfex > -_-

I tried for a second ransom the way that many of my younger Ninja brethren do, but found it to be less satisfying than the SUDDENLY BETRAYAL that I had made popular.

As I burned through CapVerfex’s structure, I was amazed to find that Zylien Luzifer wasn’t warping away. There’s no reason he should have let this happen:


Sigh. Zylien went down even easier.

CapVerfex’s CNR – Including a Caldari Navy Ballistic Control Unit, and a Gist X-Type XL Booster.

Zylien Luzifer’s CNR

I got video of this kill, but I was running four clients, so the framerate was terrible. Also, with some new changes and bugs being introduced since the last time I did this sort of thing, my rustiness from not having done it so long, and the effects of my illness and medication on me, my performance was definitely sub-par. I will try to get good video next time!

Roofman’s Tengu: Not as Winsauce as Khalia’s Worm

Posted in Combat, Ninja Salvaging on March 24, 2011 by khalia

Short entry, because I’m lazy.

Doing the usual work in Ruvas, and come across Roofman in his Tengu. I don’t even steal and he locks me up; so I give it a few and then grab from him. He gives it a few and opens fire on my Worm.

Usually I hold my prey down with the Worm – which has a decent passive tank for a frigate – until the RR shows up, and the Orca for ship-swapping. My only weapons are two rocket launchers and a flight of Warrior IIs – to remove pesky drones as I fly under the target’s guns.

He has no drones so I turn the rocket launcher and drones on him, set my orbit, and work quickly to get the RR and Orca on scene. I look back a few seconds later and realize he’s actually losing shields quickly. I’m hovering at about 40% shield. It can’t be this easy, can it?

He drops into armor and I recall the drones, open a convo window for a ransom. However I forget to turn off the rocket launchers, and he dips into hull and explodes before I can make the ransom attempt. Oops!

Drops: A faction BCS and some T2 toys.
Bonus: 40m worth of T2 salvage from the wreck.
Hilarity: Roofman immediately ragequits.

Taildust Gives Paul Clavet a Loki

Posted in Combat, Duffers, Ninja Salvaging on February 8, 2011 by paul

I was talking with Khalia out of game and announced that it was time for me to get my ninja on. He had been doing his ninja thing in Ammold where I was based at the time, but was frustrated that he wasn’t getting any bites. He declared that he would go one system over to see if he could improve his luck. I told him that I would log in and get an expensive kill in the system he thought was mined out for the night. Of course, he didn’t believe me.

So I dropped probes. The third hit was a Loki flown by Taildust. For all my stupidly expensive kills, I still had not ever gotten a T3 kill. I warped in to find Taildust doing some sort of Sansha mission, pewing the last rat. I looted, and Taildust shot at me.

Do you remember what happens when you shoot at Ninjas? If you said “bad things” then you may move to the head of the class. Also, see me after we’re done. The chalkboard needs cleaning.

He was still there when I arrived, though he was almost out of range and moving away.

I overloaded my afterburner and warp disruptor. A quick note about warp disruptors: If you are flying an expensive ship already, it makes sense to spend the extra money on a faction point. Also, if living out of an Orca it’s worth your time to train the Orca pilot to maxed out Skirmish Warfare skills. Fit all three Skirmish Warfare links. Much like the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expects a Tengu to point them at 48km (overloaded) and charge them in excess of a kilometer per second. I’ve gotten many kills this way that wouldn’t have happened in a stock Raven. This was one of them.

I opened a convo with the victim:

Paul Clavet > 500M or your ship dies
taildust > like io got the money
Paul Clavet > How much do you have?
taildust > i give 20 mill
Paul Clavet > not good enough

I steadily burned through his armor.

I figured that he wasn’t going for a ransom and I’d have to pop him, but there was one thing left to try.

Paul Clavet > eject
Paul Clavet > you’ll get your mods back
Paul Clavet > 15 seconds to comply

A minute passed. Nothing. One more little reminder.

Paul Clavet > you’re going to lose SP


Now, here I must share my fail. In an ongoing effort to fly everything in the game so that I can steal anything in the game, I’ve trained all four racial cruiser skills to V, with Minmatar being the final one completed only days ago. I had all the Minmatar Subsystem skills trained to I, but had forgotten to grab the actual Minmatar Strategic Cruiser Skillbook. Dang it.

I knew I needed to delay Taildust as long as possible while we secured his ship.

Paul Clavet > meet me in station
taildust > i am here
Paul Clavet > OK, it’ll be a minute
taildust > ok

I warped in my Orca, but being deadspace the Orca had over 80km to cover at 78m/s. Luckily even after much taunting Khalia had not ceased to be my BFF and brought over his new toy: A cap-stable Orca that goes over 300m/s. I also had fellow Ninja Zavulon Sukkot start the 14-jump trip over just in case the Loki had something in the hold that prevented it from being scooped by the Orca. Fortunately the Loki only had ammo and was scooped by Khalia, who took it to station and contracted it to me. Khalia was paid 100M and Zavulon 50M for their appreciated efforts.

taildust > how come i wasnt hurting u
Paul Clavet > Because you suck and I am awesome
Paul Clavet > by the way, I’m keeping the ship and whatever is on it
Paul Clavet > thanks for ejecting
taildust > i new it

He came back to the mission in a rookie ship to get his mission item. I pewed him again and popped the can containing his mission item. Whoops.

30 minutes later I had Minmatar Strategic Cruiser I and could get into the Loki. It was mostly T2 fit and T1 rigged, but the hull and subsystems still made for a very profitable evening.

Sometimes the Bear Eats You

Posted in Combat, Ninja Salvaging, The More You Know on February 4, 2011 by khalia

“Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you.” – Elwin Charles Roe, major league pitcher

Paul and I have never made any illusion that we are invincible, amazing players. His best line on this was, “We don’t claim to be good PvPers. We just kill mission runners in hilarious ways.” Like everyone else, we sometimes have a Really Bad Day. Yesterday was one of those days.

I moved to Ammold system, as Taru was getting used to my presence. I soon found a pair of mission runners running a Gone Berserk mission; an Abaddon and a Vargur. They brought in a third player in a Noctis, so I stole everything the Noctis tractored to himself, and dumped it into a jetcan. Near the end of the mission the Abaddon targets me and aligns to the station. I warp in my Orca to pick up the jet can and so I can swap into a gank ship if he fires.

With all the wrecks gone, he fires, and I jump into my Sacrilege. I had expected him to warp off, but I put a point on him and start firing. After a solid three minutes, I’m realizing that my single energy neut is not enough to break his tank. My alt looks at him with a ship scanner, and he has three Capacitor Control Circuit rigs and his midslots are full of cap rechargers.

It takes another ten minutes, but I manage to get my Orca back in range, and start adding more energy neutralizers to my ship, while also using my alt’s ship scanner to monitor his capacitor level. I add a second neut, then a third, and finally a fourth. This severely gimps my DPS, and he still has enough capacitor recharge to pulse his armor repper to hold out against my DPS. I start trying to figure out how to get my Bhaalgorn out to me so I can swap into it.

While I’m planning, the Vargur pilot has returned and starts dropping ECM drones for the Abaddon. This is a fairly clever move, and I approve. I have to shoot the drones before he recalls them, and hope that the doesn’t get a successful ECM cycle, breaking my lock.

Then, as I’m shooting the ECM drones once again:

Khalia Nestune, criminals are not welcome here!

What the hell? CONCORD arrives in scene and melts my Sacrilege. What just happened? My first assumption is that an aggression timer bug has happened, because of the passing of drones back and forth between the Vargur and the Abaddon. I even file a petition for this. Later I realize what actually happened: I shot one of the drones that the Vargur had dropped and not yet abandoned for the Abaddon. I had no aggression against the Vargur.

“But Khalia”, you say, “didn’t you get a pop-up warning about attacking a neutral?”. I did not. Several days prior I had been attempting to suicide gank T3 ships as they undocked from station. I had disabled the warning, as the short delay could mean the difference between a hit and a miss due to warp.

I’m pretty ticked off at this point, so I dock all my characters. A few minutes later I realize that I could try to extend the aggression timer against the Abaddon by shooting the few wrecks that were left in the mission. So I board my Bhaalgorn (only ship I have in station), and undock.

The few people reading who have kept careful track are now screaming “Nooooooo!” at their computers. Because I had invoked CONCORD, I didn’t have a regular aggression timer, I had a GCC. As soon as I undocked CONCORD spawned again and destroyed my billion ISK faction battleship. Fortunately I was able to get an alt to scoop the drops.

“But Khalia”, you’re asking, “didn’t you see the bright red GCC timer in the upper left?”. I didn’t. I run three or more clients on two monitors, and client space is often at a premium. I had moved the chat window bar to the far left, over the aggression timer, system name, etc. I needed the extra space to work with the target indicators for all of the drones that I was targeting.

At this point I did the smart thing: I closed the client and went to read a book.

Losing the Sacrilege was annoying, but I was more upset because I thought CONCORD had spawned due to a bug. Losing the Bhaalgorn is painful. I have enough ISK to replace it several times over, but it’s still a big expensive loss, and by my own carelessness.

What are the lessons to be learned here? First, don’t turn off your CONCORD warning. Secondly, when you lose a ship, take a deep breath, stand up and walk around for a minute to clear your head. Mistakes are easier to make when you’re upset. I also had some personal drama going on in real life, adding to my loss of perspective.

I’m not going to replace my Bhaalgorn immediately. To remind myself of this, I’m going to use a T1 battleship as my backup gank ship for a while. I have dozens of mission runner kills in my past with battlecruisers and T1 battleships, and I think it will be good to remember that an expensive tool is not always the best for the job.

Limbizquit Loses Faction-Fit Vargur, 500M Ransom to Paul Clavet

Posted in Combat, Ninja Salvaging, Video on January 31, 2011 by paul

(HD up to 1080p available!)


I’m pretty proud of this gank and the associated video. If you’re a ninja who hasn’t trained your scanning skills up, take a look and you’ll see why they’re crucial.

From the Mailbag: Ronin Noble’s First Gank

Posted in Combat, Mail, Ninja Salvaging on January 30, 2011 by paul

Hey Paul,

I wanted to thank you, over the past couple of months i have been a avid reader of your blog. I always loved the way you would gank mission runners and its something iv always wanted to do, but never really set out to doin it.

until recently…

On Friday i decided stuff it I have nothing to lose, so i decided to setup shop in Dodixie Solar System and bought myself a cane and a probing ship. Friday was pretty slow with no1 biting, but i did encounter a guy that would just run 1 mission, never completing it just farming the rats. No matter what i did he would never target me, eventually he convoed me at we got talking. I played the nice guy with no money and continued to loot his wrecks which he didnt have much of a problem with.

So today i log on and see him in local, so i decided to warp to his bookmark and see if he was there. Luckily he was, so i thought i would change things up and started to “help” him clear the rats. When we were done i targetted him and prayed he had auto target on, BOOM jackpot he targetted me back. I started to orbit him and next thing he opens up on me, but immediately apologizes in chat saying that he thought I was a rat. I start seeing dollar signs and begin to open up on him, had my neuts and distruptor goin. He begins to beg in chat but this was a NAVY MEGATHRON and this was gonna be my 1ST SOLO KILL!! So he starts leaking into hull and i see he starts tanking a little so i start over heating and he shatters into a beautiful white plume of smoke.

At this point im having the mother of all adrenaline rushes and my hands were shaking, i open his wreck and cha-ching:

So big thank you for inspiring me to try this, my 1st solo kill was a navy megathron and he dropped awesome loot valued over 500mil!

Never stop writing and i look forward to reading more of your devilous indevours!

Ronin out!

Gunbuster Rono donates his Apocalypse Navy Issue to Jerks

Posted in Combat, Duffers, Ninja Salvaging on January 24, 2011 by khalia

Three hours of ninja salvaging had gone by without a single mission runner shooting at me. I was getting desperate. When I scanned down an Apocalypse Navy Issue, I grabbed a gank Hurricane I had sitting around and warped in. Perhaps looting in a battlecruiser would get this guy all hot and bothered. Apparently it did, because he opened fire as soon as I looted.

Unfortunately my Hurricane isn’t a match for a well-fit faction battleship, and I ended up warping out in structure.

I go grab my Sacrilege, and Gunbuster mouths off in local:

[ 2011.01.25 01:05:49 ] Gunbuster Rono > you better run!
[ 2011.01.25 01:09:59 ] Gunbuster Rono > just to let everyone know, Khalia Nestune is coming into missions and looting just so he can get you to attack. he wasn’t able to kill me in his hurricane, though

He’s left the mission but is still in system. I have written his scan id down, like all good probers do, so I scan him down to an asteroid belt. Thirty seconds later I have a point on him. Here begins a long, long battle. I get under his guns, but he turns everything off except his hardeners and pulses his armor repper. My single medium energy neutralizer isn’t enough to entirely kill his capacitor because of this, so we stalemate staying at 100% armor.


Meanwhile, on Vent:

Khalia: “For the love of god, I can’t break this Apoc Navy’s tank!”
Paul: “Should I head down there?”
Khalia: “You may as well, I’m going to be here for a while.”
Paul: “Ok… it’s 16 jumps. Bringing the JerkTengu.”

My next move is to warp in my alts – one in a Basilisk for shield/energy, the other in the Orca. I don’t use the Basilisk right now as I don’t need either cap transfer or any remote repair. The Orca has some junk modules in it from looting, so I locate a small energy neut and fit it up.

The second neut has no effect. I send my Basilisk alt off to purchase a medium energy neut from the next system over. That goes on soon enough, and has zero effect. We’re now at 20 minutes and counting with his tank still not broken.

Khalia: “Paul, where the hell are you?”
Paul: “Getting you another medium neut and some ammo, you ungrateful jerk.”

In local:

[ 2011.01.25 01:36:12 ] Gunbuster Rono > all this time you’ve wasted. you could’ve already found another prey to kill
[ 2011.01.25 01:38:19 ] Khalia Nestune > Patience is rewarded =)

Paul finally arrives, 30 minutes after I’d pointed the Apoc Navy Issue. He drops me a third energy neut – and forgets the ammo of course – and swaps ships with my Basilisk pilot. If Gunbuster shoots Paul when he transfers me energy, Paul can swap back into the Tengu and quickly end this internet space ship Mexican stand-off.

The third medium neut does the trick and his tank breaks. I offer a ransom of 400m, but he’s wise to us dishonoring the ransom. What happens later means we end up with even more ISK than if he had paid ransom!

[ 2011.01.25 01:45:48 ] Khalia Nestune > 400m, or I pop it
[ 2011.01.25 01:46:10 ] Gunbuster Rono > you’re going to pop it anyway
[ 2011.01.25 01:46:15 ] Khalia Nestune > not if you pay

So I continue to shoot him. Then, this happens:


Khalia: “What the hell… did he eject?!”
Paul: “Holy shit, yes he did. Stop shooting!”
Khalia: “Stoped. Can’t board!”
Paul: “Stop targeting it… I’m in!”


Gunbuster gives his 600M Apocalypse Navy Issue to us and we’re just agog about it. It isn’t even a mistake, as he comments in local:

2011.01.25 01:48:40 ] Gunbuster Rono > forget it. you can have the ship
[ 2011.01.25 01:48:52 ] Khalia Nestune > o./
[ 2011.01.25 01:48:52 ] Gunbuster Rono > next time i just wont shoot you
[ 2011.01.25 01:50:03 ] Khalia Nestune > thanks dude!
[ 2011.01.25 01:50:05 ] Khalia Nestune > woo
[ 2011.01.25 01:50:15 ] Paul Clavet > He ejected, we own the ship now


Paul gives me the Apoc Navy, and I give him 100M ISK for his help. I’m still stunned. He had a lot of options – he could have self-destructed, denying us anything. He could have let it die, and we would have gotten some T2 modules. If he had friends, a remote-rep battleship with guns would have ended the whole thing.

Post Note: My girlfriend is a gamer, but she’s not familiar with EVE. The previous night we’re chatting on instant messenger, and I was explaining about mission runner ‘piracy’:

(11:44:59 PM) Khalia’s girlfriend: can’t you steal other people’s ships and have a fleet or something?
(11:45:06 PM) Khalia: ?
(11:45:26 PM) Khalia: not sure what you’re asking
(11:45:44 PM) Khalia’s girlfriend: can you hijack a ship?
(11:45:54 PM) Khalia: not in the sense you mean
(11:46:13 PM) Khalia: you’d have to get the player to eject from his ship, and you’d have to eject from yours and then board his
(11:46:25 PM) Khalia: but there is really no reason to eject from your ship in a fight
(11:47:00 PM) Khalia: we do ransom people (“Give use xxxx $ or we blow you up”)
(11:47:06 PM) Khalia: and then promptly blow them up anyways
(11:47:11 PM) Khalia’s girlfriend: nice
(11:47:41 PM) Khalia’s girlfriend: but I mean, what if the other person’s ship is shinier and you want it. Can you take it if you wanted to?
(11:48:11 PM) Khalia: not really, no
(11:48:49 PM) Khalia’s girlfriend: so you can rob and kidnap but there’s no space piracy?
(11:49:07 PM) Khalia: piracy is blowing them up and taking whatever survives
(11:49:32 PM) Khalia’s girlfriend: that’s what i mean though
(11:49:46 PM) Khalia: can’t get the ship complete tho

Men take note: Anything you tell your girl is impossible, she will prove you wrong.