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Trollin’ The War

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears on June 24, 2012 by khalia

What’s more fun that making stupid easy ISK on faction warfare?

Finding other members of your own militia running those sites, and then entering them to snatch some of the LP. Or, shoot them.

I had some fun with this today, jumping in on Poetic Stanziel and then pretending to be a Russian. People hate Russians. This generated some delicious tears. I attempted to engage him once, but discovered my not-so-old alt lacked the speed to keep him pointed.

A wild faction bear appears in Stanziel’s plex!

[19:29:35] Poetic Stanziel > Jumping in on my plex … not cool. Splitting LP I don’t want to split.
[19:29:42] Allison Phoenix > Я не говорю по английски [I don’t speak english]
[19:30:15] Poetic Stanziel > Go find another plex, please.
[19:30:38] Allison Phoenix > но мы оба Minmatar? [but we’re both Minmatar?]
[19:32:14] Poetic Stanziel > Fuck off, Russian.
[19:33:05] Allison Phoenix > может блохи заводятся вашу промежность! [may fleas infest your crotch!]

We split the LP and he warps away.

I find him again later and jump in. He agresses me with his Hobgoblin II. I easily tank it.
His T2 AB skills beat my T1 AB skills, so I can’t keep a point on him. The site finishes, we split the LP again.

[22:23:38] Allison Phoenix > Спасибо за LP =) [thanks for the LP]
[22:25:11] Aristeia Cersei > Minmatar are worse carebears than Caldari..
[22:25:52] Poetic Stanziel > He’s a Russian fuck, is what he is.
[22:26:10] Allison Phoenix > No, but I trolled you well.

Stanziel leaves system.

It Was Old Man Goon All Along!

Posted in Capers, CCP, Delicious Tears on June 21, 2012 by paul

Or, How Paul and Khalia Unintentionally Rode The Coattails of Goonswarm to Almost-Riches

So Khalia and I recently sort of came back to Eve. I wanted to try the ninja baiting thing again, but quickly once more fell into discomfort with the lack of lulz/hour it offered. Khalia came back as well and erected a little tower in NPC nullsec from which we repeatedly shot Angels in the face. That was mildly amusing.

Two weeks ago, Khalia got tipped off to an opportunity. It seemed that CCP had tweaked LP store payouts for Factional Warfare, making it much more profitable than before. Furthermore, one could effectively run small and medium FW complexes with week-old toons in frigates. These frigs didn’t even have to fit guns, since the sites were completed by proximity to the capture point. Go to lowsec, scan FW plexes, orbit with afterburner on, and ignore the NPCs. You had to keep an eye out for fast attack frigates from opposing faction pilots, but for the most part it was press button, receive bacon.

The LP store prices for FW are set depending on how successful your faction has been against the enemy.  At Tier 3, it’s meh money. At T4, it’s good money. At T5, it’s stupid amounts of money.

I don’t have any knowledge of the history of FW, nor do I want to have such knowledge. But when we got into it a couple weeks ago, Minmatar was absolutely dominating Amarr, riding at T4 rewards most of the time and sometimes peaking into T5 for a few hours.

Khalia did the math, moved a new alt out to Caldari FW space to test the waters, then told me that I’d be a moron not to get out there. Before long we were running five pilots between the two of us in the early morning hours during the week, when most of the opposition was in bed. We thought that it was just a horrifyingly unbalanced system, and that as word got out about how good the money was, prices on LP store items would either crash or CCP would take action to make the activity less profitable.

To give you some idea, we were making somewhere between 200M and 500M per hour orbiting frigates piloted by 2M SP toons. It couldn’t last, so we kept our mouths shut and made hay while the sun shone.

This morning, Khalia sent me this link:

The TLDR version is that Goonswarm discovered that the mechanic by which CCP awarded LP for killing enemy pilots was hilariously broken. They took advantage of this by filling the holds of haulers belonging to “enemy” alts and blowing them up. The output of the items blown up in this way was greater than the LP used to create them, thus creating for the Goons an endless stream of Minmatar LP. They used this to buy obscene numbers of faction blueprints, high-end implants, and datacores. Because they had such large amounts of LP to play with, they maximized their payout by using the LP to upgrade Minmatar iHubs, thus leaning against enemy FW pilots with unlimited weight. Any time the Amarr thought they were turning the tide, the Goons simply tossed a bit more of their LP at the problem.

By doing this they gained an immense number of tremendously valuable items in-game, and flooded the market for those items, murdering the worth of LP rewards for every mission-runner in the game.

CCP has now fixed the LP spigot, and is stating clearly that things were not working as intended. What will happen to the Goons involved? If taken at traditional market prices, the LP items they’ve gained are worth… I don’t know how much, and the “hundreds of trillions” numbers that people are throwing around may be pure speculation. I haven’t seen any sort of reliable confirmed numbers from the source, but an image of one of the T5 cash-outs posted in the thread suggests that at the very least, the number is in the tens of trillions.

The good news is that none of that money was printed by the game. It wasn’t that kind of exploit. The only thing created out of thin air was LP points, which were in turn used to create LP store items. This means that if CCP takes no action beyond preventing further abuse (which is certainly a possibility), the market for anything you could have bought at the Minmatar LP store is nuked for the foreseeable future, but the economy as a whole won’t be hit by yet more inflation. The biggest losers in this are holders and LP store creators of implants and datacores.

CCP may move to yoink large stockpiles of such items that have been created this way, but much of the damage has already been done.

What’s next for us? Well, I’m sitting on about 600,000 LP and Khalia has about 800,000. We’re keeping an eye on the Minmatar FW rewards status, which is currently at Tier 3. The question seems to be: How many others were doing what we were doing, and do any of them hold sufficiently large LP stockpiles to be interested in giving Minmatar FW that one last push to cash out at T4?

One thing’s for certain: Whether you were part of the abuse of the game mechanics for obscene amounts of money, or just a freerider taking advantage of what you thought was just an unbalanced FW patch for serious LP, the flow of free ice cream has ceased. But Khalia and I did have fun playing in lowsec for a while. 🙂

(Cue FW apologists saying that the Goons weren’t the reason for Minmatar domination in three, two…)

Black Prophecy Tears: Ironfrost and his E-Honor

Posted in Delicious Tears, Not Really EVE on January 8, 2012 by khalia

Black Prophecy continues to give me lots of enjoyment. I’d discovered that the character search would not only tell you who was online – on the opposing team – but where they happened to be at that very moment. This made it easy to follow the same player all over the game and shoot him over and over.

Then he brought his slightly higher level friend, and I shot that guy over and over. Since he couldn’t kill me before I killed him, I let him get in a few shots. When he eventually left the sector, I opened a conversation with him. What resulted was classic “games are like real life!” e-honor hilarity.

Black Prophecy lacks any ability to save chats, which is extremely annoying, so I had to screen shot everything.

Reader Submission: Duselduzi falls into my trap and drops faction loot!

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears, Ninja Salvaging on December 29, 2011 by khalia

Our first reader submitted story is from player AKeeFa, who writes clearly and concisely, with tears, loot and betrayal. Well done!


I don’t get much time to grief these days so I quickly scan down a noobish bear salvaging his wreck field in a Noctis and start looting. He warps off, obviously freaked by the flashy-red Vigil in his pocket. I continue to loot and salvage the large wrecks for a few minutes, keeping an eye on local to see if he has left system. A couple of minutes later he returns in a Domi, yellow boxes, unleashes drones and then fires at optimum range. I warp out to my nearby Orca at 20 percent shields and swap to my Tengu, returning to the pocket a minute later to find it empty. Sad faced, I check local and add him as a contact, swap back to my salvager and continue looting. As I burn to his outlying large wrecks, I notice him go offline, which gives me the chance for a badly needed toilet break and a quick nappy change for my four month old son as well.

I return to my Vigil, burning to nowhere and over 300kms from the nearest wreck, just in time to see old mate come back online and the agro expire. We both land on the gate together, but this time he is in a Catalyst and watches me continue to loot and salvage for a minute or two and warps away, presumably to grab his pew-pew Domi. I smile to myself predicting that he will swap in a salvager and tractor beam to stay in pocket and protect his precious wrecks.

Two minutes later he drops in, locks and lets loose with out of range guns, giving me time to confirm my prediction before leaving. He is probably feeling pretty chuffed with himself for successfully scaring away the pesky thief as I land on him and lock him up with my scarey-looking Tengu.

[22:53:47] AKeeFa > 50 mill or your ship dies
[22:54:41] AKeeFa > you have 30 seconds to comply
[22:54:51] duselduzi > what? for?
[22:54:53] AKeeFa > and your drones are useless
[22:55:07] AKeeFa > i will let you have your ship if you pay 🙂

His armour disapears as I disengage my missles.

[22:55:08] duselduzi > u will let me escap?
[22:55:20] AKeeFa > recall your drones too

I have already blown a couple out of his T2 Hammers out of the sky and he docks the remainder up.

[22:55:44] AKeeFa > now pay
[22:55:58] duselduzi > i just have 23mio
[22:56:05] AKeeFa > that is all you have?
[22:56:12] duselduzi > y
[22:56:19] AKeeFa > hmmmm
[22:56:38] AKeeFa > okay i will take 25 mill
[22:57:00] duselduzi > i give u drones this are the missing 2
[22:57:18] AKeeFa > okay abandon all your drones
[22:57:29] AKeeFa > plus the 23 mill
[22:57:46] AKeeFa > all of your drones

He abandons his T2 medium, small and T1 Ogres 🙂

[22:57:51] AKeeFa > good. now pay!
[22:57:55] AKeeFa > pay the 23 mill
[22:58:02] AKeeFa > time is running out
[22:58:09] duselduzi > how does it work?
[22:58:16] AKeeFa > right click on me and give money

I resume pounding him with missiles and his hull begins to disappear quickly.

[22:58:57] duselduzi > plz stop

My wallet flashes and I check to see if he has paid and I disengage my missiles.

[22:58:59] AKeeFa > thank you very much 🙂

But I want more!

[22:59:20] AKeeFa > u sure you dont have anything else to give me?
[22:59:26] AKeeFa > eject your cargo too

A can appears full of ammo and loot.

[23:00:09] AKeeFa > okay i think ive squeezed all i can out of you now
[23:00:13] AKeeFa > did you learn something today??
[23:00:42] duselduzi > i need a pvp ship…
[23:00:47] duselduzi > and mony XD

I reactivate my missiles for the final barrage and hope for some sweet tears.

[23:00:54] AKeeFa > yes what type were you thinking?
[23:00:58] duselduzi > plz stop and let me out.

His Domi explodes to my satisfaction.

[23:01:45] AKeeFa > i know – betrayal sucks 🙁
[23:02:04] AKeeFa > but i hope we can still be friends?
[23:02:59] duselduzi > y we hunt u ally and so
[23:03:11] AKeeFa > hmm? i dont understand?
[23:04:00] AKeeFa > does that mean you and your friends will pew pew me?
[23:06:26] AKeeFa > yum faction armour repair survived :))))

My new friend rage quits. That is the cherry on top.

[23:06:43] AKeeFa > gotta love that! o/

AkaVindogkilla Cries Over Spilled CovOps

Posted in Delicious Tears on November 8, 2011 by paul

I’m not dead! I’m of course very, very busy, but in the mean time have been working on a ganking alt. She’s been popping pods in Jita while training up to larger ganking boats. I’ve been using the chance to learn all about how to manage flashy pilots in 1.0 security space.

Anyway, tonight I was scanning idle ships with my main when I found an Anathema sitting in space with a Sister’s Expanded launcher. It also had half armor damage and no tanking mods. This will do!

So I got Probably A Trap inbound with a Thrasher. She took out the shields, armor, and half the structure. Curse your low skills!

I quickly swap Paul’s scanning ship for another Thrasher and finish the job. Hooray, the loot dropped! Unfortunately, this puts Paul’s security status at -.31. I call it a night with my alt and clone jump out to null for some sec grinding.

I didn’t think anything much of the event, and certainly didn’t expect the convo:

AkaVindogkilla > yd u do that u goof
Paul Clavet > 🙂
AkaVindogkilla > fag
Paul Clavet > nice
Paul Clavet > hate gay people, do you?
AkaVindogkilla > eat shit
Paul Clavet > Why would I do that?
Paul Clavet > What’s your problem, anyway?
AkaVindogkilla > u fuckin blow up my ship for no reason
Paul Clavet > I had a reason
Paul Clavet > you had expensive mods that I wanted… and got!
AkaVindogkilla > good i come find u
Paul Clavet > orly
Paul Clavet > What are you going to do, AFK me to death?
(Time passes)
Paul Clavet > I see that you’re practicing now for the battle
AkaVindogkilla > your a bum lmfao
Paul Clavet > Says the kid who died by sitting there and doing nothing.
(More time passes)
AkaVindogkilla > <url=showinfo:1377//1544194471>Paul Clavet</url>
Paul Clavet > yes?
AkaVindogkilla > your luck i cant put bounty i would put a billion
AkaVindogkilla > goof fuck
AkaVindogkilla > i pay mercs
Paul Clavet > Mercs, huh?
Paul Clavet > You could also try, maybe, not sitting AFK with faction probe launchers on your ship?
AkaVindogkilla > hideing in null sec?
Paul Clavet > Grinding security status back up so I can kill again 🙂
Paul Clavet > besides, I thought a hardcore individual like you would be happy that I was out in null where you might be able to kill me
Paul Clavet > I’m out here in a lonely bomber… I invite you to send your mercs after me in my vulnerable state
AkaVindogkilla > dony worry they find u i aint a bum like you broke ass lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahha
AkaVindogkilla > K212-A system, 51ZT-6 constellation
Paul Clavet > a little less broke after I stole your launcher 🙂
Paul Clavet > by the way, your typing is atrocious… are you drunk?
AkaVindogkilla > squid
Paul Clavet > squid?
AkaVindogkilla > your a squid goof rat come fight me one on one u pussy

Just posting proof that I’m not dead yet. 🙂

Ice Miners Go Boom

Posted in Capers, Delicious Tears on October 22, 2011 by khalia

I was hanging around yesterday in the Gonegalt channel where Goons & friends connect to share intel and coordinate ice miner ganks. Someone mentioned a Mackinaw in Ignebaener. Fellow blogger Planetary Genocide perked up, and so did I. We coordinated for a gank, but the target had fled by the time we were in position.

Not being content to go without miner death, we found a Covetor in Ardallabier and reduced it to scrap metal. PG got the killmail, he’ll have to post it, but the response in local was worth it:

[ 2011.10.21 20:54:41 ] sminatore lupacchiotti > Aaron??!!
[ 2011.10.21 20:54:45 ] sminatore lupacchiotti > why you kill me
[ 2011.10.21 20:54:46 ] sminatore lupacchiotti > ??
[ 2011.10.21 20:55:38 ] sminatore lupacchiotti > guys look for Aaron Sarukake and Commander Derpy Hooves they kill me in belt

PG had to go back to real life, so I scouted unsuccessfully for a while. Quite a few hours later, just before bed, I decided to have a look in my now-favorite system of Stegette. Stegette is a 0.5 system surrounded by low security systems. Miners some how think people won’t brave the low sec to get at them there.

My suicide Rupture landed on top of a Covetor, who warped off before I could target; but he returned a few minutes later and started mining again! The obvious result followed, along with threats of REVENGE:

[ 2011.10.22 06:06:24 ] Mr Hunk > now you will be hunted down
[ 2011.10.22 06:07:05 ] Khalia Nestune > lol
[ 2011.10.22 06:07:14 ] Khalia Nestune > gl with that =)

He Didn’t Get The Memo

Posted in Delicious Tears on October 6, 2011 by khalia

[05:48:11] Mafioz Invader > why are you killing anybody thats mining ic
[05:48:13] Mafioz Invader > ice
[05:49:23] Johanes Miller > New rules, ice mining is not allowed in Gallente space.
[05:49:37] Mafioz Invader > why not
[05:50:03] Johanes Miller > New Miner Union rules.
[05:50:08] Johanes Miller > You should have gotten the mail.
[05:50:32] Mafioz Invader > no i havent
[05:51:16] Johanes Miller > Well, ignorance is no excuse.
[05:51:35] Johanes Miller > Go to Caldari space, mine there.
[05:51:44] Mafioz Invader > is this rule a long term thing or not
[05:51:51] Johanes Miller > Oh, this is for good.
[05:52:45] Johanes Miller > Ice mining in gallente space is outlawed from now on.
[05:53:10] Mafioz Invader > any where in galente
[05:53:18] Johanes Miller > Yep.
[05:53:48] Mafioz Invader > sux

I’m not a Goon, I just play one on TV

Posted in Delicious Tears on October 5, 2011 by khalia

So Goonswarm has decided to corner the Oxygen Isotope market by killing every blue ice miner in high-security space. I find the idea both clever and interesting – I want to see if they can actually keep it up to make a long-term impact on the market.

Meanwhile lots of hilarity is to be found by people still trying to ice mine. Miners are using super-tanked Hulks and Mackinaw, remote repair, and even Orca-swapping. Good laughs are to be found when you can kill one of these guys. I suggest an alpha-strike fit Tempest or Malestrom.

Here’s a sample from last night:

[08:21:18] Commander Reymond > wow
[08:21:24] Commander Reymond > wtf
[08:21:32] Fishbone > never saw him lock – they getting sneaky
[08:21:39] Zarazor Haargrim > yeah, suspected that, which is why I warped down originally
[08:21:44] Khalia Nestune > Your friendly insurance company has transferred 72,927,368.00 ISK into your account for the recent loss of your ship.
[08:21:44] Zarazor Haargrim > keep an eye on local
[08:22:03] Zarazor Haargrim > as soon as a goon goes GCC you know they are about to attack, draw concorde off first
[08:22:13] Zarazor Haargrim > or some random npc corp
[08:22:24] Commander Reymond > bastards
[08:22:41] Fishbone > yep – i was just saying that earlier – they draw them off
[08:22:47] Zarazor Haargrim > yep
[08:22:57] Zarazor Haargrim > exploit
[08:23:06] Fishbone > yep
[08:23:12] Isabella Tatsushiro > mmmm alloyed trit bars
[08:23:50] Zarazor Haargrim > i’ll do a trial petiton and see what the response is
[08:24:09] Commander Reymond > >_< damit fish i was looking at him too wasnt for sure if he was a spai
[08:24:23] Witch Mountain > was a non Goon that attacked as well
[08:24:41] Isabella Tatsushiro > maybe an alt?
[08:24:49] Commander Reymond > yes alt
[08:24:53] Commander Reymond > Sudden ninja
[08:25:00] Commander Reymond > ex

Exploits? Goon alts? Oh the LOLs.

I Am Paul Clavet’s Wasted Life

Posted in Delicious Tears on September 8, 2011 by paul

Though Khalia and I have been in wspace winning and failing spectacularly, there are those who carry my banner without my even asking. I’ve commented more than once that I feel like the Joe/Jack protagonist in Fight Club, with people off doing things in my name that are entirely outside of my knowledge. I will post two Eve mails I have received recently without any further comment.

From: Kim Jong Illest
Sent: 2011.09.08 18:03
To: Paul Clavet,

o/ Paul,

Reading your blog has inspired me to become a collector of tears. I have created this alt as a suicide ganker of miners, and, as a tribute to you would like to send all my victims a message that “Paul Clavet sends his regards”. Is that ok with you? Thanks for all your hard work on the Blog, as well as to everyone else involved. Fly Safe


And then…

sending regards
From: aflixxion
Sent: 2011.09.08 14:15
To: Paul Clavet,

your buddy Kim Jong Illest just ganked a friend that is a indy pilot and said you send your regards. So i hope you sent your buddy out to gank the right person cause clearly you have my friend mistaken for someone unless that is your alt or what ever you friend kim duck dong or whatever his name is no matter just another gook


Not Our Finest Hour

Posted in Combat, Delicious Tears, The More You Know, Wormholes on August 22, 2011 by khalia

It had already been a long day for me working a 12-hour shift with my volunteer ambulance service and then having dinner with my grandparents. When I got home Paul, who is going into his weekend, was up for doing wormholes sites. I had scanned down a C2 while I was waiting for him to finish his dinner, and then we ran all of those anoms.

Back in our C3, we started going through the single anom and radar/magneto sites; we’d been talking on Skype for hours and things were getting silly (Paul’s new musical hit coming soon to this blog – stay tuned). We were running with four Drakes and our Thanatos carrier. Then Paul’s terse announcement: “Legion coming in!”. The Legion pointed the carrier as we tried to decide what to do.

Unfortunately we didn’t have many options as directional scanner showed a small fleet – which arrived on scene a few moments later. Three Dominix, a Dominix Navy Issue, an Abbadon, a Typhoon, and a Damnation. We quickly realized their target was the Thanatos as they pointed it and threw all their firepower into it. We were initially hopeful that my flight of 11 fighters and some additional ships could break their tanks… but they had an excellent spider tank setup, and despite best efforts, no amount of fighters and ship DPS we had on hand was going to work for us.

When it was clear that eventually they were going to break the Thanatos tank – it was fit for resists and reps, but against this much DPS it wasn’t going to last – we started trying to get ships out from the carrier bay. We ended up losing a Devoter and a Drake, but we got other ships safely out.

The bad guys attempted a ransom – which we obviously weren’t going to take – but we tried to stall for time by counter-offering:

[06:03:39] bumnz > 500 mil we let ya go
[06:03:49] bumnz > clock is ticking
[06:03:56] Marius Atilla > moo
[06:03:56] bumnz > tick tock
[06:06:00] Marius Atilla > better hurry mate
[06:06:13] Marius Atilla > u bout to die
[06:06:16] PaIIadium > lol
[06:06:20] PaIIadium > not today
[06:07:30] PaIIadium > busy hole you got here
[06:07:42] Radjax > for a minute
[06:07:50] Markus El’kar > 400
[06:08:01] Marius Atilla > deal
[06:08:01] bumnz > ok 400
[06:08:06] bumnz > send to me
[06:08:09] Paul Clavet > logging on an alt
[06:08:22] PaIIadium > whats going on in here?
[06:08:40] Paul Clavet > to get the money
[06:08:41] PaIIadium > a ransom perhaps?
[06:08:52] Paul Clavet > ya

With the Thanatos going into hull, I started the self-destruct timer. If I was going to lose a carrier, I was going to at least get my base insurance payment out of it. Of course the bad guys didn’t like this, leading to some amusing tears:

[06:10:33] Syl Kougai > So you’re going to SD instead of take it like a man? That’ll be good in your blog.
[06:10:34] PaIIadium > that things taking a beating
[06:11:13] Markus El’kar > Insurance.
[06:11:24] GodfreyOfIbelin > i didn’t know wh’s had stations
[06:11:32] Markus El’kar > They don’t. I still get 262m for it.
[06:11:57] Markus El’kar > I have to say I’m impressed what a group of RR Domis can do; nicely played
[06:12:15] Syl Kougai > Be sure to blog about how you sd’d like a bitch.
[06:12:19] bumnz > for selfdestructing im gona leave my alt in here
[06:12:30] bumnz > put that in ya blog and smoke it
[06:12:31] GodfreyOfIbelin > bunch of pussies
[06:12:38] Paul Clavet > lol pirate tears
[06:12:42] Markus El’kar > Deny you the kill and get money back? Yeah, clearly I’m the dumb one =)

The ship self destructed around the 50% hull mark and we warped away; we lost no pods, which was a small blessing. The insurance payment was indeed worth it, and denying them a killmail and drops was added bonus. I would have done it just for the insurance money in any case.

From: Secure Commerce Commission
Sent: 2011.08.22 06:11

RefID:1003045796452 Your friendly insurance company has transferred 262,052,019.20 ISK into your account for the recent loss of your ship. This payout is the default payout for an uninsured ship. If you are interested in better insurance then please visit a station with an Insurance Service for further details.

The resulting smack talk was amusing, considering that we admit they played a nice trap, and that we had failed to do a good job keeping an eye on what was going on.

[06:12:56] Marius Atilla > well you did get caught
[06:12:58] Marius Atilla > so, yeah
[06:13:00] Marius Atilla > you are
[06:13:03] Paul Clavet > Very well sprung trap though, gents
[06:13:09] Syl Kougai > Well
[06:13:12] Syl Kougai > Was worth the try.
[06:13:44] Paul Clavet > yep, well executed
[06:18:22] bumnz > see ya tomo
[06:21:48] rockpoker >
[06:21:55] rockpoker > dont forget to update
[06:25:12] rockpoker > any gf gf peace out
[06:25:21] rockpoker > anyway**
[06:26:24] Khalia Nestune > Oh, we will.

Paul and I spent a good while analyzing our billion-ISK lost. What did we do wrong, what could we have done differently, and what lessons did we learn? Paul will have another post shortly with his own perspective from being in law enforcement.

The primary lesson here was that we got complacent, and in EVE when you get complacent, you die. We should have left the Thanatos just outside the POS and assigned the fighters. I had been doing this most of the time, but for radar and magnetometic sites the additional RR from the carrier and agro onto the carrier was useful. Useful it was, but it left the carrier too vulnerable. Secondly, we did not put sentries on the wormholes in our system; or at least the wormhole from the high security static entrance. We had been doing this recently, but in our rush to get the sites done, we again got complacent and assumed nothing would happen. Tiredness and impatience are a bad combination.

Discussion of what we could have done differently was limited. Really once they had sprung the trap our fate was sealed; there was little we could have done with our on-hand ships against their spider tank setup. Our own set of RR fit battleships, complemented by the carrier RR, might have forced a different outcome, or a draw. Aside from this there was little we could do.

Paul and I have both suffered losses we consider more “dumb”, from a “I can’t believe I lost that ship” point of view, and this wasn’t even the most expensive ship I’d ever lost (a faction-fit Tengu holds that ‘honor’), but it was a sharp reminder that to let down your guard is to invite disaster. You can be sure it isn’t a lesson we will ignore.