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Reader Mail: Making a Ninja/Griefer Corp

Posted in Mail on February 5, 2011 by khalia

Reader Lazarann writes in:

Hey guys,

I love your blog, it’s some seriously entertaining reading. It’s great how you’ve made a career out of ruining the days of carebears. It’s part of what makes Eve great.

My corp is currently moving out of Syndicate and while we find a new home, we’re looking for something to do to pass the time. There’s only about 10-12 actual people in our corp and a plethora of alts.

I thought it might be fun to take a page out of your book and see if we can’t get ourselves some tears. I’ve got an Orca and it’s easy enough to find the carebears. My concern is, I want to be able to involve as many of my corp as possible. Keep the pvp interest alive while we find something to do.

So my question is: What’s the easiest way to get everyone involved? As far as I’m aware, they won’t get aggression unless they actually get shot at so aside from some Logistics support, I’m hoping you can suggest some ideas. A few of our members are pretty inexperienced so I don’t think they’d have much success on their own.

Thanks a lot,


Great question!

I’ll take a page out of Suddenly Ninjas playbook and suggest large fleet operations. Stage in a large mission hub. Get one or two people who are experienced with scanning to act as mission runner scanners. One person should be a scout to check out the hits and determine if they’re worth going in and bothering the mission runner. Everyone else should be in a salvage ship. Then go and swarm over these missions like flies, stealing everything in sight.

Eventually you will get some angry carebears to shoot. Great! Let them rage at your fleet while the person or persons who got shot off go and get gank ships; the Orca is good for keeping these and for rapid-turn around. No need to dock/undock. You can have a few of your fleet mates keep logistic ships handy, but you won’t need a lot of them. Then go and blow the mission runners up.

If you’re brave, have your salvage ships fit points. You can point a mission runner, and if he doesn’t have drones, you should be able to fly around him at high speed under his guns. Get a fleet mate to bring you a PvP ship. They eject, you enter it, take out mission runner. It may help to bump the mission runner if he’s aligned to something. Use battlecruisers with microwarp drives, as they do excellent bumping.

Make sure you keep the scan-id of your targets. For added hilarity, scan them down over and over, and keep plundering their missions.

Hope this gives you some good ideas!

From the Mailbag: Ronin Noble’s First Gank

Posted in Combat, Mail, Ninja Salvaging on January 30, 2011 by paul

Hey Paul,

I wanted to thank you, over the past couple of months i have been a avid reader of your blog. I always loved the way you would gank mission runners and its something iv always wanted to do, but never really set out to doin it.

until recently…

On Friday i decided stuff it I have nothing to lose, so i decided to setup shop in Dodixie Solar System and bought myself a cane and a probing ship. Friday was pretty slow with no1 biting, but i did encounter a guy that would just run 1 mission, never completing it just farming the rats. No matter what i did he would never target me, eventually he convoed me at we got talking. I played the nice guy with no money and continued to loot his wrecks which he didnt have much of a problem with.

So today i log on and see him in local, so i decided to warp to his bookmark and see if he was there. Luckily he was, so i thought i would change things up and started to “help” him clear the rats. When we were done i targetted him and prayed he had auto target on, BOOM jackpot he targetted me back. I started to orbit him and next thing he opens up on me, but immediately apologizes in chat saying that he thought I was a rat. I start seeing dollar signs and begin to open up on him, had my neuts and distruptor goin. He begins to beg in chat but this was a NAVY MEGATHRON and this was gonna be my 1ST SOLO KILL!! So he starts leaking into hull and i see he starts tanking a little so i start over heating and he shatters into a beautiful white plume of smoke.

At this point im having the mother of all adrenaline rushes and my hands were shaking, i open his wreck and cha-ching:

So big thank you for inspiring me to try this, my 1st solo kill was a navy megathron and he dropped awesome loot valued over 500mil!

Never stop writing and i look forward to reading more of your devilous indevours!

Ronin out!