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Griefer Assinment #1 Completed by Joe Intaki

Posted in Assignments on January 25, 2011 by paul

Joe Intaki was the first to complete the very first Griefer Assignment, and has been awarded the promised PLEX.

He sent me this:

As a strict believer in the edicts of The Scottish Fold, I read about your challenge while at work, and deemed it a good deed. After working unexpected overtime, seething with rage at the miners who have not heard of Paul Clavet, I took things personally. During the hour before DT I moved alts and staged ships, supporting my local businessmen (and women) in Dodixie. Then an extended DT came, my wrath simmered.

Shortly after DT after many minutes of searching, I smelt a stench. The stench of untanked hulks. Who the fuck in their right mind would fly a 200M isk ship with out a proper tank you might ask???

These unbelievers:

I’m glad I had a chance to do a good deed, thank you Paul for the opportunity to do a public service. I just updated my api on battleclinic, so it may take a day for things to update for the glorious green api verified check mark. If you want the fraps of the first, let me know and I’ll upload it to eve files.

-Joe Intaki

Great job, Joe!

Griefer Assignment: Gank Three Hulks, Win A PLEX!

Posted in Assignments on January 20, 2011 by paul

This assignment has been completed and the prize has already been given out. Keep an eye out for future Griefer Assignments!

Here’s your assignment:

Suicide gank three hulks. Here’s your checklist for each kill:

  1. An API-verified killmail link from BattleClinic.
  2. Send a mail/convo to the victim stating “Paul Clavet sends his regards!” Take screenshots of either the chat window or the mail in your sent items. If you get ignored, send a mail from an alt.
  3. A short writeup of your adventure, including screenshot links. Tears are a plus!

Prizes you will receive:

  • One 30-Day PLEX.
  • Honorable mentions in Paul Clavet’s Bio
  • Your entry, published on this blog, with a screenshot of your portrait and a link to your blog if you have one.

Multiple pilots are fine, but you’ll need to identify who is receiving the PLEX for the entry. The same pilots must be involved in all three kills.

I reserve the right to change the terms if I feel like you are trying to game the requirements.

The contest starts NOW. Post your entry in the comments to this blog post. The first qualifying entry will be the winner. Additional entries may be published if they are good, but only the first qualifying entry will receive a PLEX.