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Next Eve Novel: Jerks of EVE

Posted in Behind the Scenes on January 5, 2012 by khalia

(1:11:02 AM) Paul Clavet: the new eve novel is out
(1:11:42 AM) Khalia Nestune: I’ve heard
(1:11:49 AM) Khalia Nestune: I read the two others – one is great, one is shit
(1:12:01 AM) Paul Clavet: Yeah, I read reviews and just read the good one
(1:12:14 AM) Paul Clavet: So I’ll probably buy this one in the next couple of days
(1:12:26 AM) Khalia Nestune: Good reviews?
(1:12:39 AM) Paul Clavet: I dunno, came out yesterday
(1:13:10 AM) Khalia Nestune: We need to write our own novel
(1:13:45 AM) Khalia Nestune: We can put in 400 pages, ending with “and then someone in their corporation stole everything, kicked them out, and killed their pod”

Rumor’s Eve Design Corp

Posted in Behind the Scenes on May 17, 2011 by paul

I was recently contacted by Eve pilot Rumorhasit, who asked if he could do a new banner for his favorite griefer blog in exchange for some publicity. I was happy to oblige!

The new header you see above is the result of his work, which he completed with only the input of “I dunno what I want, maybe a Tengu pewing a Golem?”

Rumor is a graphic/web designer in meatspace and has started a design service for which he charges ISK. He can do graphics work or web design for your blog or corp. After seeing his work, I highly recommend contacting him!

Tearful Taste: Ninja Tears

Posted in Behind the Scenes, Delicious Tears on March 2, 2011 by khalia

Sadly, sometimes a ninja gives up good tears.

Flying New, Old Flags

Posted in Behind the Scenes, Site News on January 30, 2011 by paul

As you may have noticed in my recent videos, I and Khalia are now back in Suddenly Ninjas.

When I left SN and formed Honorless Internet Jerks, I did so partially because I felt that while SN was the premiere ninja salvaging corporation, there were factors preventing it from becoming a good griefing corporation as well. One of the factors was that we had trouble as a corporation keeping pilots from seeing hisec warfare as what it is: Stupid, pointless, and avoidable.

Another was an element within the corporation who wished to maintain the corporation’s reputation for honor in things like ransoms. This had been a major point of contention between me (then a director) and the former CEO. Even though I eventually got my way in the e-honour debate by threatening to resign over it, I knew that the situation was not ideal and that I wouldn’t be able to explore fully my ideas about what a hisec griefing corp could do.

So I gracefully resigned and set out alone to form Honorless Internet Jerks. I was joined by Eve-BFF Khalia Nestune and other Ninjas. We started living out of Orcas full-time for our ninja work. During wardecs, we simply outran the fleets that were sent to hunt us while continuing our work more or less as normal, to their endless frustration. We declared war on some of the biggest carebear alliances in Eve and murdered their miners and missionrunners when they failed to take us seriously. We took part in suicide ganks of officer-fit bling-boats. When we pinned down an overconfident carebear, we would accept their ransom money and kill them anyway.

At the time, these were relatively novel practices and got us a bit of press. Now Suddenly Ninjas has taken up these once-controversial practices as doctrine, transforming them into a more powerful engine of grief than their founders ever could have imagined. It would be arrogant, even for me, to say that I’ve reformed Ninjas by leaving them for a time. I don’t think that’s the case at all. Rather, I think that what they are doing now is the natural evolution of griefing in the only mass-market MMO that allows and encourages the behavior. Jerks may have gotten there first, but now that Ninjas have caught up, it’s time to get together again.

I’ve made it clear that I’m not rejoining with expectations of any sort of power within the corp. Part of the reason for my departure last time was a feeling that I was overwhelmed by the responsibilities as a director. I may lead an odd NinjaFleet here or there, but the current leadership team is great and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I can’t speak for Khalia, however. He may have tendencies toward maniacal dictatorship that I have not yet discovered.

Behind the Scenes: COUNTER-RETORT

Posted in Behind the Scenes on December 17, 2010 by paul

Khalia Nestune: I’m sending these in order, but they’re labeled from 00 to 03 either way
Paul Clavet: lemme know when they’re away
Khalia Nestune: gmail sometimes chokes on big files, so I’ll let you know when they’re all done
Khalia Nestune: RETORT, CLAVET
Khalia Nestune: OFFER OF LAWSUIT