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Bigotry and Hate Speech in Eve Online

Posted in RL Bad People on July 18, 2012 by paul

Julius Maagnus > anyone named Paul Clavet must fail at every game he plays.
Shamus O’Reilly > and your character portrays a gay guy. so are you by chance gay paul?
Paul Clavet > uh huh
Julius Maagnus > ^^ that would be a yes
Paul Clavet > Would you judge me if I was?
Julius Maagnus > yes
Lord Maagnus > yes
Paul Clavet > Then that makes you a bigot then, doesn’t it?
DonCorleone7854 > si senor
Julius Maagnus > yes
Lord Maagnus > If you were, i’d categorize you with pedophiles. both are equaly disgusting.
Shamus O’Reilly > hahaha i just stirred a hornets nest
Julius Maagnus > you use the word bigot like its a bad thing
Keven Morin > well if you are can you please push in Lethian Dream’s shit in for us?
Julius Maagnus > I like lethian dream
Lord Maagnus > Is a person who hates child molesters a bigot?
Julius Maagnus > I like the salty attitude. Leave lethian dream alone
Julius Maagnus > however, Paul Clavet just popped up on my shit list
Paul Clavet > oh noes
Julius Maagnus > ya think
Lethian Dream > finallu some courtesy for a pretty girl.
Lord Maagnus > Because, being gay is as productive to the human species as banging 8 year old girls.
Lord Maagnus > The behaviour is disgusting.
Julius Maagnus > ^^
Shamus O’Reilly > kinky
Lord Maagnus > And should be punishable by a slow death.
Lord Maagnus > I think suffocation.
Lord Maagnus > the revival
Lord Maagnus > then suffocation.
Lord Maagnus > then revival.
Lord Maagnus > until the body completely gives out

What say you, Eve community? Where is the line between smacktalk and… whatever this is?

Please Excuse Our Mess

Posted in RL Bad People on March 27, 2012 by khalia

Hey folks,

Some of you may have noticed that My Loot, Your Tears recently started to look broken. That is because, in fact, it is broken. The blog was the victim of a vulnerability in WordPress. The issue has been fixed by patching, but it will take some time to return everything to normal. Until then, I’ve switched the site to a rather boring but working theme.

In other news, we’re still not playing EVE. Khalia has a new job, Paul is still selling video games for mad cash, and life goes on.

However, there will be a post in the near future about the recent furor surrounding the Fanfest Alliance panel and statements by the Mittani. Stay tuned.

Tokhein and Moonshots: Racist Bastard

Posted in Delicious Tears, Duffers, Ninja Salvaging, RL Bad People on July 25, 2010 by paul

Scene: I’ve warped into Tokhein’s World’s Collide and salvaged a few wrecks out from under his CNR in the first room. Moonshots is there in a Hurricane. They both warp off.

Tokhein > bye bye paul, not stealing my shit
Paul Clavet > I’m going to return and steal your mission objective, Tokhein. You’d better hurry and get to it before I do.
Moonshots > good luck
Moonshots > with that
Cyberin > uh oh, alt?
Moonshots > paul
Paul Clavet > Wanna make it more interesting Moonshots? Maybe a small ISK bet?
Tokhein > fuck off u damn thief
Paul Clavet > lol
Tokhein > how bout u give me isk, and then u can have my loot
Paul Clavet > Your rage is kinda funny
Tokhein > that sounds good
Paul Clavet > How about I take your loot and laugh at you?
Cyberin > i like option b
Tokhein > not going to happen
Paul Clavet > uhm, already happened
Tokhein > not really
Exodusbandar > sigh, why can’t we all just gank…er…get along?
Tokhein > i never get along with thieves
Cyberin > because the bears don’t have the balls to shoot…
Tokhein > they are retardly gay
Paul Clavet > I get along great with carebears… the loot from their missions keeps me in the kind of lifestyle I’ve come to expect

I’ve retrieved JerkTengu and started rushing through the Serpentis room to blitz the mission. Most folks don’t know that the gates to the Research Outpost in this mission are completely unlocked. You may have to kill a couple of webbing frigs, but if you’ve got a serious tank you can waltz right into the last room. When you get to the last room, target the six ships immediately around the Damaged Heron. When you kill them, the Ship’s Crew will be unlocked. I can rush a WC to completion and steal the objective in under five minutes.

Tokhein loses sight of all prudence and begins hurling racist and homophobic slurs. I’ll never understand why some folks do this in Eve, where there’s NO WAY TO TELL what race a player really is. It’s why I love the internet in general… If I’m going to love you or hate you, I can love you or hate you for your mind.

Tokhein’s mind fails him.

Tokhein > do i sound like a carebear to you faggot?
Cyberin > yes, you do
Tokhein > lol i hate too lmuch to be a carebear
Tokhein > eve is too full of niggers stealing shit for me to care
Cyberin > doing a mission, crying in local about ninjas, no balls, sounds pretty carebearish to me…
Cyberin > nice, racial slurs 😀
Exodusbandar > watch the language or you’ll get banned
Cyberin > that’ll help your situation…
Tokhein > lol
Tokhein > then don’t steal
Paul Clavet > Petitioned for racist language Tokhein, enjoy your temporary ban
Cyberin > you too? 😀 lol
Paul Clavet > Now I will take your Ship’s Crew
Exodusbandar > ah metagaming at its finest
Tokhein > nigs are theives that simple
Paul Clavet > heh
Paul Clavet > as a person who is not white, I take a mite bit of offense to that
Paul Clavet > but no matter, CCP will take care of it
Tokhein > im not scared of ccp
Paul Clavet > Can I have your stuff then?
Paul Clavet > when you get banned
Tokhein > fuck off
Tokhein > thats what u can do

Ap0ll00 > lol
Paul Clavet > Nope, I’m gonna rush through here and take your mission objective now
Paul Clavet > because you’re a racist bastard
Tokhein > yes i am
Tokhein > and u have to deal with it
Ap0ll00 > lol
Paul Clavet > I am dealing with it… you will fail this mission
Cyberin > you need help in that mission there paul? lol ”
Cyberin > that’s a lot of tears to haul yourself…
Tokhein > no, i wont
Exodusbandar > how do you play this game with that white pointy hood over your head??
Tokhein > it has eye holes
Tokhein > how do theives play while i burn crosses in their yards
Cyberin > because we are inside at the computer, not really looking at the yard

I got his ship’s crew. He was too much of a coward to try to stop me.