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Reader Mail: MultiVersal

Posted in Capers, e-Fame on April 4, 2011 by captain

It’s a great feeling when someone mails us at MLYT telling us that we helped them succeed at endeavors we’ve attempted and done ourselves.

When I wrote my guide on corporate infiltration, I didn’t expect to see physical evidence of it actually encouraging people to try it. I expected a simple thumbs up from a few people, and not much more. But then, people started mailing myself and Jerks about how reading it made them want to try, and they succeeded. I was sorta floored by it.

So now I have what I think is the best story of corp infil as an offshoot of that guide. Yet another person used it to help them do a job, and they did it very, very well. The poster’s name is Planetary Genocide, publisher of this blog. The post I’m speaking of is this one, where he yoinks a total of about 1.6b isk from a corp, which isn’t bad at all.

Personally, I love large corp wallets. They’re just so enticing! :

What’s better, he then gets handed CEOship of the corp once the jig is up, and promptly passes it on, effectively shutting down the corp.

So, keep things like this coming, reader mails that stand out are definitely worthy of being noted here, and props to other blogs are great for spreading the love 🙂

Keep the mails coming, we love them. Fly safe 😀

The Kind-of Butterfly Effect

Posted in e-Fame, Site News, The More You Know on October 12, 2010 by captain

Yes, another post today. Well.. it is 1:30 AM here… oh well.

I was just doing what I do occasionally to get a good laugh – reviewing old Jerks posts and their comments.

I came to my posted guide on corporate infiltration, and seriously laughed hard at two of the comments I found there:

A Thief:

Me and a friends joined one of the corps you listed and have already had 5 hulks plus fittings from the corps pos and now aim at taking a members deapspace fitted tengu and the corp also has an orca and an obelisk they leave sitting in the pos. this corp makes it easy they keep leaving ships sitting in the pos

This, my friends, is gold. The fact that this person took the name of a corp I picked  at random for meeting my bio outline on a possibly worthwhile target, and has successfully pulled off a heist based on my info is epic. I LOVE helping people. Whether it’s helping newer players get some ISK, or teaching someone how to do what I do, I really enjoy it when I hear that I’ve done some good (from their point of view :P).

Paradox Federation Member:

It seems your post inspired our CEOs and got us raped till we bleed. Got everything including our ships, left us in 0.0 and left Alliance. Thank you mylootyourtears

Well. I R sorry ’bout that. Well, not really… My guide can be used two ways – to infiltrate a corp, and to prevent it. Both I like. Hearing that you’ve been a victim of it as a result of this guide… well… It’s amusing, really. But at least you’re not a sore loser about it. I enjoy those that cat go “lol, we goofed” and then better themselves. This is what makes EVE fun to play.

Anyway, I guess my point is that I do read all comments on every post, and make sure to respond to ones that stand out  – good or bad. As Khalia has quoted before – “if you’re good at what you do, 95% of what you hear will be negative”.

I Love You Guys, In The Totally Gay Way

Posted in Delicious Tears, e-Fame, The More You Know on August 11, 2010 by khalia

Paul and I were just discussing our different styles of posting stories on My Loot, Your Tears. In particular we are both highly amused that we often get people giving us grief in the comments section, because they don’t like the content of our stories.

Each of us (myself, Paul, and Captain) write in different styles and often about different things. We rotate around doing different things – Paul has been perfecting his art of gank videos lately, while Captain and I have been working on corporate infiltrations. Our other two members don’t blog here, but they also both act very independently – Zarago likes to spend a lot of time hunting down and shooting our war targets, and lexera is on the European timezone.

All of us are playing Eve for the same reason, which I can summarize in a pithy internet meme: The LOLs. Be it shooting up mission runners who ‘just want to play the game!’, stealing a bunch of tasty ships from a careless corporation, blowing up auto-piloting freighters, or laughing our asses off at horrible ship fits, we do this for the enjoyment of it – usually shared with each other.

We blog all of this because we think you’ll enjoy it too. From the replies we get both in and out of game, we know a whole bunch of you do – we’ve grown to over 400 unique readers a day (not counting anyone on an iPhone or using an RSS reader). We’re pretty happy with that.

In the end this is why we find it equally as funny that some people leave us comments bitching about what we write. Why are you still reading? We don’t care if you don’t like it. We do this for us. But please feel free to keep bitching if it makes you feel good! We will continue to point and laugh =)

Paul also linked me to this great article on haters. My favorite bullet point was #4: “If you are really effective at what you do, 95% of the things said about you will be negative.”

Shameless Fan Abuse: AmiraMatar

Posted in e-Fame on May 14, 2010 by paul

So, Khalia and I (and Charismatic now that he’s blogging more) get lots of convo requests and eve mails from total strangers. Most of these folks want to express their appreciation for at least an amusing read, if not a complete re-evaluation of their playstyle. I usually enjoy the encouragement because hey, probably half of my enjoyment of Eve is writing about my experiences so that others can enjoy them with me. Sometimes, though, the e-fame gets a little old, and a fan gets a little too gushy. When this happens, Shameless Fan Abuse follows.

Paul Clavet > Can I help you?
AmiraMatar > Hello
AmiraMatar > Sorry to bother
AmiraMatar > but amazing seeing you here
AmiraMatar > I watched your tutorial on probing on youtube
AmiraMatar > that was you right?
Paul Clavet > yep
AmiraMatar > sry m excited
AmiraMatar > Impressive
AmiraMatar > I’vce saved a few of them
AmiraMatar > and yours was one of the best
AmiraMatar > but when I try in Eve
AmiraMatar > its very very difficult
AmiraMatar > not what i expected
AmiraMatar > sry for rambling
AmiraMatar > I’m sure you’re busy
AmiraMatar > we can talk another time
AmiraMatar > if that’s alright
AmiraMatar > I just started on Eve
AmiraMatar > btw
AmiraMatar > not sure I’m going to stay in the game
AmiraMatar > but I like it a lot
AmiraMatar > and again
AmiraMatar > I’m rambling
AmiraMatar > 🙂
AmiraMatar > can I add you to my address book?
* Paul Clavet slaps you around with his penis.

AmiraMatar then immediately dropped convo and logged off.

I felt bad, but I also couldn’t stop laughing. What do you think?


GM Banton apparently thought it wasn’t terribly funny.

My Blog, Your Letters

Posted in e-Fame, Site News on March 18, 2010 by khalia

Hello readers. Paul, Captain Charismatic and myself have been tickled silly by the mail we receive about My Loot, Your Tears – nearly all of it enthusiastic and positive. We’ve also gotten a number of conversation requests from fans – thanks all!

By way of thanks, here are some of the letters we’ve received:

From: FifDSeven
Sent: 2010.03.18 18:41
To: Khalia Nestune,


Keep up the good work with your blog My Loot, Your Tears. That’s some pretty great stuff (even though I’m a miner and mission runner myself). I really liked how you pointed out the stupidity of that phalanx warriorII guy, that guy was a complete idiot. Anyways, keep up the good work, and give us some more interesting articles to read, and if you happen to pass through Ikami, I’ll make sure to not run missions while you’re around 🙂

Good day,


From: delphiaus klaus
Sent: 2010.02.26 20:43
To: Khalia Nestune,

Hey I thought it was hilarious yesterday when you messed with my mission space. I wasn’t expecting you to come back and kick our asses haha.

Props. I might start doing that it looked fun. I bet people never see it coming.


From: Martin Perway
Sent: 2010.02.10 07:23
To: Khalia Nestune,

I was watchign some of ur vids on youtube, is that all u do? looks like a lota fun 😛


From: InSaNe ViRuS
Sent: 2010.03.16 19:37
To: Captain Charismatic,

I read your stuff every day and I just wanted to say it is both well written and quite amusing. Keep it up!


Outstanding. I like mostly the short stories of your daily loots and awesome kills you get. I started reading because of Capsuleer but now I regularly surf your blog on the site itself along with the others from capsuleer. To tell the truth I’ve learned a lot about PVP just from reading how you do it and the tactics you and your fellow mates use.


From: Kasigi Yono
Sent: 2010.02.03 06:15
To: Khalia Nestune,

Great read, keep it up. I love to see the tears flow.
Fly safe,


And particularly amusing:

From: Icedail
Sent: 2010.02.10 01:25
To: Khalia Nestune,

Your mind is bad. But I like you .