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Thukk You, Frill Me: Sucide Gank Raffle Details

Posted in Incredible Offers!, The More You Know on July 15, 2012 by khalia

The Thukk You, Frill Me: The Vagabond Protest event is today!

As my part of this event, I will be holding a suicide gank raffle at 1800 EVE time (that’s 2pm EST / 1pm Central / noon MST / 11am PST).

Go to Jatate III – Moon 9 and bring your Stabber, Stabber Fleet Issue or Vagabond and be ready to blow up a Vagabond! Winner of the raffle will take home:

1 x Vagabond
2 x Stabber Fleet Issue
1 x Stabber BPO

See you there!

Keep Those POS Reports Coming

Posted in Incredible Offers! on September 1, 2010 by khalia

A big Thank You to everyone who sent us in reports of offline POSes for the taking. We’ve got a nice backlog which we are working through.

Three POSes have been taken down since the call of submissions, resulting in 100M or more in payouts to those who reported them. We still want MORE! Juicy targets will get bumped up to the top of the list, and you will make 20% for very little work.

Please send us:

  • OFFLINE POS – we do not want an online POS, even if it has a billion zillion ISK of modules
  • NOT IN AN ALLIANCE – even if the alliance only has 2 people, really. The wardec cost for an alliance is 50-150m, compared to 2m-6m for regular corporations.
  • IN HISEC SPACE – no lowsec or nullsec submissions please.
  • 500M of modules or more – please use the POS Value Calculator, and if faction modules are present, look them up on contracts and add in the value.

Once you’ve got a good match, please send us:

  • Location – system and moon
  • Name of corporation
  • Type of tower, and size
  • Estimate of module value

And you too may be on your way to big ISK!

Jerks Reader Participation Reminders

Posted in Incredible Offers! on August 22, 2010 by paul

If you’re reading MLYT, you’ve not only proven yourself to be of incredibly good taste, but you’ve opened up a world of possibilities to do business with Honorless Internet Jerks in a variety of ways.

You can:

Join Honorless Internet Jerks – The requirements, while not difficult to meet, are very specific because we are seeking a very specific type of player. Read carefully before you apply. Contact Paul Clavet via Eve Mail or at if interested.

Make Money Finding Offline POS Towers – A guide can be found here. If Honorless Internet Jerks acts on your intel and takes down an offline tower, you’ll be paid 20% of the loot. It’s an easy way to make hundreds of millions of ISK for practically no effort. Contact Khalia Nestune via Eve Mail if interested.

Make Money Finding Infiltration Targets – I just realized that my post advertising this service was only made on the Suddenly Ninjas insider forums and not on MLYT. I’ll eventually correct this, but the TLDR version is: Find me a wormhole corp that has assets floating inside the POS shield, unsecured. I’m especially interested in capitals, Orcas, and T3 ships. Corporation must have at least 20 members and be recruiting. If Honorless Internet Jerks act on your intel, you’ll be paid 20% of whatever we yoink. This can potentially be in the billions. For best results, leave a character in a scan ship inside the wormhole until we can get back to you. Contact Paul Clavet via Eve mail or at if interested.

EveGossip: Intel and Tear Sharing Tool

Posted in Developers! Developers! Developers!, Incredible Offers! on August 7, 2010 by paul

This isn’t going to be the kind of post you’re used to seeing here at MLYT. This is a software release.

The Jerks do a lot of chatting with people who don’t like us. Whether it’s a gank target, a war target, or the corp chat of a corporation we’ve infiltrated, sometimes we want to share with our friends what we’re hearing. Copying and pasting is how we’ve always done it before, and that works OK for a highlight reel, but for real-time lulz and intel, we needed something that would spit out every line from the chat as it happened.

Enter EveGossip, a short Python script I cooked up one afternoon. Here’s how it works: drag and drop the active chat log onto the file. The window that pops up will ask what server, channel, and nickname you want to use. The script will connect to the channel and start spitting out the tail end of your log in real time. You don’t have to do anything, just keep playing as usual. Your friends can connect to the same channel using the IRC client of their choice and watch the chat in real time. Nifty, huh?

We’ve already used it to great success during a war against a corp with whom we had a spy. It made fleet fights against them hilarious, to say the least. Not only did we have the intel advantage of a spy, but in a sense we were ALL spies, and could react much faster than a corp being fed intel in bits and pieces by a spy that was multitasking.

It requires Python 2.x to work.

I’m posting the script itself to pastebin. This is something of a competency test for running what could be a fairly harmful (to IRC servers, not to you) script. If you can’t manage to get the text into a file named on your computer and run it, then you probably don’t have any business using a tool this unpolished.

Nonstandard disclaimers:

First off, this tool should be completely legal according to CCP. I remember reading that they don’t care what you do with log files. That being said, what you do with it and how CCP looks at your use is your problem, not mine.

This script is rightly considered to be an IRC bot by every IRC network I’ve ever seen. Some networks require that you get permission before using a bot on their network. Some will ban your entire IP range for using this script. I avoided all such problems by administering a private IRC server behind a firewall accessible by a VPN. How you connect to other people’s networks is your responsibility. In other words: Python scripts don’t get people banned…People with python scripts get people banned.

This script is hilariously bad. I stole lots of code from various tutorials and patched them together to do my bidding. There is no error handling. If you give it the wrong kind of file, it will crash. It will crash if you make a typo in one of the prompts or leave it blank. It will crash if the nick you choose is already taken. It will crash if you connect to certain servers that don’t format their requests the way I expect them to. I don’t want to hear in the comments about how poorly it functions, or how it violates some rule of programming that I couldn’t be bothered to learn. I don’t work with computers for a living, and I’m not a professional programmer, but odds are I have created exactly ONE more intel-sharing tool for the Eve community than you have. Don’t bitch about the free thing I’m making available. It works for Jerks, and that is exactly as much effort as I’m willing to put into it at this point.

There is no support unless you can get some poor sap in the comments section to help you.

If you have an idea that will make it better, then implement the idea, post it to pastebin, and link it in the comments. No, I won’t handle changes from multiple contributors. You kids will have to figure that one out on your own while Daddy has a drink in the study.

If you DO like it, then I will accept your accolades in the comments section and your ISK in my wallet. kthx.