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Thukk You, Frill Me: The Vagabond Protest

Posted in Capers, CCP, Come On! on July 1, 2012 by khalia

In an update to my previous report of the Vagabond’s now-missing “frill”, and a call to CCP to return it, an offical protest event has been organized:

Thukk You, Frill Me

This July 15th, 1900 EVE time in-game event will bring together those who demand the return of the distinguishing feature of the Vagabond. Rally starts in Jita, and then heads to the nullsec Thukker Mix Factory headquarters station (makers of the Vagabond). Expect explosions. Fly a Vagabond.

IN ADDITION, I am supporting this with my own event to raise awareness. One hour before the offical protest – that’s 1800 EVE time on July 15th – I will be holding a raffle by suicide gank. >:-D

I will be flying a Vagabond in Jatate (three jumps from Jita), at a moon to be specified. At the appointed time, anyone who gets on the killmail for this Vagabond will be entered into a raffle to win:

1 x Vagabond
2 x Stabber Fleet Issue
1 x Stabber BPO

Only pilots flying a Stabber-hull will be considered! Getting on the killmail with a Stabber Fleet Issue will get you 5 entries in the raffle, and getting on the killmail with a Vagabond will mean 10 entries in the raffle.

Come explode your ship, protest the Vagabond change, and get a chance to win some stuff! A later update will give more details, and I’ll certainly be covering the winner in a later blog post.

It Was Old Man Goon All Along!

Posted in Capers, CCP, Delicious Tears on June 21, 2012 by paul

Or, How Paul and Khalia Unintentionally Rode The Coattails of Goonswarm to Almost-Riches

So Khalia and I recently sort of came back to Eve. I wanted to try the ninja baiting thing again, but quickly once more fell into discomfort with the lack of lulz/hour it offered. Khalia came back as well and erected a little tower in NPC nullsec from which we repeatedly shot Angels in the face. That was mildly amusing.

Two weeks ago, Khalia got tipped off to an opportunity. It seemed that CCP had tweaked LP store payouts for Factional Warfare, making it much more profitable than before. Furthermore, one could effectively run small and medium FW complexes with week-old toons in frigates. These frigs didn’t even have to fit guns, since the sites were completed by proximity to the capture point. Go to lowsec, scan FW plexes, orbit with afterburner on, and ignore the NPCs. You had to keep an eye out for fast attack frigates from opposing faction pilots, but for the most part it was press button, receive bacon.

The LP store prices for FW are set depending on how successful your faction has been against the enemy.  At Tier 3, it’s meh money. At T4, it’s good money. At T5, it’s stupid amounts of money.

I don’t have any knowledge of the history of FW, nor do I want to have such knowledge. But when we got into it a couple weeks ago, Minmatar was absolutely dominating Amarr, riding at T4 rewards most of the time and sometimes peaking into T5 for a few hours.

Khalia did the math, moved a new alt out to Caldari FW space to test the waters, then told me that I’d be a moron not to get out there. Before long we were running five pilots between the two of us in the early morning hours during the week, when most of the opposition was in bed. We thought that it was just a horrifyingly unbalanced system, and that as word got out about how good the money was, prices on LP store items would either crash or CCP would take action to make the activity less profitable.

To give you some idea, we were making somewhere between 200M and 500M per hour orbiting frigates piloted by 2M SP toons. It couldn’t last, so we kept our mouths shut and made hay while the sun shone.

This morning, Khalia sent me this link:

The TLDR version is that Goonswarm discovered that the mechanic by which CCP awarded LP for killing enemy pilots was hilariously broken. They took advantage of this by filling the holds of haulers belonging to “enemy” alts and blowing them up. The output of the items blown up in this way was greater than the LP used to create them, thus creating for the Goons an endless stream of Minmatar LP. They used this to buy obscene numbers of faction blueprints, high-end implants, and datacores. Because they had such large amounts of LP to play with, they maximized their payout by using the LP to upgrade Minmatar iHubs, thus leaning against enemy FW pilots with unlimited weight. Any time the Amarr thought they were turning the tide, the Goons simply tossed a bit more of their LP at the problem.

By doing this they gained an immense number of tremendously valuable items in-game, and flooded the market for those items, murdering the worth of LP rewards for every mission-runner in the game.

CCP has now fixed the LP spigot, and is stating clearly that things were not working as intended. What will happen to the Goons involved? If taken at traditional market prices, the LP items they’ve gained are worth… I don’t know how much, and the “hundreds of trillions” numbers that people are throwing around may be pure speculation. I haven’t seen any sort of reliable confirmed numbers from the source, but an image of one of the T5 cash-outs posted in the thread suggests that at the very least, the number is in the tens of trillions.

The good news is that none of that money was printed by the game. It wasn’t that kind of exploit. The only thing created out of thin air was LP points, which were in turn used to create LP store items. This means that if CCP takes no action beyond preventing further abuse (which is certainly a possibility), the market for anything you could have bought at the Minmatar LP store is nuked for the foreseeable future, but the economy as a whole won’t be hit by yet more inflation. The biggest losers in this are holders and LP store creators of implants and datacores.

CCP may move to yoink large stockpiles of such items that have been created this way, but much of the damage has already been done.

What’s next for us? Well, I’m sitting on about 600,000 LP and Khalia has about 800,000. We’re keeping an eye on the Minmatar FW rewards status, which is currently at Tier 3. The question seems to be: How many others were doing what we were doing, and do any of them hold sufficiently large LP stockpiles to be interested in giving Minmatar FW that one last push to cash out at T4?

One thing’s for certain: Whether you were part of the abuse of the game mechanics for obscene amounts of money, or just a freerider taking advantage of what you thought was just an unbalanced FW patch for serious LP, the flow of free ice cream has ceased. But Khalia and I did have fun playing in lowsec for a while. 🙂

(Cue FW apologists saying that the Goons weren’t the reason for Minmatar domination in three, two…)

Ice Miners Go Boom

Posted in Capers, Delicious Tears on October 22, 2011 by khalia

I was hanging around yesterday in the Gonegalt channel where Goons & friends connect to share intel and coordinate ice miner ganks. Someone mentioned a Mackinaw in Ignebaener. Fellow blogger Planetary Genocide perked up, and so did I. We coordinated for a gank, but the target had fled by the time we were in position.

Not being content to go without miner death, we found a Covetor in Ardallabier and reduced it to scrap metal. PG got the killmail, he’ll have to post it, but the response in local was worth it:

[ 2011.10.21 20:54:41 ] sminatore lupacchiotti > Aaron??!!
[ 2011.10.21 20:54:45 ] sminatore lupacchiotti > why you kill me
[ 2011.10.21 20:54:46 ] sminatore lupacchiotti > ??
[ 2011.10.21 20:55:38 ] sminatore lupacchiotti > guys look for Aaron Sarukake and Commander Derpy Hooves they kill me in belt

PG had to go back to real life, so I scouted unsuccessfully for a while. Quite a few hours later, just before bed, I decided to have a look in my now-favorite system of Stegette. Stegette is a 0.5 system surrounded by low security systems. Miners some how think people won’t brave the low sec to get at them there.

My suicide Rupture landed on top of a Covetor, who warped off before I could target; but he returned a few minutes later and started mining again! The obvious result followed, along with threats of REVENGE:

[ 2011.10.22 06:06:24 ] Mr Hunk > now you will be hunted down
[ 2011.10.22 06:07:05 ] Khalia Nestune > lol
[ 2011.10.22 06:07:14 ] Khalia Nestune > gl with that =)

Minor Corp Theft: Wormhole Engineers (1bn)

Posted in Capers on May 15, 2011 by paul

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog. I won’t apologize. Take that!

The other day I had a few hours to kill and went checking on some of my long-dormant infiltration accounts. There was one character that had been part of Wormhole Engineers for about five months. I had discovered when I got into the corp that they had a pretty good arrangement: The Greater Realms alliance had about half a dozen corps, and on joining you were assigned to one of them. This meant that their losses would be limited to only a fraction of their total holdings in the event of a bad apple. After I joined with my newly-created alt I got sidetracked by other things. Eventually I stopped training that infiltration alt, changed the API keys, and rolled another scanning character on that account for another project. Well, when I checked in I found that there were a few T2 cruisers, some faction frigates, and a bear-load of Drakes. Oh well. It doesn’t look like they’re going to grow very much from here, so I might as well grab what I can, right?

Wormhole Engineers lives in a high-level wspace system — either a C5 or C6, I don’t remember. Like many corps, they take comfort in knowing that a thief would have a hard time moving ships all the way out to hisec. Unfortunately for them, I’m a relatively accomplished scanner. Even with this alt’s crappy scanning skills, I scanned four jumps through wspace into a hisec system in about half an hour. I made off with two Basilisks, two Nocti, a few drakes, and a bunch of fittings. Sure, it’s an eight-jump round-trip for each ship, but I did it while watching a movie. Scouts? What for? They’re not my ships, so what do I care if I get jumped in a relatively cheap stolen ship? There were a few corp members on, but they appeared to be AFK and never said anything.

Now, you might be discouraged when you join a victim corp deep in wspace only to see that you only have access to a hangar full of Drakes. Do not despair! The trick is to board each drake, strip all the T2/meta modules into a can, rename the drake to “stripped”, and move on. Oh, don’t forget to destroy all the rigs, just in case. If you do this efficiently you’ll spend no more than your 30-second session change timer on each ship. I found more than one Drake fitted with ‘Arbalest’ Heavy Missile Launchers. Each such Drake you find is worth 70M in fittings alone, not counting the hull itself. One Drake had T2 rigs and two faction BCUs. Facepalm. I also stripped and renamed all the battleships in the hangar. Yes, you can self-destruct the battleships for insurance money, but it’s going to be very clear on an API check who did it. I like plausible deniability.

Wormhole dwellers are frequently very clingy about their ships since theft is such a frequent issue, so leaving a SMA full of stripped and renamed hulls is almost as bad for corp morale as leaving an empty one. It usually isn’t long before the finger-pointing begins, and everyone wants to grab a ship to replace the one that they had “stolen”. Eventually, there are more people taking ships than there are ships left. In my experience the resulting drama can take any relatively weak corporate leadership into emotional structure pretty quickly. Will Wormhole Engineers fail as a result? Who knows! I never spent any time online talking to anyone.

I transferred all my loot to an Orca/Freighter alt in-space, so my API shows nothing. I figured I’d get about 500M out of my throwaway Drake alt, but ended up with just over a billion ISK. The nicest find was a member’s anchored can in space, full of advanced skillbooks and a dozen Quafe Zero. Theft of limited-run items, best theft.

Wormholey Fun: 5ksBone’s Army

Posted in Capers, Delicious Tears, Wormholes on May 3, 2011 by captain

So about a year ago I made an alt with the intention of diving headfirst into wormhole life. This alt was then used as an afk mining alt, then as an infiltration alt…. You know, what happens every time you start an alt for one purpose – you go “oh, he could do this too…”.

So anyway, the incredibly unlikely thing that happened was after being finished with infiltration work, I resumed trying to find a wormhole corp for him. I located one, jumped into their public chat, and started talking. To my great surprise, one of the members from the corp that alt had infiltrated was now in this one.

Fast forward a few months and somehow I still got a place in that corp, and it’s becoming almost a second main character.

So anyway, last night I scanned out a C1 for our logistics to haul stuff through and possibly go have some fun in. Well, no luck for the haulers – lowsec static 7 jumps from highsec and 39 from Jita, yikes. But, in scanning that out, I found a few pos towers which appeared to be research fitted, a few ships floating about in the bubbles, and about 12 combat sites.

Myself and a corpmate decided to run the sites to make a bit of ISK, since the locals weren’t around and a lowsec static meant there wasn’t much else to do. We grabbed a Cane and a Drake and were soon working through the sigs. A couple corpies log on and off and come do a site or two and leave, then our CEO logs on and brings in his own drake. We’re about halfway through the 12 sites when the locals seem to come online and realize they’re being raided. Naturally, they give us a panic reaction:

[ 2011.05.03 03:36:44 ] BabyBear 1950 > oh boy!…fresh meat!

Normally this is just a scare tactic used to shoo people away, but I’m not going to leave, so I said hello. 🙂

[ 2011.05.03 03:37:18 ] Captain > 0/
[ 2011.05.03 03:37:49 ] Captain > Nice young char there.

[ 2011.05.03 03:45:23 ] 5KSBone > lets party
[ 2011.05.03 03:45:35 ] 5KSBone > you guys from next door?
[ 2011.05.03 03:47:46 ] Captain > Party? Where?
[ 2011.05.03 03:48:11 ] 5KSBone > customs office IV
[ 2011.05.03 03:48:15 ] 5KSBone > 🙂
[ 2011.05.03 03:48:30 ] 5KSBone > your active hardeners will work well here
[ 2011.05.03 03:49:09 ] 5KSBone > you guys should ask permission to steal from SKS
[ 2011.05.03 03:49:19 ] Captain > Lol
[ 2011.05.03 03:49:28 ] Captain > Maybe when we’re done.

I had sensed bearishness from his 1v1 request. His comment about my hardeners was a bit off, as the wormhole system had no hardener benefits. I wasn’t quite sure what he was on about, and I’m not quite sure that he knew either. At this point they scan us down….with core probes. Yeah. They warp in a drake at point blank and insta warp it out right after I start shooting at it with my cane.

[ 2011.05.03 03:50:46 ] 5KSBone > just getting names bud
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:03 ] 5KSBone > we farm this whole
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:12 ] Captain > Right
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:13 ] 5KSBone > its not ready to be harvested
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:22 ] Captain > Well we farm it too 🙂
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:23 ] 5KSBone > not enough sites yet
[ 2011.05.03 03:51:54 ] 5KSBone > if you run them now it will damage the respawn rate
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:06 ] Captain > That’s cool.
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:11 ] Captain > We’ll have a new one tomorrow.
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:22 ] 5KSBone > in the next wh over huh?
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:37 ] 5KSBone > i will be there
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:41 ] Captain > With what?
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:50 ] 5KSBone > with a note book
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:55 ] Captain > Your drake that instawarps out?
[ 2011.05.03 03:52:56 ] 5KSBone > and a cloak
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:02 ] 5KSBone > rapier
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:12 ] Captain > Feel free to uncloak once in a while
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:25 ] 5KSBone > << just an alt
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:35 ] Captain > Preferably at the pretty pos too
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:48 ] Captain > everyone’s an alt.
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:50 ] Captain > This is eve
[ 2011.05.03 03:53:52 ] 5KSBone > i will stay for a few weeks and figure the best time to destroy your pos

Woah there. I read a blog post once which I believe was in Confessions of a Wormhole Killer that talked about how and when to smack talk people. One of the things it mentioned was that if you’re under a year old in-game, don’t do it. After that, only do it if you’re sure you can win. Threatening me with the destruction of our POS isn’t a very good way to get on our goodside, my good sir.

[ 2011.05.03 03:54:15 ] Captain > I ask again
[ 2011.05.03 03:54:17 ] Captain > With what?
[ 2011.05.03 03:54:41 ] 5KSBone > with a tech 3 fleet
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:05 ] 5KSBone > actually the best w3ay is to anchor a pos, then build caps
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:14 ] 5KSBone > takes about 7 days
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:19 ] Captain > mmhmm…
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:26 ] Captain > For what?
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:31 ] 5KSBone > to bash pos towers
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:37 ] 5KSBone > to build naglfar
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:46 ] Captain > Seems like a waste
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:49 ] 5KSBone > SKSBone
[ 2011.05.03 03:55:57 ] 5KSBone > doesnt think its a waste
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:07 ] Captain  > Okay…
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:08 ] 5KSBone > actually sound pretty fun
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:20 ] 5KSBone > that last guys thought it would be a waste as well
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:44 ] 5KSBone > but they paid us 750 million isk to stop bothering them
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:55 ] Captain > That char of yours is a barely skilled cap pilot.
[ 2011.05.03 03:56:57 ] Captain > Big deal.
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:09 ] 5KSBone > in a class one he is very skilled
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:15 ] 5KSBone > no need for the jumps skills
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:23 ] Captain > Lol
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:28 ] Captain > I laugh at your ignorance.
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:31 ] 5KSBone > got the ability to use siege mod and level 5 guns and missles
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:38 ] 5KSBone > 90k volleys
[ 2011.05.03 03:57:47 ] Captain > So does Every. Other. Cap. Pilot.
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:00 ] 5KSBone > yup

Here I look up his corp for the first time in the entire encounter, and realize it’s part of OWN alliance. That alliance Jerks wardecced for like 3 months straight that gave us 3 carrier kills. Yeah. Course while I’m looking things up he’s still foaming at the mouth:

[ 2011.05.03 03:58:30 ] 5KSBone > plus with the drugs that we make i can hit cruiser class ships in siege
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:44 ] Captain > lol
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:45 ] 5KSBone > command ships hics, tech 3 ect
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:46 ] Captain > For what?
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:48 ] Captain > 10 damage?
[ 2011.05.03 03:58:55 ] 5KSBone > very hard
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:02 ] Captain > Sir I challenge you.
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:06 ] 5KSBone > 2 shots kills nighthawks on test server
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:10 ] Captain > Construct a cap in out wh
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:13 ] Captain > please
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:20 ] 5KSBone > head out to tribute
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:33 ] 5KSBone > we have them here
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:34 ] Captain > Yes… a nighthawk standing still… target painted… 20 times over
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:45 ] 5KSBone > no
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:48 ] Captain > With a MWD on
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:52 ] 5KSBone > mabey
[ 2011.05.03 03:59:52 ] Captain > headed straight away
[ 2011.05.03 04:00:03 ] 5KSBone > can hit him turning
[ 2011.05.03 04:00:08 ] 5KSBone > just need this booster
[ 2011.05.03 04:00:21 ] 5KSBone > drop
[ 2011.05.03 04:00:33 ] 5KSBone > with that pill it hits em
[ 2011.05.03 04:00:37 ] 5KSBone > easy
[ 2011.05.03 04:01:02 ] Captain > Go about your business and we’ll go about ours. We’ll be done here in a bit. But please watch who you threaten.
[ 2011.05.03 04:01:19 ] 5KSBone > you dont understand you are stealing from us
[ 2011.05.03 04:01:31 ] Captain > I understand. I just really don’t care.
[ 2011.05.03 04:01:48 ] Captain > Conversation is over though. I got nothing else to say.

Yes. You build a Naglfar in our womhole. Seriously, do it. I’ll even help pay for it. Assuming you can haul all the crap in, set up your pos, and start the build without us dropping a fleet on your head, one dread vs a whole corp is a very bad idea. Meanwhile, they’re busy warping things in on us, trying to pin my cane with their drake seems to be their focus, as they keep warping it in at point blank to me, but I keep warping off as I’m in a PVE ship, and running their sites while they can do nothing but stomp their feet seems like the best way to go. Here the plot thickens a bit:

[ 2011.05.03 04:02:58 ] 5KSBone > are you part of the NC?
[ 2011.05.03 04:03:48 ] Captain > Yes.
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:00 ] 5KSBone > why are you not blue then?
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:07 ] Captain > We went rogue.
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:18 ] 5KSBone > may i ask why?
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:29 ] Captain > They don’t want to kill people who aren’t red.
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:31 ] Captain > I do.
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:45 ] 5KSBone > i kill blues all the time
[ 2011.05.03 04:04:54 ] Captain > Should tell your alliance leader.
[ 2011.05.03 04:05:05 ] 5KSBone > he knows
[ 2011.05.03 04:05:34 ] 5KSBone > how long ago did you defect?
[ 2011.05.03 04:05:47 ] Captain  > bout half a year after they formed.
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:06 ] 5KSBone > it is a very large coalition now
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:15 ] Captain > Ya think?
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:21 ] 5KSBone > there are many reds to shoot at
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:28 ] Captain > Good for NC.
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:34 ] 5KSBone > you dont always have to be sarcastic
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:45 ] Captain > But it’s oh so much fun
[ 2011.05.03 04:06:54 ] 5KSBone > or stuck up or what ever it is that has you with a chip on your shoulder
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:07 ] Captain > Yes, I am stuck up.
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:18 ] Captain > Because I am not the one that threatened caps…. Yeah.
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:22 ] BabyBear 1950 > you must be 12
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:22 ] 5KSBone > sometimes you may find being a nice person has greater reward
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:23 ] Captain > Therefore I am stuck up.
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:33 ] Captain > Not in this case my good sir.

My alt’s corp isn’t with the NC, I have no idea why he asked, as far as I know OWN isn’t with them either. It seems to me he’s trying the typical pufferfish reaction of I’LL BRING A ZILLION FRIENDS TO KILL YOU. It isn’t really working.

[ 2011.05.03 04:07:38 ] 5KSBone > its not a threat b0ud
[ 2011.05.03 04:07:43 ] 5KSBone > you stole from me
[ 2011.05.03 04:08:02 ] Captain > 5KSBone > i will stay for a few weeks and figure the best time to destroy your pos
[ 2011.05.03 04:08:03 ] Captain > Threat
[ 2011.05.03 04:08:11 ] Captain > Not a very good one
[ 2011.05.03 04:08:15 ] Captain > But still a threat

So here is where it gets interesting. The guy warps his Rapier in at about 100km to us at a site. I start burning towards him in my cane, and he cloaks. I redirect back to the sleepers still hitting me, and he warps back in at 20 off me. I get out of point range and stick drones on him, but unfortunately, I have no point, and he warps off. Then, his friend Baby warps his drake in again at 50km or so and starts shooting me.

I tell my CEO in his drake to start shooting Baby’s, and I start orbiting it wide to hopefully speed tank some of the missile damage. But Baby has other ideas. Apparently he’s MWD fitted, as he starts gaining on me. Eventually I warp out at 9km from him and at maybe 2/3 armor. Again because this is a PVE ship, and needs to be handled delicately vs a brick drake. When I come back Baby is also gone, and we continue with the site.
[ 2011.05.03 04:29:19 ] 5KSBone > key word…
[ 2011.05.03 04:29:21 ] 5KSBone > <<alt
[ 2011.05.03 04:30:47 ] Captain > Meh
[ 2011.05.03 04:31:31 ] Captain > Engaging a brick drake with a PVE ship is not what I had in mind
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:10 ] 5KSBone > all we have here is alts man you are lucky
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:16 ] Captain  > Right
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:17 ] BabyBear 1950 > chickenshit
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:17 ] 5KSBone > if i had my main ….
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:23 ] 5KSBone > gf
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:24 ] Captain > Everyone says that dude.
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:30 ] Captain > Everyone.
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:43 ] 5KSBone > this toon flys a rapier with level 3 gus
[ 2011.05.03 04:32:51 ] 5KSBone > my main flys a machariel with level 5 large
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:01 ] 5KSBone > if i had my main dude
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:05 ] 5KSBone > damn
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:06 ] Captain > Means nothing at point blank.
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:15 ] 5KSBone > auto cannon fit
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:20 ] 5KSBone > drop booster pilot

Again with the pufferfish reaction, but this time mentioning shinies. Classic bear move.

0[ 2011.05.03 04:33:49 ] 5KSBone > hre i will invite you
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:51 ] Captain> Look my good sir we can play this game all you want…. at the end, you have a disadvantage.
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:54 ] 5KSBone > to convo with my main
[ 2011.05.03 04:33:59 ] 5KSBone > i want to share the fit
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:00 ] Captain > I don’t care about your main.
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:05 ] Captain > or your fit
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:13 ] 5KSBone > disatvantage?
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:15 ] Captain > You seem to not understand me.
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:32 ] 5KSBone > not really
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:45 ] 5KSBone > dont really care about the sleeper
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:45 ] Captain > I do not care about your main, your alts, your fit, or whatever else.
[ 2011.05.03 04:34:51 ] 5KSBone > just like to mess with people
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:06 ] Captain > as do I
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:09 ] Captain’s corp mate> Well, you’re doing a bad job of it so far.
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:17 ] Captain > I tend to agree.
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:22 ] 5KSBone > alt sux
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:24 ] Captain’s corp mate > So I hope it isn’t your day job.
[ 2011.05.03 04:35:38 ] 5KSBone > lol
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:27 ] 5KSBone > i hope the 100 mill of loot is worth it
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:33 ] Captain > Most definitely
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:37 ] Captain’s corp mate > Worth taunting you for a while? Sure.
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:41 ] Captain > The tears make it so much better.
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:45 ] Captain’s corp mate > In fact, I call it win-win.
[ 2011.05.03 04:36:50 ] Captain > Indeed.
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:08 ] 5KSBone > like i said you are just lucky
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:15 ] 5KSBone > running from my friends alt drake
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:24 ] Captain > I’d give your MWD drake a 3/10.
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:26 ] 5KSBone > to funny
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:33 ] 5KSBone > looks good on fraps though

Seriously? You frapsed a PVE ship withdrawing from a PVP situation? Kay.

[ 2011.05.03 04:37:57 ] Captain > Yup. Because I always win in a PVE cane Vs a somewhat PVP drake
[ 2011.05.03 04:37:59 ] Captain’s corp mate > Oh, well, yeah, definitely fit for that over combat effectiveness any day.
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:06 ] Captain > yup
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:12 ] 5KSBone > you ran away
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:17 ] Captain > Yes, yes I did.
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:20 ] 5KSBone > i have it on fraps
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:24 ] 5KSBone > thats a win
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:27 ] Captain > You seem to still not understand
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:27 ] 5KSBone > you just lost
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:28 ] Captain’s corp mate > Oh noes!
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:33 ] Captain’s corp mate > We lost!
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:36 ] 5KSBone > so your record is a lie
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:37 ] Maeyanie > Whatever will we do!
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:39 ] Captain > PVE < PVP ship in a pvp situation.
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:44 ] 5KSBone > lost
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:49 ] 5KSBone > you jsut got tea bagged
[ 2011.05.03 04:38:57 ] 5KSBone > taste em
[ 2011.05.03 04:39:01 ] Captain > Yes, tea bagged…. by research alts.
[ 2011.05.03 04:39:25 ] Captain’s corp mate > Yup… nobody died, your dozen sites are almost gone, and we’re getting ready to head home and laugh over a few drinks… completely lost.
[ 2011.05.03 04:39:26 ] 5KSBone > you guys miners then?
[ 2011.05.03 04:39:27 ] Captain > I have this funny feeling you’re attempting to justify your failure

They still try the warp in trick a few times, mostly warping in on top of my corp mate in a salvaging destroyer because they can’t seem to hold me down. Oddly enough, they can’t seem to hold the cormorant either.

[ 2011.05.03 04:41:11 ] Captain’s Corp Mate > Honestly, that I had to get all the way down the salvage list before you even found me is a fail… ever heard of these great things called combat probes? Might want to look into them.
[ 2011.05.03 04:41:12 ] Captain > Define fail for me?
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:09 ] 5KSBone > you just failed at being a man
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:16 ] 5KSBone > you poussed out of a fight
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:23 ] Captain > Lol.
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:25 ] 5KSBone > you have clearly explained fail
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:35 ] 5KSBone > you run from caldari when you are minmatar
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:44 ] 5KSBone > i am unimpressed
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:49 ] Captain’s Corp Mate > You know, you might just actually manage to kill me… from laughter.
[ 2011.05.03 04:42:56 ] Captain > I’m really done explaining the difference in PVE to PVP ships sir. You clearly are too ignorant to understand
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:05 ] 5KSBone > lol
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:18 ] 5KSBone > clearly you are a cladri pilot in a minmatar ship
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:30 ] 5KSBone > you need to go back to the counsil
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:39 ] Captain’s Corp Mate > Clearly, you can’t tell the difference between races.
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:54 ] 5KSBone > minmatar dont run from pvp
[ 2011.05.03 04:43:59 ] Captain > What are you trying to do? Seriously? Are you trying to scare me out of the system? Because it is NOT working. Please re-evaluate what you are trying to do.
[ 2011.05.03 04:44:01 ] 5KSBone > so he cant be a minmatar
[ 2011.05.03 04:44:20 ] 5KSBone > are you trying to revaluate me?
[ 2011.05.03 04:44:29 ] 5KSBone > you want some pictures?
[ 2011.05.03 04:44:38 ] Captain > I’m confused.

I seriously was. We all were. Anyone know WTF he’s on about? At this point, my CEO has gone back to our POS and has fit a scrambler, and a disruptor, and a web. We’re also  at the last site, and Baby tries warping the drake on top of me again.

[ 2011.05.03 04:51:40 ] Captain > And.. fail again
[ 2011.05.03 04:52:51 ] Captain > Alright, I’d like to give you a fairly straight forward lesson in PVP.
[ 2011.05.03 04:53:08 ] Captain > One: Use cobat probes to pinpoint a ship so you don’t land 60km away.
[ 2011.05.03 04:53:18 ] Captain > Two: Bring a web so things can’t run.
[ 2011.05.03 04:53:30 ] Captain > Three: Bring a long range point.

As I take the time to type that, I align to the site again, and just as I finish, my CEO calls in fleet that he has worked into point range and is holding the drake with three points and a web. So much for your MWD.

I instantly race back to the site, as our salvage corm runs off to grab a Manticore. I arrive on the scene to see my CEO beating on the drake, lock it up, and engage with everything. About 20 seconds later the Rapier appears at 40km, starts trying to jam and web me, and puts his drones on me. I web and kill each of his hammerheads, and then re-engage on the drake.

The drake falls pretty quick, and I overheat at his peak recharge. Our Manticore pilot is coming through the hole to us, and the Rapier, seeing his buddy about to be vaporized, runs for his POS.

This is when something fun happens. Baby, too ashamed of a crappy lossmail, EJECTS from his drake, and warps off in his pod before I can lock it. I run back to our POS while my CEO holds the drake, and eject from my cane, racing back to the drake.

5 seconds later, and we own a new failfit drake. Seriously, this thing had an anti-em screen, extenders, META 0 LAUNCHERS, and the lows were almost all filled with PDS’s. So much for your DPS, huh?

[ 2011.05.03 04:58:30 ] Captain > You just lost a drake
[ 2011.05.03 04:58:33 ] Captain > Congrats
[ 2011.05.03 04:58:43 ] BabyBear 1950 > so?
[ 2011.05.03 04:58:50 ] Captain > I guess we lost again
[ 2011.05.03 05:00:16 ] Capt’s Corp Mate > Of course. He never fails.
[ 2011.05.03 05:00:51 ] Captain > He appears to be speechless about his success.
[ 2011.05.03 05:01:02 ] Capt’s Corp Mate > I would be too, if I had done something so amazing.
[ 2011.05.03 05:01:07 ] Captain > I know right?
[ 2011.05.03 05:03:43 ] Captain > Know what the best part of that success was? When the Rapier warped off in victory and left his friend to win the day solo.
[ 2011.05.03 05:05:37 ] Captain > I love all the PDS’s you used to fit everything. Not much dps eh?

With that, we finished their 12 sites, and won their drake, which we took home with us. I expressed our gratitude with a final salute:

[ 2011.05.03 05:41:18 ] Captain > Tootles


Wormholes are fun, mostly because you never know what you’re gonna find on the other side. The unknown is part of what makes EVE fun, as are the people that play it. In the end, I think our friend 5ksBone and his friend Baby were just two industrialists that got very very mad when we came into their sandbox and left with all the sand and their pretty shovel.

Reader Mail: MultiVersal

Posted in Capers, e-Fame on April 4, 2011 by captain

It’s a great feeling when someone mails us at MLYT telling us that we helped them succeed at endeavors we’ve attempted and done ourselves.

When I wrote my guide on corporate infiltration, I didn’t expect to see physical evidence of it actually encouraging people to try it. I expected a simple thumbs up from a few people, and not much more. But then, people started mailing myself and Jerks about how reading it made them want to try, and they succeeded. I was sorta floored by it.

So now I have what I think is the best story of corp infil as an offshoot of that guide. Yet another person used it to help them do a job, and they did it very, very well. The poster’s name is Planetary Genocide, publisher of this blog. The post I’m speaking of is this one, where he yoinks a total of about 1.6b isk from a corp, which isn’t bad at all.

Personally, I love large corp wallets. They’re just so enticing! :

What’s better, he then gets handed CEOship of the corp once the jig is up, and promptly passes it on, effectively shutting down the corp.

So, keep things like this coming, reader mails that stand out are definitely worthy of being noted here, and props to other blogs are great for spreading the love 🙂

Keep the mails coming, we love them. Fly safe 😀

Chase08888 Hands Paul Clavet 600M ISK

Posted in Capers, Duffers, E-honor on March 24, 2011 by paul

Remember back in October of 2009 when Michella infiltrated Transfixion?

A young man named Chase08888/Chase88888 was one of the primary victims of that infiltration and the subsequent extortion. It appears that shortly after that caper, he dropped corp and left on bad terms with the leadership. Even though he KNEW that it was my habit to take victims’ money and walk away, and had contacted me several times in the months following, asking what it would take to hire me to infiltrate them again. Of course I had no intention of doing so, but I offered to hit them for an Orca, which at that time was valued at approximately 600M ISK. He said that he didn’t have the money, and I forgot all about him.

This evening, about a year and a half after I robbed Chase, lied to him, and robbed him again, he opened a convo out of the blue.

Paul Clavet > yes?
Chase08888 > u still in the inflitraing corps biz?
Paul Clavet > Perhaps.
chase88888 > =p
Paul Clavet > If you’ve got a point, please present it
chase88888 > sorry
chase88888 > uhh kindof of hard to get to the point if i dont know if you capable or doign it
Paul Clavet > I am capable of anything. What did you need?
chase88888 > are you still able to inflitrate corps or not
Paul Clavet > Yes, I have three alts ready
chase88888 > ok
chase88888 > what are the prices?
Paul Clavet > Looking to hire me finally?
Paul Clavet > Tell me what you’re wanting done
chase88888 > transfixion hit again
chase88888 > kill them or rob them idc
Paul Clavet > let’s see… they have 63 members now
Paul Clavet > still live in a wormhole?
chase88888 > idk
chase88888 > i have been out of thier corp for over a year
chase88888 > prolly
Paul Clavet > Are you wanting them stolen from, or ganked, or what?
chase88888 > stolen
Paul Clavet > How much have you got?
Paul Clavet > I will need at least enough to plex one of my ready alts for two months
chase88888 > liquid about 700m. 🙁 just bought an archon
Paul Clavet > Basically the way it works is that you pay for my account for two months. When I steal, you get 50% of whatever I steal, and I pay you back the two plex
chase88888 > ok
chase88888 > what do plexs go for these days? (been in 0.0)
Paul Clavet > When I stole from them before I got 8 billion ISK
chase88888 > nice
chase88888 > they run an allaince now… so idk if that makes a differance
Paul Clavet > Plex are about 350 mil each in this area… I would accept a little less because I can get them cheaper
Paul Clavet > so 600 mil up front
Paul Clavet > of course you get the 600 mil back plus half what I steal
chase88888 > rgr
Paul Clavet > I could start when my vacation starts actually, in 4 days
chase88888 > kk
Paul Clavet > So if you’ll pay me today I’ll activate the alt and start getting him in
chase88888 > will do
Paul Clavet > just send it to this character
chase88888 > i have to sell something on an alt they will
Paul Clavet > ok
Paul Clavet > just convo me when you send it
Paul Clavet > kinda excited about getting them again
Paul Clavet > Troy was a dick
chase88888 > lol
chase88888 > if u can
Paul Clavet > oh I will 🙂
chase88888 > get my sparky110 corpse
Paul Clavet > I still have insider information on them, will make it really easy to get in
chase88888 > ill give u 50m for it
Paul Clavet > OK, if I get it it’s yours
chase88888 > 🙂
chase88888 > main reason i want towhack them.. guy was a faggot
chase88888 > i ahve 500m right now if u want me to send it.. then i will send u the rest?
Paul Clavet > yeah, be sure to remind me when you send the final 100M
chase88888 > kk

He sends the money.

chase88888 > sent
chase88888 > get it?
Paul Clavet > OK, make sure you convo me when you send the final 100M
Paul Clavet > yeah, I got the 500M
chase88888 > kk
Paul Clavet > OK, I gotta go. I’ll start the preliminary information gathering
Paul Clavet > now here’s another option
Paul Clavet > if you can pay me an additional plex, I can get a second character in
Paul Clavet > that way when I hit them and get kicked out, I can hit them again shortly after
Paul Clavet > I’ve done it a couple times now, it’s completely devastating
chase88888 > i would but once i send the other 100m i will only have 18m left
Paul Clavet > it won’t pay much on the second hit because I will have taken most of their stuff
chase88888 > fucking HUNS keeping me from jewing
Paul Clavet > ok well, we’ll work with what we have
chase88888 > sorry 🙁
chase88888 > iw ould love to do it
chase88888 > i would love to kill that allaince also
Paul Clavet > Maybe you have some assets you could contract instead? Maybe an orca or something?
Paul Clavet > You’re about to be fucking rich when I rip them off, so it won’t matter 🙂
chase88888 > nah got nothign
Paul Clavet > You could always buy a GTC
chase88888 > i could lol
chase88888 > tbh all i have it is my archon and harby
Paul Clavet > well hmmm
Paul Clavet > This would take about two weeks
Paul Clavet > so you send me the archon as security deposit
Paul Clavet > I get the second character in
chase88888 > nah
Paul Clavet > I can send you back the 200M, so you’ll have 300M walking around money
chase88888 > i need the archon
Paul Clavet > you’d get it back as soon as I stole
chase88888 > nah i need it for ops and moving shit
chase88888 > the arhcon is staying with mee.. sorry
Paul Clavet > fair enough, you might change your mind when you think about the entire alliance imploding 🙂
Paul Clavet > but of course I understand
chase88888 > ya but i need this for allaince and corp ops and shit… and moving stuff around
Paul Clavet > OK…. well for now we’ll do just the one character. If you decide you want a one-two punch you can always GTC.
Paul Clavet > Of course, if you wanted to REALLY splatter them I could hire mercs to work with me
Paul Clavet > start an attack on their POS as soon as I hit them the first time
chase88888 > lol
Paul Clavet > then the second character betrays them right as the POS attack starts
Paul Clavet > instant failure 🙂
chase88888 > 🙂
Paul Clavet > but I understand if you don’t want to do that… it’d be worth it but it’s an awful lot of money
chase88888 > ya it would be
chase88888 > ill get the other 100m withen the next hour
Paul Clavet > OK, make sure you get in touch with me when you do so I don’t miss it
chase88888 > kk
Paul Clavet > as a summary, to hit them twice would be another 300M, and to hire mercs to completely wipe their POS from space is an additional 750M.
Paul Clavet > Just in case you decide to GTC
Paul Clavet > last alliance we did that to disbanded
chase88888 > may i ask what mercs?
Paul Clavet > It’s a group that doesn’t do public contracts
chase88888 > like who?
chase88888 > ninjas
chase88888 > ?
Paul Clavet > a lot of them were involved in Underworld Excavators
chase88888 > ahh ok
Paul Clavet > there are a few Noir. pilots that work with them
Paul Clavet > but they have dreads and supercarriers
chase88888 > oh ok cool
chase88888 > ill ltink about it
Paul Clavet > it’s pretty fucking terrifying
chase88888 > meh we lost a titan saturday
chase88888 > (my corp)
Paul Clavet > They do need a couple weeks notice though, so if you decide you want this to coincide with my second hit you’d need to pay today or tomorrow
chase88888 > ok
chase88888 > i dont think that second hit will happen ttbh
Paul Clavet > like I said, you could give the archon, that would get you the whole package (if fitted) and you could replace the archon in two weeks
Paul Clavet > but it’s your call, that’s a lot to trust me with
chase88888 > nah keeping the archon
Paul Clavet > but as you know, I’m very good at this
chase88888 > ya but im keeping th archon.
Paul Clavet > then I guess it would have to be GTC 🙂
chase88888 > ya lol
chase88888 > idk il think about it
Paul Clavet > OK, you know where to find me bud
Paul Clavet > let me know when you finalize the transaction, and I’ll start the ball rolling
Paul Clavet > you only have about a day to decide if you wanna go for the full implosion option
Paul Clavet > o/
chase88888 > rgr

A little while later, he sent the additional 100M and stated that this was all he wanted to commit to the endeavor.

At that point I revealed it was a scam and attempted to extort an additional 600M from him. He must have FINALLY learned his lesson, because he allowed himself to be talked out of it by his corpmates. At the time of the original heist he was 15 years old, which means that he would be approaching adulthood now. Chase, I hope that you take this lesson to heart before you leave the safety of home and step into the real world!

Cosmoray Holdings Was a Ponzi Scheme

Posted in Capers on March 4, 2011 by paul

I’ve been following the Market Discussion forum for about as long as I’ve been playing Eve. The idea that the economy in Eve was complicated enough to support a secondary market was something that set it apart from most other MMOs and absolutely fascinated me.

What have I learned from three years of reading the market forums? Of the folks offering investments in public, there’s two types: Individuals who are going to steal your money, and individuals who are going to steal your money, but don’t know it yet.

If you’d asked me to list the top five most prominent and “trustworthy” market gurus in the Market Discussion forums, Cosmoray would have made the list.

But it turns out it was all a Ponzi scheme, where interest and dividends are paid out of new donations instead of profits from the activity being invested in.

There’s a delicious forum thread. Cosmo put out a hastily-written account of the entire process in a gDocs document.

There are some amusing accounts of scams that can only really work when you’ve got an excellent ongoing reputation:

In the fall of 2009, I began to run insurance on new player’s bond launches. If a player was having trouble raising capital I would insure all investor’s funds in case of default/scam.

Some of these schemes were actually run by me. I made a bond (poorly written) which I would insure, and people would invest. After 1 month when the CEO (my alt) disappeared I would back all investors out of my pocket. This would further improve the rep “Cosmo’s word is his bond”. I lost zero cash on these as all the money I had raised would be returned.

If you’re looking for capers to pull when you have an internet connection but infrequent access to Eve (at work?), I recommend having a look at the Market Discusion Forums. The cycle tends to go something like this:

10 Investors put their trust in someone who they don’t think would ever scam.
20 Scam.
30 Investors swear that from now on things will be different and they will reserve their trust for people they can physically strangle.
40 Time passes.
50 GOTO 10

Corp Theft: Upstarts Unlimited (4bn)

Posted in Capers on February 9, 2011 by paul

A few days ago Upstarts Unlimited invited my alt with terrible skills and a corp history as long as my arm into the corp without so much as a limited API check. After about a week I finally got into their wormhole and made off with this.

(Click to enlarge)

After I made this screenshot and started selling the loot, a bunch more stuff from repackaged ships showed up in my assets list back in Nikh, where I had left without checking to make sure I had collected everything. This included some faction modules and a good pile of ammo.

When everything was sold my approximate take was four billion ISK. Not a ton of money in terms of infiltration, but I had less than four hours invested, including time talking with the CEO and selling the loot. I fully expect for the alt to be kicked, at which point I will let the heat die down and do it again. Always bet on stupid.

Dishonorable Mentions: Instant Billionare

Posted in Capers on August 31, 2010 by paul

Tweakboy over at the Event Horizons blog took a first step into corporate theft, and won big on his first try.

An excerpt:

During this time i noticed several new recruits in corp chat. I started asking if anyone needed stuff hauled or jumped and listed the major systems that had corp offices. I even mentioned I had a carrier and could jump rigged ships. This was attractive to a few pilots because they lived in lowsec and couldn’t/wouldn’t risk the 7 lowsec jumps to home. After talking to a few guys privately I was contracted a hurricane rigged but T1 fit, 2x rigged and T2 fit ravens, a rigged T2 fit rokh, a retriever, vexor, and a few other smaller ships along with a retardedly huge amount of mods, mostly T1.

I was also contracted a navy apoc fully faction/T2 fit with meta 4 guns, and an extra set of meta 4 guns laying around. Nice grab you might say. It gets better. This is the same pilot who contracted me the cane… and a navy slicer, and then told me he didn’t know me and wouldn’t contract his apoc. I let the wheels spin for a second then told him “Mate, I’m legit. The corp just loaned me a Fenrir to move all this crap. Would they do that if I wasn’t legit?” He responded with an apology that he was just paranoid with his baby. 30 seconds later navy apoc contract was accepted. (it had integrated hammerheads, 2x TS lrg reps, TS PDU, and a imperial navy heat sink).

Another player contracted me EVERY asset he had on 4 characters. EVERY asset. I have 1.5 million units of unrefined ore. WTF, it is like 80 mil in ORE. I took it.

Sounds like Tweakboy has the Right Stuff.